Customer relationship management syllabus

customer relationship management syllabus

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MARKETING (CRM). MK ♢ SYLLABUS ♢. Spring Professor V. Kumar. Regents' Professor. Richard and Susan Lenny . PSMT Customer Relationship Management (3 graduate credits) When you first enter UVaCollab, click on the Syllabus button to familiarize yourself with . TENTATIVE SYLLABUS – CRM Fall 1. Graduate School of Management. Department of Marketing. University of California - Davis. MGT/MGB/MGP

Normally there are not right or wrong ideas, but you must support your answers. For those that are unfamiliar with the case method of instruction or analysis, the following is provided: You must apply knowledge to answer the questions.

You will not find the answers specific questions in the text.

customer relationship management syllabus

I have found that the best format to insure that all aspects of the questions have been answered, is to write the question down and then answer the question. In your replies to case studies, make sure that you address the questions in detail and provide a complete and through reply.

This is like a final exam for the course. This is a major project. Do not repeat NOT answer a question with one sentence.

customer relationship management syllabus

This project should be 2 to 3 pages in length. Incomplete Grades You are encouraged to complete this course successfully, therefore incomplete grades are rarely granted. Past experience reflects students who do not complete the necessary work during the semester they are registered in will not complete the course even if additional time is given. Have completed 2 exams with at grade of C or better and 1 of the 3 projects. Complete the course in the time allowed by the instructor.

Extra Credit or Bonus Credit: Every student can earn up to 50 points of extra credit. This can be accomplished by: The summary is to be 2 to 3 double spaced typed pages and will be worth a maximum of 15 points each. OR you may interview a manager at a retail business concerning their customer service. In the interview give full name and business name and title of the individual. Include employee training also. This interview should be from 2 to 3 pages in length. This is a delightful little book of pages and is written in a parable style of "The One Minute Manaager".

This will be valued at a maximum of 50 points and is to be a minimum of 4 to 5 typed double spaced pages. Extra credit should be labeled extra credit and see the Class Schedule for due dates. There is a new pjolicy and a short video that appears on the botton right hand side of the Blackboard site for this course. All should view this short 4. An incomplete I will be granted to a student in rare circumstances.

Since this is an Open Campus course, this police are not applicable. However, tests and other projects will have deadlines and they are expected to be taken or submitted on time.

Instructors are allowed to withdraw students but students must not rely on their instructor to withdraw them if they wish to withdraw.

This document is NOT final; you can make changes as you contemplate the project in the coming weeks. Requirements Project Statement and Objective Articulate and define your objectives; briefly describe what you will accomplish if your project is selected Problem s to solve Describe the system in your own words.

List some of the issues your company will resolve using the CRM system, if it is in place. If the system is being recommended then, list the specific business problem s that it will resolve. Try to restrict the problems to your immediate function job in order to easily gather the research material.

Is it software, hardware, process improvement or all combined?

What is the technology used by your company or what should they use? In some situations, this section might need to be completed later, unless you have all the details The Customer Give some ideas of the type of customer your solution s will target.

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State why and how the customer might be affected by your solution Research At a high level, list those areas that you feel your research will cover: Address the benefits to the company.

What metrics should be used? Group presentations will be made during the last Class in Blackboard Collaborate.

Syllabus - Customer Relationship Management

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Because they have made this commitment, students are trusted by peers, faculty members, administrators, and community residents alike. Students conduct themselves with integrity and are presumed honorable until proven otherwise.

customer relationship management syllabus

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