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Think about the color wheel — the further away two colors are from one another, the more they will separate. On the other hand, colors like red and orange, which have close proximity on the color wheel, look good together. The more colors you use, the more distracted your sprite will look. To make a sprite stand out, use only two or three main colors. Think about what just red and brown did for Super Mario back in the day! If your sprite is part of a larger scene, there might be all kinds of local light sources like lamps, fire, lamps on fire, etc.

These can mix in very complex ways on the sprite.

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For most cases, however, picking a distant light source like the sun is a better idea. For games, you will want to create a sprite that is as generally lit as possible so that it can be used anywhere. I usually choose a distant light source that is somewhere above the sprite and slightly in front of it, so that anything that is on top or in front is well-lit and the rest is shaded.

This lighting looks the most natural for a sprite. Remember that the play between light and shadow defines things that are not flat. Use shading to bring out the folds in clothing, and to define musculature, hair, fur, cracks, etc.

These are areas that are indirectly lit. It can also be used to transition from the dark to the light, especially on curved surfaces. Highlights should be used in moderation much less than shadowsbecause they are distracting.

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Always apply highlights after shadows, and you will save yourself some headache. Without the shadows already in place, you will be inclined to make the highlights too large.

Here are some rules you should always follow when shading: The ultimate newb shading mistake. Pillow shading is when one shades from the outline inward. In the real world, however, we tend to see things in big patches of light and dark — our brains filter out everything in between. Use at most two shades of dark dark and really darkand two shades of light light and really light on top of your foundation color.

Unless you want really blurry-looking sprites! Notice the different patterns that were used to create the intermediary colors. Try experimenting with different patterns to create new textures. You can use dithering as much or as little as you want. Rather than using black all the way around, we apply a color that is closer to the color of the sprite itself.

Also, we vary the brightness of this outline along the edge of the sprite, letting the light source dictate which colors we apply. Selout is a great way to get around that: Finally, the sprite begins to look like a coherent whole rather than a whole bunch of separate pieces. Compare this to the original: For example, if you have a black line on a white background, then you would add gray pixels to the edge of the line to smooth it out. If it still looks too uneven, add another, lighter layer of pixels.

Have your intermediary layers flow in the direction of the curve. Just look at the pictures, and I think you will understand what I mean: Keep in mind that if you want your sprite to look good on any color background, do not anti-alias on its outer edge.

The effect, as you can see, is subtle, but it makes a big difference. The answer is that no filter is going to make your sprite as clean-looking as if you did it by hand. You have total control, not only over the number of colors you use, but where they get used.

And you know better than any filter what areas need to be smoothed out and what areas are going to lose their pixelly quality if you anti-alias them. But not quite yet! The last part is what separates an enthusiastic amateur from a hardened professional. Step back and take a good long look at your sprite.

Take the time to refine it and make sure that everything is perfect. Give or take how tired you are, this can actually be the most fun part.

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Add little details to make your sprite more interesting. Your skill and experience with pixelling will show through here. Also take notice of the trim I added to his armbands, the fly I added to his pants, and… well, what would a man be without his nipples? I also darkened the lower half of his torso so that his left hand would stand out more against his body.

The Lucha Lawyer weighs in at a relatively light 45 colors or perhaps ultra-heavyweight, depending on your palette restrictions and has dimensions of approximately by pixels. Now you can have that beer! Never take the information in large print as truth.

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