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rhodium swap meet address lookup

See 18 photos and 6 tips from visitors to Roadium Swapmeet. "Freat place for blogmaths.info early and prepare to park off site in the college parking ". In this "In Defense Of," we check out L.A.'s Roadium Swap Meet, birthplace of N.W.A. -- and a symbol of the preservation stories that can be. Go check out W14 for all the best pet supplies “The Roadium isn't an Antique's Roadshow type of swap meet / flea market, as you generally won't find .

The Roadium was originally a drive-in theater, but after those became less viable, it just organically became this swap meet. Tell us a story about this place. There are a ton of stories, but the one that comes to mind with the Roadium is the story of N.

The Roadium Swap Meet: Birthplace of N.W.A. | National Trust for Historic Preservation

At the time, there was this Japanese-American guy named was Steve Yano a former high school guidance counselor. He owned this little record stand in the midst of the Roadium. Hearing all this stuff at the Roadium, he wanted to meet the guys who were putting the music together.

The story goes that Steve ended up connecting Eazy-E and Dr. Dre and everything else is kind of the history of N. What makes this place special? It was a place where the community was, where the audience was, but also a place for connecting. And all of this from the adaptive reuse of an old drive-in movie theater in the South Bay of all places. Why isn't this place necessarily recognized as a place of historic value? I think there are two tracks. But I also think in a larger sense, it has connections to the narrative of preservation as a whole.

The story of N. But still the stories behind all this—and why N. As they say the early bird gets the worm Parking can be found inside the swapmeet.

However you can find FREE parking at el Camino college with is two blocks west bound from the roadium. You park your car then take a bus complimentary to the swapmeet.

Then it's 50 cents per person. You can find clothes such as forever 21 dresses, charlottes rousse, Macy's, notmstrom, Nike, adidas, and other similar brands.

You can find baseball hats, soccer gear, prom dresses, electronic, etc. You just need patience as you must fist look around. Don't always spend all your money at the first stop as other venders might have the same items for cheaper.

I always come here.

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I always find the largest fashions. I loved this place! You can definitely find some hidden gems and some cheap priced items! You just have to be patient and look into the piles of stuff. Some people are really organized I found some great n64 games for cheap and some appliances that were practically a streak!

How to find tool bargains: swap meet edition May 2018

I'm not used to having to pay to park. I parked at target right up the street. Also bring a cart with you to store your finds! My mother and I have been coming here for years.

Shoppers | The Roadium

I want to say that my first experience of shopping was at the roadium, hah. It's changed over the years, the good and the bad. I appreciate the bus still leaves from ElCo and takes you in. I think it's now a dollar to get in as to where in the years past, it was quarters. The buses are clean and fill up quickly.

They also return quickly, so you aren't waiting forever when you're done shopping. Now the grounds, they're decent. I want to say it's stand after stand of clothing, shoes, some house goods, vitamins, and electronics.

There are stands of toys. The one change that I've seen is that there is more food. It takes a patient person to come here and shop. You have to stop and take time to sort through things.

You have to learn the quality of items by the feel because you can't trust the tags. You also have to be willing to bargain or walk away from the stands. Overall, decent place to come and grab a few things if you're looking for a pastime. I suggest going a little earlier than later because it does get pretty packed. What can I say this hidden or maybe not so Hidden gem of the South Bay. I've been coming here since the begin of time of my existence at least and I hold so many memories close at this place.

The radium has something for everyone it truly is a scavenger hunt and a great place for a family outing or to pick up a few home essentials or just to find the bargain of a day.

The Roadium Swap Meet: Birthplace of N.W.A.

So many antiques and collectibles to brand new goods at a discount bargain rate. It's truly one big yard sale to say. The weekends are more crowded and so of the goods can be priced higher than during the week because of the crowds or maybe because vendors are charged more for the weekend rate.

Parking can be a hassle during the weekend but they do offer a bus ride with parking of side at the local el Camino college located about two blocks down.

rhodium swap meet address lookup

The food court serves great food and they have seasonal events and celebrations for the whole family. Truly a great place for family bonding and outings to enjoy. It's mainly distressed goods, discounted staple items and inexpensive merchandise. Not so much collectibles nor valuables per se.

Although, it's one of those places, unlike The Rose Bowl where there's too many sellers who market towards the collectors and it's near impossible to find a true hidden gem there, at The Roadium it may be like finding a needle in a haystack, but lets say if you went through a seller's CD's, VHS tapes, DVD's, toys,etc. But you need to know what you're looking for, for the most part, and have enough patience to sift through the massive often unorganized piles and stacks of stuff to find something noteworthy if you're a treasure hunter.

It's very similar to the Alpine Village swap meet in that you'll find a lot of stuff that reminds you of the TV show "Sanford and Son" with used tools and random items one person's trash is another person's treasureand you might just find something that is otherwise hard to find or expensive if brand new here that does the job for you.

It's open daily, but is an open air market, so your experience is contingent upon the weather.

rhodium swap meet address lookup

I like coming here for everyday items, such as disposable plates, cups and utensils as well as office supplies. They have lots of shoes and clothes, some are used and others brand new. Parking is easy either in their lot or the satellite lot at El Camino College. Admission is affordable and it takes a good hour to walk the varied rows of vendors, so wear comfy shoes and bring your own ergonomic shopping bag to haul your finds.

They do have food and snack vendors, but the local area also has restaurants in the surrounding neighborhood. I do like this place but today they have me stuck in this terribly long line and they're not letting cars a.

Just last year's knock-off jeans, shoes, electronics and other dollar-store junk. The parking is ridiculous, the admission is exorbitant for the people who this caters to.

Cool stuff and lots of item to bargain with. All for 9 bucks!!