Earth secret places to meet

10 Unbelievable Secret Places Google Earth Doesn't Want You To See

earth secret places to meet

Nov 6, Access denied: 5 top secret places deliberately hidden by Google Maps Did you know that some places across the globe are considered so. Mar 9, National secrets, shady government areas and southern fried chicken: all of these and more have been edited out of existence. Sep 30, And some things we don't know. These next 10 places are some of the 10 most top secret places on Earth. And like when all good secrets.

Why is Snow Saddle hidden from the eyes of Internet users?

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Since no one knows the real answer — multiple theories, assumptions, and allegations have been popping up left and right. For example, many people claim that the Nazis had secret expeditions to the Himalayas and found a UFO base in the area. It's one of the largest and most populated cities in the province, and even has several tourist destination sites. But if you want to find it on Google Earth, even if you're just a tourist, you won't be able to do so.

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The whole city is blurred out. If that's true, I can understand why they blur the entire city out on Google Earth. They're for security reasons, of course. Just like any other object that has anything related to weapon testing.

  • 10. Keowee Dam, South Carolina
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  • 2. HAARP site, Gakona, Alaska

It's just strange that it's the entire city It's an island that used to be on some maps, but then it was removed from them, proving that they never existed in the first place.

There have been quite a few of these islands, and one of them is Sandy Island that is or was located in New Caledonia, in the Coral Sea. Sandy Island was discovered by Captain James Cook in Since then, the island was on a number of maps untilwhen a surveying ship visited the area and announced that there was no island there.

5 Discoveries Kept Secret To Protect The Earth

Let's suppose the island isn't there now. Then what did Captain Cook find in the 18th century?

Access denied: 5 top secret places deliberately hidden by Google Maps

Was he hallucinating when he saw the island? And if the island was there, where did it go? I mean, an island can't just disappear! TheSun If you take a look at the Siberian Tundra in Google Earth, you'll find a very strange spot or blur covering the area.

Some random territory is completely blurred out and no one even knows why.

earth secret places to meet

Inthe Russian government closed a number of cities and towns with the general population of over one million people. These cities received very mysterious namessuch as Tomsk-7, Krasnoyarsk, and so on. So it's also possible that this mysterious site in the Siberian Tundra is one of these closed cities that still hasn't been opened.

If this assumption is correct, God only knows what's going on there Express Another secret site in Russia is also located in Siberia. It's the least densely populated area of the country, which makes it quite a good place for keeping secrets, isn't it?

There is no view.

earth secret places to meet

And it is solitary. The suites are reachable by use of a secret door. Only a few people alive know where the door is.

earth secret places to meet

The public has access to tour the 19 state rooms of the Palace. But in Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace. He describes the room as " There was a small bed and a very dull-looking chest of drawers along the wall.

Once he asked for a cigarette, the Queen called security. InCicada posted its 1st message: We are looking for highly intelligent individuals […] The few that will make it all the way through. The Cicada is a secret Internet organization. It recruits people using puzzles, some of the most elaborate and intelligent puzzles the world has ever seen and referencing works such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Ecclesiastes. And what they expect from you as a part of the group.

It's called Iron Mountain. To go deep into the mine requires traveling about 22 stories beneath the surface of the earth. Fortune companies store databases here. Major banks back up their information here. Ranging from iconic photos of Albert Einstein to Rosa Parks. Also, major record labels store original master recordings here. Think Elvis and Frank Sinatra. They say it can survive nuclear and terrorist attacks. Its archives, they say, are able to last over 5, years.

However, the original recipe is a trade secret, which very few people have ever known. The formula was only shared with a small group in by its inventor John Stith Pemberton.

Candler sold the company and placed the formula in a vault in in Guaranty Bank, New York. Coca Cola transferred the formula to Atlanta in and it stayed there untilvaulted in SunTrust Bank. The secret recipe now sits in a vault on display at the Coca-Cola museum. Any member of the public can view it.

However, you will only see a black box. All we know is a network of pathways and several small villages are inside.