Man you dont meet everyday

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man you dont meet everyday

An intimate portrayal of Barney McKenna, banjo player of the Irish traditional group 'The Dubliners'. This documentary is a short introduction to. Read about A Man You Don't Meet Everyday from Barleycorn's The Fields of Athenry and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. A tattooed darts player. A hairy biker. A rapist Santa Claus. These are past comparisons used to describe Northern Irishman Martin Mor, which.

The more I played the better I got, and from that season onwards I ended up winning the Player of the Year three seasons in a row. It changed a lot about my mentality and everything I wanted to do.

There is also uncle James Muldoon who rowed for Ireland in the Oympics, and another uncle with national records for tug of war. I am very proud where I come from, they have been very successful and they deserve everything they have won, and in a way I try to bring that parochial pride with me.

A few months later I was playing in a junior cup team. He made his senior debut for Ireland that same year, playing against Canada and US, but on tour to New Zealand broke his arm. His last outing for an Ireland XV was against Fiji inwhen he tore a knee ligament. Do I feel I should have more Irish caps?

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I was just in a time when backrows were aplenty. Did I have a few injuries at the time? Did that affect it? Possibly, but it could also be an excuse, and I am big enough to know there were lads who were ahead of me at the time. We were down the bottom of the table for a lot of reasons, and in many ways it puts into perspective what we have achieved over the last few years. I felt I was at the height of my career and this was my best chance to succeed and win something and I felt we were not progessing as well.

At the time other teams had so much success and we could only stand there and watch, and that hurt a lot. I felt every time we improved, they could go out to the market and buy a Rocky Elsom, and we were back to square one again, and it was a frustrating time. Not one of the 34, in Murrayfield Stadium last May would begrudge Muldoon his moment.

Bennett describes Downey as being "like a newspaper" as he sang the songs that told the stories of the day from his part of the world.

As such, he reminds me of the late Joe Neil MacNeil, someone who absorbed the music and the stories of their time and became a repository of local information. It consists of an hour-long DVD, documenting three visits by Hector to an ailing Jerome Downey, the songs sung by the pair, the history of the songs and the songwriters. Also included is a cut CD by Hector containing full-length versions of many of these songs, along with several of his own compositions.

Jerome is well on in years and suffers from Alzheimer's. While he often was reluctant to talk, he was never shy about singing.

I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day / Jock Stewart (Roud )

From him poured forth traditional ballads, many obscure and rarely heard, as well as songs written by contemporaries such as Hughie O'Quinn, Paul E.

Hall and James Downey, all with a voice still clear and substantial, well used to performing before a waiting audience.

man you dont meet everyday

All this music is tastefully surrounded by commentary from Margaret Bennett, members of Jerome's family and Hector himself. Collectively, this is a combination of music and history mixed in interesting proportions. A great addition for any collector, it will likely be difficult to find locally, but it would be worth the time and effort to track it down.

Hector MacIsaac has a look of the late Stan Rogers about him when he plays on stage and his deep voice reminds me of the great Canadian folk musician.

man you dont meet everyday

It was never, says MacIsaac, in the grand plan to make the CD a commercial success. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. It holds seats! Downey, now in his late 80s, has been singing the songs of the Codroy Valley all his life.

I'm A Man You Don't Meet Everyday Lyrics

He has an incredible repertoire, all committed to memory. It tells the story of Jerome and his music and the music of the Codroy Valley. He was as apt to break out in the New Christie Minstrels as songs of days gone by, but it was folk music he was pretty much interested in.

As I kid I listened to pre-recorded music. But his songs were unique because they were homegrown. His music comes right out of the soil.

man you dont meet everyday

I hung around with Jerome and he with me because we loved to sing together. I never viewed my part as being of any importance at all. I was just singing.