Hardy ramanujan relationship quotes

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hardy ramanujan relationship quotes

5 quotes have been tagged as ramanujan: Robert Kanigel: 'Sometimes in and thinkers such as Charles Darwin, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Leonardo-da-Vinci. 2 quotes have been tagged as srinivasa-ramanujan: Michio Kaku: 'Srinivasa Ramanujan was the strangest man in all of mathematics, probably in the entire h.. . Quotations by 60 Greatest Indians Quotes about Ramanujan[edit] Srinivasa Ramanujan was the strangest man in all of mathematics, probably in the . and the mathematical language expressing their relationships — were his medium.

Hardy16 Januarypublished in Ramanujan: Berndt At about the time Ramanujan entered collegehe began to record his mathematical discoveries in notebooks Ramanujan devoted all of his efforts to mathematics and continued to record his discoveries without proofs in notebooks for the next six years.

Berndt Srinivasa Ramanujan was the strangest man in all of mathematicsprobably in the entire history of science. The word proofhere, applies in its mathematical sense. And yet, construed more loosely, Ramanujan truly had nothing to prove.

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The title of mathematician can scarcely be denied to Ramanajan who hardly gave any proofs of the many theorems which he enumerated. No formal educationno access to other works. But he came across an old math book and from this basic text he was able to extrapolate theories that had baffled mathematicians for years. Suppose that we rate mathematicians on the basis of pure talent on a scale from 0 toHardy gave himself a score of 25, Littlewood 30, Hilbert 80 and Ramanujan Berndt in Ramanujan's Notebooks: Part I"Introduction", p.

Carr's Synopsis of Pure and Applied Mathematicswhich served as his primary source for learning mathematics. Carr was a tutor and compiled this compendium of approximately results with very few proofs to facilitate his tutoring. By "editing," Hardy meant that each claim made by Ramanujan in his notebooks should be examined. If a theorem is known, sources providing proofs should be provided; if an entry is known, then an attempt should be made to prove it.

It was Littlewood who said that every positive integer was one of Ramanujan's personal friends. I remember once going to see him when he was ill at Putney. I had ridden in taxi cab number and remarked that the number seemed to me rather a dull one, and that I hoped it was not an unfavorable omen. Hardyin Ramanujan: A single look at them is enough to show that they could only be written by a mathematician of the highest class.

They must be true because, if they were not true, no one would have the imagination to invent them. Hardy as quoted by Edward O. WilsonBiophilia Srinivasa Ramanujan was the strangest man in all of mathematicsprobably in the entire history of science.

He has been compared to a bursting supernova, illuminating the darkest, most profound corners of mathematics, before being tragically struck down by tuberculosis at the age of 33, like Riemann before him.

Michio KakuHyperspace: Whenever the string executes its complex motions in space-time by splitting and recombining, a large number of highly sophisticated mathematical identities must be satisfied. These are precisely the mathematical identities discovered by Ramanujan.

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The string vibrates in ten dimensions because it requires Michio Kakuin Hyperspace: He came to understand trigonometric functions not as the ratios of the sides in a right triangle, as usually taught in school, but as far more sophisticated concepts involving infinite series.

He'd take exams and finish in half the allotted time. Classmates two years ahead would hand him problems they thought difficult, only to watch him solve them at a glance. Some of his teachers may already have felt uncomfortable in the face of his powers. But most of the school apparently stood in something like respectful awe of him, whether they knew what he was talking about or not.

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He became something of a minor celebrity. All through his school years, he walked off with merit certificates and volumes of English poetry as scholastic prizes. Finally, at a ceremony inwhen Ramanujan was being awarded the K. Ranganatha Rao prize for mathematics, headmaster Krishnaswami Iyer introduced him to the audience as a student who, were it possible, deserved higher than the maximum possible marks.

An A-plus, or percent, wouldn't do to rate him. Ramanujan, he was saying, was off-scale. A Life of the Genius Ramanujanp.

hardy ramanujan relationship quotes

And numbers — and the mathematical language expressing their relationships — were his medium. Despite not having any formal training in mathematics, he made amazing contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, continued fractions and also gave solutions to mathematical problems which earlier were considered to have no solutions.

Ramanujan was invited to Cambridge, England where he spent almost 5 years and produced groundbreaking new theories. Ramanujan independently compiled nearly 3, results most of which were identities and equations. Srinivasa Iyengar, was a clerk in a sari shop and his mother Komalatammal was a housewife who often sang at a local temple. They lived in the town of Kumbakonam, which has now been made into a museum.

Ramanujan faced many hardships right after his birth. When he was two year old, Ramanujan contracted smallpox.

His early schooling was affected due to a number of family tragedies as he moved to different places. He was influenced by his mother who taught him ancient Indian cultures, traditions and way of life.

Ramanujan became a devout and religious Hindu. Inwhen Ramanujan was ten years old, he passed his primary examinations at the Kangayan Primary school, in English, Tamil, Arithmetic and topped in the district.

He then enrolled in the Town Higher Secondary School. By age 11, he had learnt college level mathematical knowledge and studied book by S.

hardy ramanujan relationship quotes

Loney on advanced trigonometry. By the age of 13, he was discovering sophisticated theorems on his own. By 14, he was receiving merit certificates and academic awards, which continued till later in his life.

He was interested in geometry and infinite series. InRamanujan developed his own method to solve the quartic equations and as trying to solve the quintic, not knowing that it could not be solved by radicals. Carr, which he studied in detail. Next year, in he independently developed and investigated the Bernoulli numbers and calculated the Euler—Mascheroni constant up to 15 decimal places. Inhe graduated from Town Higher Secondary School, and received a scholarship to study at Government Arts College, Kumbakonam, but he was interested only in Mathematics.

There he passed in mathematics, but failed in other subjects. He left college without a Fellow of Arts degree and continued to pursue his research in mathematics.

He lived in extreme poverty and on the brink of starvation. InRamanujan married Janakiammal. After the marriage, Ramanujan developed a hydrocele testis but his family did not have the money for the operation, till in Januarya doctor volunteered to do a free surgery.

Inwhen he was 23, he had a chance meeting with V. Ramaswamy Aiyer, the founder of the Indian Mathematical Society.

hardy ramanujan relationship quotes

This led to his enrolment as a researcher at the University of Madras. Later, to earn a living he tutored students who were preparing for their F.

Inupon getting a research position at Madras University, Ramanujan moved with his family to Triplicane. Ramaswamy Aiyer, founder of the Indian Mathematical Society, who was impressed by his mathematical work, and forwarded his case to R.

Ramachandra Rao, the district collector for Nellore and the secretary of the Indian Mathematical Society. Rao was equally impressed by his work but conducted due diligence to ascertain that it was indeed his original work. Rao sent him to Madras with financial aid, to continue his research. Ramanujan later had his work published in the Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society.

hardy ramanujan relationship quotes

He later wrote another paper and also continued to provide problems in the Journal. Then he applied for a position under the Chief Accountant of the Madras Port Trust, and was appointed as an accounting clerk.

There, Ramanujan continued his mathematical research after completing his official assignments.