Ferdinand blumentritt relationship with rizal day

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ferdinand blumentritt relationship with rizal day

September 10, - Ferdinand Blumentritt was born in Prague. September 20, , 10 days after his sixtieth birthday in Leitmeritz Hardly 30 years old, and 4 years before his contact Jose Rizal, has Blumentritt published. Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Blumentritt: A Chronology of a Friendship in an emotional letter Rizal wrote to Blumentritt two days after leaving Leitmeritz. . of his “best and dearest friend” did not end Blumentritt's relationship with the Philippines. Ferdinand Blumentritt (10 September , Prague – 20 September , Litoměřice), was a Blumentritt's relationship with Rizal began as early as July Blumentritt . The Hartford Daily Courant (Snippet of article). November 22 ,

A yaya was assigned to watch him since he was prone to tripping because of the imbalance caused by his big head. His voice was soft and he spoke with a slight lisp. It was due to his small physique that Rizal developed a massive inferiority complex. But he already showed promise in school by surpassing his classmates in academics. Rizal almost did not make it to the Jesuit school the Ateneo Municipal. He wrote in the Memorias: He finished a licentiate in medicine and took up specialization in ophthalmology.

He was a physician but academically, he was not a doctor for he failed to take up his final exams for his Doctorate in Medicine. Years ago, there used to be a street in Cagayan de Oro known as F. This was later changed to Echem St.

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He also studied at the University of Paris and at the University of Heidelberg. He traveled very extensively abroad that he became conversant in 22 languages.

At that time, the town and the ancient capital, were part of the huge Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Ferdinand Blumentritt

He related that in her home, he began to love the Spanish colonial world. His home was a virtual Philippine museum. He opened his home to visitors from the islands.

His favorite daughter was Dolores who was given a second name, Loleng.

ferdinand blumentritt relationship with rizal day

He even wanted her to marry her off to a Filipino at that time when interracial unions were quite few. Then on a fateful day in AugustBlumentritt received a letter posted in the German university town of Heidelberg.

ferdinand blumentritt relationship with rizal day

It was written in German and signed by one J. This was to be the start of a deep friendship that was documented in more than letters and it provided priceless information on an important period of Philippine history.

Blumentritt and Rizal: The Austrian Friend behind the Philippine National Hero

Viewing the green grounds, a plaque described this beloved citizen who developed a deep and great friendship with the National Hero of the Philippines. Ferdinand Blumentriit and Dr.

ferdinand blumentritt relationship with rizal day

Back in the center of town, on the other side of the square, we passed through a little street that led to the statue of an important Czech hero, Macha. On the left of the statue, we took three steps down and there we were: It's a a slim tongue of green, a miniature park, very serene, peaceful, and tranquil.

A bust of Rizal lorded it over the scene.

Noli Me Tangere: Ferdinand Blumentritt - Sir Ernst Blumentritt

It is a beautiful handsome piece, sculpted no doubt by a renowned Filipino sculptor, a Caedo prehaps, but I have to check my sources to verify this. This place recalls Rizal's Dapitan domicle duirng his exile verdant green, tranquil, peaceful and reflective, which he called Mi Retiro". There's more to just going to see the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague, which is the regular itinerary of the many Filipinos I know who travel to Prague.

ferdinand blumentritt relationship with rizal day

Last week, upon reading my blog on Rizal, the writer and literary critic Allen Gaborro exclaimed, "Who would expect a Rizal Park in the middle of a small ancient town square in an obscure town of the Czech Republic?

I found one that showed the square in Close enough for me. Among the goods, postcards, and maps was a monograph of the "Last Farewell" by Dr.

Blumentritt, a Lover or a Friend? by nesthy polido on Prezi

Jose Rizal translated in Czech. The glossy cover had a lovely bust image of Dr.

ferdinand blumentritt relationship with rizal day

This is the bust found inside the Mayor's office. Truth be told, this cover monograph is better a thousand -fold than the images of any Rizal bust found in the Philippines. I'm sure of that. I bought a copy for 48 Krowns. I wish I had purchased more.