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Chris Adcock (born 27 April ) is an English internationally elite badminton player. Adcock . , Waitakere Trust Stadium, . Mixed Doubles results with Imogen Bankier against Super Series finalists, Worlds Semi-finalists, and Olympic. Imogen Bankier – and they are now favourites to qualify for the Olympics. Chris's mum Denise, 52, said her son's relationship with Gabby. “It could be anyone's, really. There's the England pair (Chris Adcock-Gabrielle Adcock) and the Scots (Robert Blair-Imogen Bankier),” she said.

If nothing else, for those who have tried it with racket in hand, the fall out is almost invariably substantial: Chris, from Nottingham, came from a badminton family, his two brothers both competing at high level. Growing up in Leeds, Gabrielle White was hooked by the sport from almost the first time she tried it.

So successful were they on the youth circuit, they found themselves at 17 and 16 respectively, placed full time on the national development programme, based at the Milton Keynes badminton facility, a place that fizzes with the sound of shuttlecock ordnance.

Defeat in the first round, however, led to a permanent break and, soon after the games, Chris once again paired up with Gabby. They have not had a day apart since. Chris competed with Imogen Bankier at London When they first arrived at Milton Keynes, Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson, the pair who won silver in the Athens Olympics, were still competing, so they had a daily target to emulate.

The thing about Emms and Robertson, however, was that their partnership did not extend beyond the boundaries of the court.

Chris Adcock

Chris and Gabby found that their gathering connection extended into every aspect of their lives. And there was immediate evidence their marriage could only benefit their performance: They then went on to take gold at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games inbefore making themselves a fixture in the world top five.

And Chris suggests there is one reason above all others that marriage has been so beneficial to their performance.

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Being the other half in sport can be really tough. Currently ranked seventh in the world, the Adcocks, who became Britain's first semi-finalists since at the All-England Championship last year, could run into Olympic champions Tontawi Ahmad and Lilyana Natsir in the quarterfinals of the tournament this time.

Just for a measure of what the British duo might be up against -- the Indonesian pair have won the mixed doubles title thrice in the previous five editions.

Chris and Gabrielle Adcock - Living out of the same suitcase

Sincean English mixed doubles pair has lifted the title only three times so far with Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms being the most recent home winners in The Adcocks are driven by a compelling need to change that. Their style is a combination of speed and attacking play leaving opponents swatting at lost causes. With the tie against Sweden delicately poised atthey claimed a narrowwin in the final mixed doubles match.

Their India trip at the start of the year was an incredible one -- finishing unbeaten and on the title winners' Chennai Smashers side at the Premier Badminton League PBL.

A far from popular sport in Britain, a career in badminton turned out to be a result of familial influence on both. While Gabby, hailing from Leeds, took a liking to the sport after having accompanied her sister to the school badminton club, for Chris it was a journey that began with his grandad passing down an old racquet -- one that later found greater reason and purpose with his elder siblings pursuing the sport.

Chris turned out to be much better at the sport than his brothers, winning an Under tournament when he was all of seven. A freak on-court accident in which left him with a triple leg break though threatened to stub out his career early.

But he returned to become the first English junior to win three U national titles. With injury stalling his singles ambitions, Chris soon found himself partnering Gabby in the mixed doubles event. They were controversially split ahead of the London Games and Chris, then paired with Scottish Imogen Bankier, lost in the first round itself. Since then, they haven't played apart.

Complementing each other perfectly, watching them on court tells you just why they're together. We'll definitely use our experience to make a stronger case next time and we'll be in lot better shape in Tokyo.

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UK Sport decided to discontinue funding for four other sports too - fencing, archery, weightlifting and wheelchair rugby - none of which managed to win an Olympic medal last year. Earlier, following the London Games, funds for badminton were cut to 5. The Adcocks have been tweeting their support and spreading the word around to back a signature campaign seeking the reinstatement of badminton funding for the Tokyo Games.