Cute relationship text messages tumblr

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cute relationship text messages tumblr

CUTE GOOD MORNING TEXT MESSAGES FOR HER TUMBLR ~ FindMemes. com. Sometimes it might be just a smiley or a cheery good morning via text. Cute Good Night Text Messages (SMS) And Rules Of Texting The number one cause of relationship breakup is not being able to comfortably. cute text messages | Tumblr ❤ liked on Polyvore Boyfriend Texts, Boyfriend Quotes, . This guy though ❤ cute text messages are my favorite Couple Texts, Cute.

I love you baby. When I am with you, it feels like a dream come true. You are my angel from heaven. I cannot find words to tell you how much I love you. You mean everything to me. Please stay by my side forever. I cannot possibly think of loving anyone else the way I love you.

You are my life, I cannot imagine my life without you. Or relationship is like that of Tom and Jerry show. We tease each other, knock each other down, chase each other, irritate each other terribly but we can never live this life without one another. You mean so much to me. You filled my life with music, color and laughter. You fill my head with thoughts of you. I will never ever be able to love anyone as much as I have love you. I have blindly followed you and trusted you and never could I trust another.

You know my darkest secrets and my happiest moments you see me more often at my worst than at my best. You might not realize this but you and me just click. You are my strength and my weakness, my joy and my headache but I am so thankful And glad that every morning I wake up and think about you and every night I dream about you. I will always and forever love you even when words can not say it you will know this.

I love you so much babe. Every time I tell you I love you, I mean it like ten times harder than the last time. Cause my feelings for you multiple everyday. You make me fall for you everyday, over and over again.

boyfriend texts on Tumblr

I was scared about what he would say, but I was already over him so what could be worse than that? I talked to him about how I wanted to still be friends. After that, we both started talking to each other. About a few monthsI met him at a party one on one. But there was an obstacle in between us which pushed him away from me. He was one of the most wonderful, amazing guy ever. However, his feelings towards me, was something to strong for me to handle.

We are, exactly 2 years days apart. I really loved him, but he still loves me. Him and I had so much memories together. People thought, him and I were the prefect couple, until the day when everything started to fall apart. He become, someone I hated. A jealous, mean, selfish, abusive and clingly type that I could not handle. Our relationship started to die on our 7th month with each other when I found out he lied about his virginity to me.

I wanted to break down and cry.

cute relationship text messages tumblr

The person I thought he was, disappeared. He left me but then asked for me back. So…lets see I had a long distance relationship with this Taiwanese guy once before haa. Its a funny little story. I talked to my best friend Sheena everyday while I was there.

cute relationship text messages tumblr

Too late she had already IMed him. So she turned the chat on, and was talking to him…I was laying on the bed and he could see me because the camera was facing that way.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She just sent me a horrible picture on a bad day. He was so cute with his super bright yellow shirt on. We talked for hours! Got to know each other exchanged number and because friends. So we lost contact for the rest of the month.

Then I got a new phone. I texted everyone in my contact list and told them my new number. We texted each other every single day from then on! Webcam, chat, the whole nine yards. He never brought up the subject though, but I was just like whatever. Wellll on Valentines day, like I said I got some roses and stuff from some of me friends guys and girls and it was fun and all.

I go home and bored out of my mind I get a text from him.

cute relationship text messages tumblr

He asked me what I was up to today and I told him nothing, movies with friends thats about it. He had just got done playing basketball and was on his way home. He told me to get on AIM when I could.

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So later that night after coming from the movies, I got on. He asked me to Webcam him. Next thing you know he calls me. He told me that he had something to say…haa heres what he said. I think your smart, pretty and really easy to talk to. You make me feel special and I really love that. Even though its only through a camera, I like the way you look at me. You help me out with problems all the time and your always there for me.

So if you want to, will you be my girlfriend? It was sooo unexpected, especially from him! I didnt know what to say…. Haa after live a thousand minutes! I told him that I was willing to take a chance for him. I knew I could trust him and I told him Yes, that I would be his girlfriend. BUT that he wasnt allowed to tell me he loved me unless he truely meant it. Haa so it was set. We started dating on I couldnt wait to hear his voice or see his face everyday.

I was truely falling for him. I was so happy. Because I really fell the same. We were together for a loonng while. My friend and I were on our way to go swimming and I was texting someone. She took a left turn on a green turn signal light that became yellow while we were in the intercetion and someone was speeding and hit us on the passenger side, I was the passenger.

I ended up in the hospital for a week nothing tooo tooo serious at all reallyso many tests and xrays. I had to see a neorologist and I had bruses all over my body.

And I couldnt walk because something was wrong with my back. The car was totaled. It made us grow closer. The pressure upon us was getting intense and we both we getting frustrated.

cute relationship text messages tumblr

He wanted me to come to california instead being in Ohio with my family. I told him I wasnt ready to come there yet and I wasnt ready to be out on my own. California is a big place and very expensive to live in.

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When I come there I want to be comfortable. He was kind of angry. We didnt talk for a couple of days. Then I called him and broke it off. He was hurt at first which wasnt my intensions. I wanted to be with him still but I felt like I was a burdon upon him and that he wanted me there so badly and I wasnt ready so why make it difficult for him. I hurt myself by hurting him and I regret everyday of it. I still love him and he knows that. We talk all the time as friends.

His happiness means more to me that anything else. I told him a LOT to go and find himself a gf…and he refused. I think I made the right choice.

Everything happens for a reason right? Well, in the beginning of when we, scratch that, i started getting feelings back, I tried to make it kinda obvious, I asked him to the sadie hawkins dance and he told me that we could only be friends going.

We were going to go to the mall to get our outfits for the dance only as friends he said and before we went shopping we watched Valentines Day. We watched the movie, and he kept looking over at me, which was strange. And after the movie, I just wished so badly that he would kiss me. You saved me, you made the sadness feel healed and accepted me for who I am. I have always listened to you and your hurt, I was always comforting the ache in your chest and wiping tears from your eyes that never fell.

This time you saved me. When no body noticed I deleted everything out of grief and hurt, you saved me. You asked me to speak my mind and you told me you would miss me if I died. You sought to hear the hurt in my heart. I hope we can always be there for each other like we say we will. Perhaps one day we can hold hands and say we are together but for now just stay by my side. You are beautiful in my eyes. You are precious and I adore everything about you.