Baseball superstars 2013 medica relationship quotes

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baseball superstars 2013 medica relationship quotes

Mobile - Baseball Superstars - Medica - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet!. Gamevil's Pro Baseball series, also known as the Baseball Superstars series in the as special playable characters in the game) and develop a relationship with them. Pro Baseball () (released as Baseball Superstars in the US) Both Medica and Psycher debuted as special characters in , and . Because I in season 2 but still in medica, Baseball Superstars Questions and answers, Android.

Medica, for instance, helps you recover when resting.

baseball superstars 2013 medica relationship quotes

Haley, on the other hand, lets you receive bonus points based on game performance. With her, your EXP increases after games. Succeed, and you stand to gain G Points, Stars, Experience and even powerful items. Once you finish a quest, you must press the Quest icon top right to claim the reward s.

[Game Event] Meet the Ladies of Baseball Superstars

Open Lucky Boxes for valuable items. Just remember that each one costs either G Points or Stars. Train Whenever Possible You can't expect to improve without training. Do this to acquire Experience and other valuable resources. Just keep in mind that training consumes G Points and Stars.

You need a Wi-Fi connection to play Baseball Superstars Visit The Store Here, you'll find a wide selection of things, from helmets, bats, shoes and outfits that make your selected players stronger, to a plethora of items that will give you an all-important edge.

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Here's a small sample of what you'll find. Check-Up 1, G Points: Heals current illnesses and injuries. Summon Scroll 60 Stars: Time Machine 40 Stars: Ten chances to re-play a game.

EXP, GP are intact. While 's Roze arc ends with the little heiress going back to her own country, inwe learn that it was the protagonist that had gone "far away", leading the players to think that he died; that is, until the happy ending of 's Roze arc, where we learn that he actually went to the Majors.

InMedica says to the protagonist that she "has been close to Psycher for three years". Both Medica and Psycher debuted as special characters inand appear in, and Ina certain exchange between the protagonist, the baseball team's characters, and Medica, is directly copied from 's exchange the protagonist even lampshades it.

Medica ending in BB13

Leony, one of the "heroines" ofhas only been mentioned once by her papa Leon inand Valentine, another one of the "heroines", is simply not mentioned at all. All of the female special characters. The coach in and is this as well.

baseball superstars 2013 medica relationship quotes

And the cover models known as PB girls. Just look at this and this. Gameplay and Story Segregation: During the eighth year of My League mode, the protagonist lampshades this, citing that his romantic overtures, in no way, should have taken place over eight years.

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Interestingly enough, the version has amended this, with the girlfriend subplots taking about three years to complete. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Then he and the Captain switch roles and bodies. Also PB girl Bora, although it's because she's still emotionally distraught over the loss of her parents, and only acts this way to the protagonist because he apparently says stupid things.