Unexplainable things happen to meet

unexplainable things happen to meet

Sometimes things happen that humans just can't explain in the Crouch and his wife watched chunks of meat inexplicably cover their farm; the. I was minding my own business, and next thing I know, I get slammed .. We can' t explain what's happening and my friend gets really sad and. Nearly everyone has had weird experiences, things that happen in life that seem I know Michael and can attest to his rock-solid convictions.

My father, a dentist, had welcomed to his practice many of the Portuguese immigrants that flooded Brazil after the Carnation Revolution of One day, he invited the former Minister of Justice a sort of attorney general and other friends to dinner.

He offered the minister a whisky. After taking a sip, the minister gave my father a perplexed look. He ran to the closet where he stored his liquor and confirmed that the open whisky bottle had been filled with tea. The same with every open bottle with amber-colored liquid. My father ran to the kitchen to find our cook Maria, a small black lady in her 50s with pitch-dark beady eyes. We knew she was a high priestess of the Macumba, a widespread religious practice mixing elements of African black magic and fetishism with Catholicism.

Maria confessed immediately, as if what she had done had been obvious. My father was furious, and fired her on the spot. Maria looked him in the eye and cursed the house: Maria tried to comfort me. A month passed and nothing happened. We went back to our routines and hired a new cook.

unexplainable things happen to meet

One day, as I was studying for an exam, I felt a compulsion to go to the dining room. Our rococo-style dining table was flanked on both ends by furniture containing fine crystal. Behind my father's seat at the head of the table was a closet with glass doors and three glass shelves, where my parents stored beautiful wineglasses made of Bohemian crystal. At the opposite end of the table was a brass beverage trolley, with a top glass shelf covered with crystal bottles filled with port, sherry and liqueurs of all colors, each labeled with a small silver necklace.

I was standing by the dining table in a strange sort of daze when something, maybe a subtle noise, made me turn toward the closet.

At that very moment, the top shelf broke in half, and all the heavy glasses came crashing down onto the second shelf, which in turn collapsed onto the first shelf in a horrifying waterfall of shattering crystal.

Dozens of priceless antique glasses were instantly destroyed. I hardly had time to blink, when another cracking noise made me turn toward the trolley at the other end of the table. In a flash, the top shelf collapsed, taking all the crystal bottles to the floor with it. The noise was deafening. Shards of glass flew everywhere. The new cook came running from the kitchen and crossed herself.

13 F**king Creepy Things That Actually Happened To People

She packed her things and vanished that same night, never to be seen again. Shaking uncontrollably, I phoned my father at his office. Everything crashed, right in front of me. The closet and the trolley, practically at the same time! Nothing added up though. To have both events in almost synchrony was deeply perplexing. And it involved drinking, as it should. This is a mysterious event that remains unexplained. People react differently when faced with such situations.

unexplainable things happen to meet

Some feel it as convincing evidence of the supernatural and embrace a religion a conversion event or a mystical practice. Problem was, they had an awesome shower, and his was less than desirable. We all know good water pressure is life, so naturally the kid broke the rules one morning while his parents when out.

The kid calls out and the handle starts jiggling intensely, but not opening. The teenager gets out of the shower, wraps a towel around himself and opens door… mid shake. When he looked on the other side no one was there.

unexplainable things happen to meet

When he ran through the apartment he found that neither of his parents had come home, and the answering machine was unchecked. It was behind a building that had been the location of several failed restaurants, and at the time it was unoccupied.

Still, the lights were on and there was a woman in a pink dress staring at the group through the window. The kids hauled ass, and the lady followed from window to window, still watching them. It appeared that she was gliding from space to space instead of walking or running. Even after running down an area that had no windows, she was standing at the next set of windows by the time they got there, still watching.

They never went back.

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The only reason he woke up was because he literally felt someone slap his face. When he looked around he saw nothing that could have caused the feeling. Mere seconds later he saw 20 men coming to their base.

unexplainable things happen to meet

He woke up the other men sleeping next to him and fought off the intruders. An old man walks up to them, smiles, and hands one of the cousins a note. Her hair was dirty, her dress was tattered, and she just so happened to be about eight feet tall with her head pushing against the ceiling.

unexplainable things happen to meet

After a while she made eye contact with the boy and screams, although the sound seemed to be far away. After that she turned and left through the wall. After a long battle with stomach cancer, the cat sadly passed away.

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Two weeks later the guy was up one night playing video games when he saw the cat walking down the hallway. Later when he went to bed, he felt the paws of a cat kneading into his back.

He brushed it off as the work of his sleepy imagination until the morning when he woke up and found an indentation on his blanket and an area that was warmer than the rest of his bed. Fast forward to high school when he asked his parents if they tried to scare him by dressing up as the Easter bunny. They said they would never do anything like that. However, his sister, who had shared his room with him when they were little, said she remembered when the bunny came into their room.

She even commented on the smell of hay.