Being in a relationship is so boring

Being able to be ‘boring’ together is the key to a lasting relationship | SHEmazing!

being in a relationship is so boring

Here's the secret none of them are telling you: being in a long-term relationship is boring AF. But the other, even bigger secret? That's what makes them so. The best relationships are boring, because you aren't up until two in the have the rest of your lifetimes to spend together, so you don't have to rush. Besides, there's nothing better than being bored with the love of your life. As the routines of life, work and living together begin to settle, your For a relationship to be vital and interesting, you need to put in the effort to build in those.

We began working together on films.

8 tips for when you’re bored in your relationship but don’t want to break up

I would write and direct and she would produce and use the camera. It was a struggle to balance, but we made it work.

being in a relationship is so boring

It also should be when you say goodnight and neither wants the magic of the night to end. In reality, though, the best feeling in a relationship is when people who post nonstop pictures online of them and their S. I never feel the need to shout my love from the rooftops.

being in a relationship is so boring

We were at my house on a Sunday afternoon watching The Office. The day before I had eaten something that for some reason gave me the worst gas of my life. Why are those numbers so specific, you ask?

Sally is a wonderful girlfriend who accepts me and my intensely gross ways. Today though, they came out like artillery shells on the beaches of Normandy. I was quite sleepy that day, so I was adjusting myself on the couch to be the most comfortable.

Sally was laying on the couch next to me. I laid on my chest with my legs hanging off the couch. I barely noticed she was facing the opposite direction when I felt a Moby Dick sized fart about to leave the station. With no hesitation I let her rip, it was a gloriously intense fart. At the end of my bowel solo, I looked over and realized Sally was laying with her head probably about eight inches away from my musically inclined ass.

This incident should have been the only wake-up call needed for me to see I needed to try a bit more. I argued that we hung out all the time, but she was right. We had turned ourselves into partners, not lovers.

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I pride myself on friendships. They become a weird sludge mixture of codependency and co-workers that loses all the romance. If you keep seeing each other twenty-four hours a day, then there is a strong possibility that your boyfriend or husband will get bored.

being in a relationship is so boring

Create Healthy Space in Your Relationship Everyone needs some time to themselves or time to spend with other friends or family. Realize that it's OK—and in fact good—for your boyfriend or husband to need space.

Major Reasons Why Men in Relationships Get Bored

Then, take the following steps to make sure that you both create healthy boundaries. Talk to your partner.

being in a relationship is so boring

Ask him how much space he wants and what kind of space he wants. Does he want an office or a "man cave" in the house where he can go when he wants some time alone? Or does he want a few nights a week to spend with his friends? Does he need to spend extra time at work or school because of some big deadlines? Whatever the reason is, the important thing is that you trust him.

Take care of yourself. If you've been spending every waking hour with your partner, it's likely you've neglected yourself and the other important relationships in your own life.

Have a girls' night out on the evenings you'll be apart. Or you can focus on an exercise regimen: You can also explore a hobby. Whatever you choose to do should be enjoyable and good for you. If your man meets another desirable woman, then there is a great possibility that he will be drawn towards catching her interest. You may notice his restlessness as he thinks less about you. Obviously, these solutions aren't fool-proof. You can't ensure he won't leave you for someone else.

But if you take these suggestions, then there is a great chance his boredom won't cause his eye to wander. Create a "Fantasy Jar.

being in a relationship is so boring

Put them in a jar, and then the next time you're intimate, pick one and act it out. Shake things up a bit. If you typically have hours-long sessions, then try a "quickie," or try different times of day. A little bit of spontaneity may just be the magic touch!

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Leave salacious voice mails and text messages during the day to build anticipation for when you finally get to see each other that night. Make Out Like Teenagers. Be generous with hugs, kisses, caresses, even when it doesn't lead to intercourse.

These kinds of touches can build affection and anticipation! Too many unnecessary arguments and fights that are triggered by small things—like him leaving the toilet seat up or you making commitments for him without asking first—can cause a lot of relationship stress. Being unable to resolve or negotiate your differences may also cause your man to want to spend time with friends or by himself instead of you.

If you want to save your relationship despite your unresolved differences and your regular fights, then you have to make sure that you learn how to communicate and you try to change yourself for the better. This does not mean that you should change everything about yourself.

4 Reasons Girls Get Bored with a Guy

What you need to do is to make those changes that can transform you into a better person. It may seem obvious, but a lot of fights are caused because one person's needs aren't being met.

If you can calmly communicate what you need from your partner, it will be easier for him to meet them - otherwise he'll just be left guessing in the dark.