Boyfriend hurtful words in a relationship

The Most Hurtful Word You 'Should' Never Say In Your Relationship

boyfriend hurtful words in a relationship

Hurtful words from your husband can sting long after the words are uttered. If your Evaluate what you have lost in the relationship to help you let it go, suggests. On the other hand, sometimes actions speak louder than words, and our interpretations may be accurate. Sometimes someone is knowingly hurtful or neglectful. Why is it so hard for me to get over hurtful things my boyfriend said Your relationship Don't let words - or past hurts spoil what you have.

Forgiving Your Husband After Hurtful Words

The meanness behind unkind words is uncalled for and serves no worthwhile purpose. Don't be careless with your words. Speaking before thinking is a harmful habit. Better healing words than hurtful words.

Better compromises then brandings. Thoughtless words do not lift people up, they drag people down. Why do partners put each other down?

The Most Hurtful Word You ‘Should’ Never Say In Your Relationship

Why do they criticize and condemn someone they say they love? Why do people criticize their partners to their face and also behind their back? Why do they feel so justified to do that? Name-calling is based in poor self-esteem and wanting to use power to put others down.

It has a spiral effect of further lowering self-esteem of both the name-caller and the partner being abused.

Surely they must feel weak, vulnerable and unloved, and surely they seek to find that strength, power and acceptance through the games they play with their partner.

Living with a verbal abuser keeps you off-balance.

boyfriend hurtful words in a relationship

They can be extremely pleasant one minute and bitingly vicious the next. The most calculating verbal abusers may be friendly and charming to most of the people who know them and hateful, disrespectful and hurl degrading insults to the one they say they love only in private. You will find the receiver of thoughtless words suffering in silence, while inside, their heart becomes bruised from the verbal abuse.

They feel hurt and attacked. Anger, depression, resentment, disgust and low self-esteem can be products of verbal abuse. For partners with a poor self image, cruel words can send them to the edge.

Cruel words become chronic stressors when your partner hears them regularly. If your partner is verbally abusive, just remember: There is never a good reason to stay in an abusive relationship. If you are guilty of saying hurtful words, the next time everyday pressures build up to where you feel like lashing out, try something else: Put your hands over your mouth.

Count to 10, or better, Stop in your tracks. Press your lips together and breathe deeply. Phone a friend or a relationship coach.

boyfriend hurtful words in a relationship

Take a leisurely walk and think about how to better handle the situation. Splash cold water on your face. Close your eyes and imagine you're hearing what your partner hears.

boyfriend hurtful words in a relationship

Promise yourself to simply to be more thoughtful before speaking. Feathers scattered in the wind cannot be collected. You cannot un-ring a bell. Hurtful words once spoken, cannot be taken back. By the way, saying "I'm sorry" is okay as long as the behavior stops.

boyfriend hurtful words in a relationship

Too many "I'm sorrys" is like crying, "Wolf! Evaluate what you have lost in the relationship to help you let it go, suggests Sharon Gibson, relationship expert and founder of Conflict to Peace in Relationships, a website dedicated to couples.

Express your feelings and be completely honest with your husband when explaining how you feel about the hurtful words.

boyfriend hurtful words in a relationship

Instead, vent about the situation to a trusted friend or relationship counselor, or write about your feelings in a journal, suggests Gibson.

You need to grieve the loss of trust on your own terms. Vocalizing the pain can also help you identify what you are feeling. Examine Expectations Many times, disagreements between partners occur because of unrealistic expectations. If you and your husband lash out at each other about the same issues repeatedly, it may be time to re-examine expectations.

Relationships That Hurt: When Enough Is Enough

Eliminate arguments and hurtful words by outlining respectful behavior to be employed when discussing sensitive or controversial issues. Let your husband know that the use of hurtful words will not be tolerated, and that you will end the discussion if they are used. Instead of analyzing the negatives, shift your focus to the positive so you can begin to heal and forgive your husband.