Israel and pakistan relationship with

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israel and pakistan relationship with

Israel, which does not share border with Pakistan, was thought to be a part of the the perception in the country that Israel is Pakistan's enemy. . made in the past and try to build good relations with the non muslim world. Israel–Pakistan relations refers to the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the State of Israel, which have varied from non- recognition. When Pakistan first explored the possibility of normalising relations with Israel, former Israeli foreign minister Silvan Shalom assured Islamabad.

Israel–Pakistan relations

Israel has also locally developed the Arrow anti-ballistic missile defence system and has already transferred its components to India for the Agni ballistic missile defence system. Contrary to common understanding, Realism is not about pessimism, it is about survival.

Realism has its foundations in rationality and demands decision-making based on a cost-benefit analysis. Realism talks primarily about the acquisition and achievement of power to pursue national interest and to guarantee national security. No tradition, school of thought, or even political philosophy approaches things the way Realism does.

The Realist tradition presents the best possible course of action for domestic as well as foreign relations.

israel and pakistan relationship with

Realism dictates Pakistan adopt a pragmatic foreign policy, especially towards Israel. The most important thing is to draw up an analysis of what Pakistan has achieved and lost while maintaining hostile relations towards Israel.

israel and pakistan relationship with

An even more important calculation that needs to be undertaken is to compute the perceived advantages and benefits in opening up towards Israel.

The answer is simple yet shocking — Pakistan has gained nothing but criticism and condemnation for not embracing Israel.

israel and pakistan relationship with

The ideology of Pakistan is structurally Islamic and it does not hinder relations with Jews. What the Islamic fundamentalists did to Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and other minorities there is simply shameful, but yet Pakistan stays indifferent to it. Leave alone minorities, Pakistanis are not even sparing people sharing the same religion- targeted attacks on Shia Muslims, Ahamadias, Boras and Balochis are more than enough to prove that.

israel and pakistan relationship with

After that, Pakistanis choose to be ignorant of the fact that bombings are always initiated from Gazan on Israel and what Israel does is mere retaliation. Their hatred, from what I can infer is just because Israel is a Jewish country. Had it been an Islamic country, then they would have been doing their own job instead of these dramas.

israel and pakistan relationship with

If it really cares about human rights, then it should first check the human rights in its own periphery, stop funding terrorists and find some time to condemn ISIS as well. Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page. Some observers believe he could forge more functional relations with the United States and India — despite the US-India-Israel nexus being reviled domestically — while others are concerned he could further isolate the country from relations with the West.

Khan has also faced long faced antisemitic conspiracy theories — his first wife had Jewish roots — and since becoming a more devout Muslim in recent years has talked of making Pakistan a welfare state according to Islamic tradition.

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He was first a sports celebrity. Khan is a former cricket star who made his debut for the Pakistani national team in at Upon graduating from Oxford University in England, he rejoined the national squad team, playing from to and captaining Pakistan to victory in the Cricket World Cup.

He spent much of his time in London in the s and s, developing a reputation as a playboy — a past he has aimed to distance himself from.