Csra swap meet 2012 gmc

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csra swap meet 2012 gmc

Latest CSRA News. Read the latest news about Join the CSRA. You must own a car built DETAILS:: April 28, 49th Annual CSRA Spring Swap Meet. Nissan Altima S $10, . TRIBUTE CRUISE SAINT-EUSTACHE FLEA MARKET REDBLACKS VS. The Lanark County Harvest Festival is an opportunity for people to meet our local .. GMC Sierra SLE Crew NOW He will be campaigning on both the Canadian Snocross Racing Association ( CSRA). CSRA Swap Meet. Public. · Hosted by Plymouth Kettle Corn. Interested. clock. Sunday, May 1, at AM – AM PDT. More than a year ago. pin.

And I get spooked by the number of people who seem to know my name. My home number — there always seems to be a message to pick up as I am hardly there. Steward sign out — so I can thank as many of our volunteers as possible. Pete Heyes Position at Pride: Strategic overview of the parade and event, leading the events team. Tom Barber Position at Pride: Associate Director Press and Media.

I joined the Pride London Board this year after making a short film for the event in I do the press releases, the press conferences and handle the media on the day of the parade. The boyfriend of course! Before it was walking with the parade then lying on the grass with a pint getting sun burnt in Soho Square. This year I expect to be running around backstage dealing with reporters and film crews all day so my favourite hangout will probably be the nearest bar when the event is over!

James-J Walsh Position at Pride: In a nutshell this role is about working with people who want to volunteer with Pride London. Not so much a top speed dial, but due to Pride I do happen to have the telephone numbers for all the top Gay Bars in London, which is surprisingly handy! Carl Smith Position at Pride: HR Director, as a huge charity, we have to ensure that our people are supported in the correct fashion.

csra swap meet 2012 gmc

Marko Kyronlahti Position at Pride: Associate Director What Does that mean? Procurement Top speed dial number on your mobile: Darren Waite Position at Pride: Associate Director of Entertainments What Does that mean? I ensure a smooth running of the main stage in T Square, and from backstage watch all you fabulous people enjoying yourselves! Hope you enjoy the day. Thanks Mum Favourite hangout at Pride?

Probably hanging from the stage rafters by 9pm! Colm Howard-Lloyd Position at Pride: Spending far too much time trolling around the bars and businesses trying to get them involved, and drag money out of them to Keep Pride Free. Top number called is my mother that I call often through a combination of love and fear. Like most of us I have to work on the day, ensuring all our businesses and bars are happy, but a quick drink and a dance at Leicester Square will be on my list this year!

Jodie, where do we begin?


Such an amazing career, where did it all start? I started doing drag when I moved to London in early as a creative outlet really. I just thought it was so obscure and interesting. I found work in clubs, mainly promoting at places like Heaven and even dancing on the bar at Ministry of Sound. Then I started my night Circus as a place where all my friends could hang out on Fridays, and no one was around or cheap enough to DJ the early set, so I taught myself.

Now I would consider myself a DJ before I am a drag queen. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting a career in the public eye? I email, sort through music and have meetings all day until 6 or 7, and then get into drag for a DJ set, which is often out of London. What do you think about LGBT personalities that have remained in the closet?

Do you think that they have a responsibility to come out? Perez Hilton and I had this discussion in a gay magazine once. I think everyone should have the option to come out when they wish.

I was outed by some school friends who I thought I could trust and I remember how that felt. Have you been a victim of homophobia? I was never really bullied growing up because I went to stage school.

Some of my gay friends were severely bullied because of their sexuality. But, hey, even Madonna has her haters! You are staging circus on the night of pride. Can you give us any clues as to what we can expect? I am so excited to be teaming up with Pride to host the official Pride after party. Matter is an amazing venue and Madonna is performing in the same building the O2 Arena that night too.

The production will be second to none — think lots of performers and lots of special effects.

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And lots of dancing! It will be party of the year. Apart from circus at Matter, what other projects are you working on? Think Fatboy Slim in a wig Oh my dear it has been a queer old year. From Ellen and Portia tying the knot in the biggest ever Juliet and Juliet LA love fest that catapulted lesbianism, vegan wedding fayre and dress designer Zac Posen into the consciousness of hetero land, to the arrest and imprisonment of one of our most beloved icons Boy George; this year has been a whirlwind of pink.

Every lesbian in the country is wondering who killed Jenny. Yep, the L Word may not have ended We all wait with bated breath to see how Obama will reset the agenda for human rights and place LGBT equality at the centre of his manifesto.

csra swap meet 2012 gmc

But despite all of the doom and gloom that has happened there are still a few of us out there rallying and one of them is Chairman of Pride Paul Birrell and his amazing team at Pride London who went out to Vancouver and won us the bid for World Pride All I can say is if you think Pride is brilliant on a usual day, you aint seen nothing yet.

So in London goes gay, this is a must have date for every pink Filofax in the gay isles. But this year not only went Pink it went Black, with Barack Obama grabbing the helm at the White House steering us hopefully away from mass murder to a more hopeful future. We all wait with bated breath to see how Obama will reset the agenda for human rights and place LGBT equality at the centre of his manifesto. And as Pride goes to Press we have just heard that the ban on Riga Pride has been overturned.

Yep the Baltic Pride was banned due to the fact that it was offensive to public decency. Chairman Paul Birrell was one of many who went out to stage a protest against the blanket veto and it was successfully overturned. The blood ban has gone from bloody awful to bloody ridiculous. The ban that stops gay and bisexual men who are sexually active from giving blood is still firmly in place and just one of the causes that Pride London is campaigning against.

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