Alpha protocol sis relationship questions

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alpha protocol sis relationship questions

Alpha Protocol is an Action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Dialogue may change according to the player's actions, personality and relationships with other people. [If the player killed Sis in Moscow]: Michael Thorton: What about what without medical attention, and you're wasting time asking me questions. Page 1 of 3 - Your feelings on G - posted in Alpha Protocol: The I like G22, but even I have to admit that there are issues with them as written. First of all, Sis is not a prepubescent child, and secondly, their relationship. Choosing to save Mina and/or Scarlet will not have any effect on your " relationship". Unfortunately, even though SIE is impatiently waiting for you on the boat at.

The awful fight with Brayko is even more bizarre — perhaps all that cocaine has formed a protective shield? And no matter how many bullets you sink into their faces, afterwards these bosses are still ready for a conversation!

Now I shall converse with you and possibly escape! A Bond would take up the challenge and end up mauled but victorious. A Bauer would just shoot him in the face, which Alpha Protocol lets you do.

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Mass Effect gave me a similar feeling, and in both cases the character stuff is so much better than the combat gameplay I love that some of these missions are just talking that the shooty bits can feel like a chore.

The fight against Championchik turns a combat moment into a character moment, which makes this one of the best encounters in the game. Being something of a foodie myself, I love the kitchen.

Then toss in a hot tub and a rooftop balcony for sipping espresso?

Sis' Snub Nose Revolvers

I also thought that some of the small details were nice touches — I assume the messages of encouragement from Mina and Darcy were there as a consequence of cultivating a positive relationship with them both. It seems like a very logical, believable first step after being burned by his own agency, and I appreciate that. Alas, the hot tub is not interactive. Mina, my handler, expressed concern for the American citizens staffing the place. I complied, and went non-lethal. This little twist reinforced the feeling of Mike being on the run, but not abandoning his ideals and his devotion to his country.

You can choose to leave her alive or kill her. Letting her live makes Albatross increase rep with you or even offer you an alliance, should the rep be sufficiently high.

alpha protocol sis relationship questions

If you kill her, the Contact Albatross mission will never appear. Sis will be the person to set you free from the medical facility at Alpha Protocol during the endgame if Albatross is your handler. Also, if your reputation is high enough with her, she will look at you, smile, and toss you a pistol.

To unlock her full dossier, you have to spare her and, on the Contact Albatross mission, talk to Albatross about the locket. This will reduce your reputation with him since it is a touchy subject but will increase your reputation with Sis.

Even if the player kills Sis, it is still possible to side with Albatross and gain the support of G22 in Moscow. The Contact Albatross mission will not be available, however, he will interrupt Mikes debrief with Mina, and offer an alliance. Mission Appearances A mission listed in italics means that mission does not to be completed to complete a playthrough.

alpha protocol sis relationship questions