Increase intimacy in your relationship

6 Connection Exercises For Couples To Build Intimacy

increase intimacy in your relationship

Want to feel more connected to your partner? Here are six connection exercises for couples to build more intimacy and trust in your relationship. from all walks of life increase their intimacy and sense of connectedness. Having emotional intimacy in your relationship is vital; if you feel it's lacking in your relationship Here are 5 Ways To Increase the Intimacy In Your Relationship. How do you feel about your relationship with your mother? What experiences with your partner contributes to increased feelings of intimacy and closeness.


Building a legacy as a couple over something that you both care deeply about is like raising a child together. When your passion is paired with someone you are passionate about, your level of devotion to your relationship is intense, and emotional intimacy in your relationship will increase.

Release negative thinking Commit to release the need to be right, the need to control your partner, the need to point out wrongs, and the need to keep score.

increase intimacy in your relationship

When you remove these barriers to emotional intimacy in your relationship, you leave only the positive, supportive, kind emotions to give your partner. If you find something that your partner has done in error, forgive them and then make a choice. Is it hurtful to them if you point it out? Can you bring their attention to it without hurting their feelings?

If not, the best option may be to let it go.

4 Ways to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship

For example, if your partner forgot to fill your gas tank after using your car, you have a choice to say something to them about it or not.

In this example, you might tell your partner how grateful you are that they take good care of your car.

increase intimacy in your relationship

Be present The gift of your full attention is a way to increase emotional intimacy in your relationship. When your partner is speaking, give them your full attention.

increase intimacy in your relationship

Listen as if they were the most important person in your life; because they are. Lazy Libidos Or Contentedly Connected?

5 Ways to Develop Emotional Intimacy In Your Relationship

It creates an intense emotional bond. The thing is, not everyone agrees with the stereotypical belief that sex is the most important aspect of a relationship. In fact, many are truly looking for an honest connection outside of the bedroom.

increase intimacy in your relationship

Those who are in successful and happy relationships have likely realized the value of ongoing intimacy. Couples who lack both emotional and physical intimacy — admiring, appreciating, touching, kissing, caressing, holding, hugging — are at risk. Honestly reflect, and ask yourself on a scale of one to 10, what number would you rate your current relationship satisfaction?

increase intimacy in your relationship

Next, identify areas examples are companionship, communication, quality time, affection that are lacking. If you have stopped having sex and the intimacy is lacking, you have likely experienced major relationship dissatisfaction.

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  • 1. Trust deeply

The good news is that with the following tips, you can steer your relationship in a more positive direction. The couples that tend to flock towards coaching with me are not people who are on the brink of divorce but people who are already in a fairly good place and want to level up their intimate connection.

5 Ways to Develop Emotional Intimacy In Your Relationship

Here are six of my top connection exercises that my clients most consistently respond the best to. You can do the following in any order, for any length of time, and on a daily or weekly schedule. To engage in soul gazing, face each other in a seated position with your knees close to touching and hold eye contact for minutes.

Yes, you are allowed to blink. And yes, you should avoid talking during the exercise. If the quiet is too uncomfortable for you, choose a minute song and commit to holding the eye contact for the duration of the song. In a world that is increasingly trying to grab our attention and distract us, this connection exercise is sure to efficiently re-spark the home fires. Doing this a few times per week will give you that slowed down connection you and your partner are looking for.

Extended Cuddle Time So simple, yet so often ignored. What is your bedtime routine?