The relationship between henchard and farfrae

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the relationship between henchard and farfrae

Description and comparison of the characters Michael Henchard and Donald Farfrae the novel and its characters, in particular Henchard and Farfrae, completely. The opening scene continues by telling us more of the relationship between. They're in love with the same woman, Lucetta, but she ends up marrying Farfrae. Essentially, Farfrae's fate is a kind of positive mirror of Henchard's: his is the life. Again Henchard tried to defeat Farfrae by creating a deviation in the relationship between Farfrae and Henchard. The more Henchard felt defeated the more.

the relationship between henchard and farfrae

Even their attitude towards the landscape is negative. They see nothing pretty in it and it is always the same, just like their relationship. To sum up, the opening paragraph is not a very happy scene, but rather a quite nasty way for a novel to start.

However, the opening scene gives us crucial and important information about the character of Michael Henchard. We get to know Henchard as a pretty unlikeable, grim fellow. It is obvious that he is stuck in an unhappy and bad marriage.

Nevertheless, Michael is not willing to change anything in order to improve the current situation. He refuses not only to talk to her, but also to walk close to her.

It is Susan and not Michael who makes the couple walk next to each other. Therefore, his wife and not Henchard is the one who at least tries to work on their relationship. In contrast to her husband, Susan did not give up hope totally and at least tries to keep the family together. Henchard on the other hand would certainly prefer to escape from this unhappy marriage, if he were only given the chance to.

He sees the marriage as a burden, and as a divorce is not possible, selling his wife is the only way out. It seems like that he thinks that he leads a life of hardships, and that he always has to take on a burden like his marriage for example. It also sometimes creates the impression that Henchard feels like that he is the one who has to endure things, who has to suffer and to face plenty of problems.

When there is something that he needs to do, he frequently says that he cannot bear it anymore in order to avoid his responsibility and to shuffle out of it. When using this strategy, Michael is a really irresponsible and selfish person as he thinks of himself first and only.

Henchard's Love affair with Lucetta in The Mayor of Casterbridge

Thomas Hardy was often considered to be an immoral man. Although he was not religious, he insisted on human responsibility. After all the letter between Henchard and Lucetta are read by the so many townspeople, which cause the death of Lucetta. Again with the love affair with Lucetta Michel Henchard is victimized in the hand of the situation. After all, whether it is the field of married life, or it is the field of popularity, power, position and love in every field Michel Henchard once gets the highest position together with the extreme pleasure but after all he falls in lowest situation of its fall.

Ups and downs in every field are Henchard's real identity. Sometimes he gets the full support of the love affair with Lucetta and no sooner it results in tragic end. Here also Henchard got a tragic end in the hand of luck as a result he is deceived. So the love affair of Henchard with Lucetta also proves Henchard as the puppet, here in the hand of his fate, luck and coincidence.

The Mayor of Casterbridge. But Farfrae was dissatisfied. Hence Farfrae took this way of Henchard as irrational and somewhat an inhuman way of teaching a lesson about punctuality to a lazy worker.

Henchard's Love affair with Lucetta in The Mayor of Casterbridge

Therefore Henchard interfered and sent Abel back to put on his cloth. This activity of Farfrae punctured the pride and ego of Henchard. Actually Farfrae did not intend to produce an ego puncturing effect on Henchard, Farfrae was simply trying to become rational and practical in handling such an awkward situation. But this interference of Farfrae produced an ironic effect.

Henchard began to develop a destructive rivalry towards Farfrae. Henchard intended to defeat Farfrae in social prestige and popularity by reorganizing celebration. But this celebration ended in fiasco failure.

the relationship between henchard and farfrae

Again Henchard tried to defeat Farfrae.