Station square meet the gin blossoms pictures new years eve

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station square meet the gin blossoms pictures new years eve

Tempe History Museum Exhibit Shows That Music Scene's History Goes Beyond Gin Blossoms The 2,square-foot space is filled with nostalgia-inducing year, including a photo display from New Times archives (coming June 2). well, so we have things like paintings, drawings, and screen prints. as the premier music venue in New York City. Today, Irving Plaza continues to be a major stepping stone on the career paths of hundreds of artists every year. Pictures: 15 great Central Florida locations for taking your Christmas card photo Gin Blossoms prove the past isn't gone with New Miserable Experience coming to WUCF TV, Orlando's public TV station, came close to the $, goal in its .. the Georgia native is embarking on his Very Hot Summer Tour next year.

Meanwhile, Eastside co-owner Michael Pawlicki opened pop-up versions of his store at various spots around the city before becoming of the many boutiques involved with the Double Nickels Collective, a few doors down from the Yucca Tap Room and 51 West. Big Surf This iconic Tempe water park is nothing if not historic.

Having opened init not only is the longest-running attraction of its kind in Arizona but also features the first-ever wave pool built in the United States. Generations of swimmers and sun-worshipers have flocked to Big Surf to take a dip or ride the waves.

And in the s, people turned out in droves for a number of outdoor concerts by important bands from rock 'n' roll history. According to the park's proprietors, as well as a several websites, classic rock and pop legends like Deep Purple, Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, and Foghat all performed amid the palm trees and Polynesian kitsch of the park.

Sometimes the outdoor setting proved to be a bit hazardous, like when Pink Floyd reportedly pulled the plug midway through its September set due to rain. Fast-forward to the the present, and the water park still is giving up space for massive music events, albeit of the electronic dance music variety. Big Fish Pub When the Big Fish Pub closed its original location on University Drive init was the final chapter for a space that featured a lot of big names over two decades. Hell, John Mayer even played there in Despite his best efforts to sustain the Big Fish, he reportedly wound up getting into a spat with the owners of the shopping plaza that housed the bar over increased rent and other issues.

As such, Boiseau chose to close the place in Since then, the space that was formerly occupied by Big Fish Pub has undergone a remodeling and currently awaits its next tenant.

ByTempe Bowl was no more, and the property became the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a holistic-oriented school offering courses in everything from yoga and massage therapy to nutrition and mind-body wellness.

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And since the person hall was one of the snazzier mid-sized venues in Tempe from onwards, it saw a lot of use by Valley artists with significant followings, underground hip-hop sensations, burgeoning indie talents, alt-rock radio favorites, punk and ska legends, and hordes of hard rock and death metal groups.

Both are now a local office for Brightcove, a Boston-based online video service. Tempe Mediterranean eatery Nush, which happens to be housed in the former home of the Green Room. And it was due to the fact that it was run by concert savant Charlie Levy.

station square meet the gin blossoms pictures new years eve

He was approached by the owners of Fumbles, a foundering bar located in the space that would become the Green Room, about bringing in some of his clients to their spot. Swell Records When electronic dance music and its culture exploded in popularity aroundit probably seemed old hat to Russ Ramirez. After all, the Valley resident experienced a similar boom back in the late '90s and early Aughts, when he owned music and clothing emporium Swell Records, which was pretty much the go-to spot for mixmasters eager to score beats on CD and vinyl or all manner of DJ gear.

station square meet the gin blossoms pictures new years eve

Many of the biggest spin jockeys in metro Phoenix were regulars at either of its locations in Tempe the first one opened in near Scottsdale and Curry roads, while another was later situated on Mill Avenuesuch as onetime Valley resident and club god Markus Schulz, as well as Pete "SuperMix" Salaz, Senbad, C. In a interview, Ramirez remembers such impromptu parties at Swell's Scottsdale Road location.

To call it an eyesore would've been kind. It often reeked of urine, rotgut, and B. In other words, all the makings of an iconic dive, which 6 East most certainly was to its fervently loyal fanbase, who still speak fondly of the biker bar turned musician hangout to this day, some 17 years following its destruction in the name of urban redevelopment.

station square meet the gin blossoms pictures new years eve

Its history goes back to and includes stints as a restaurant, a neighborhood joint, dive, and biker hangout before being embraced by the young and hip. Although never a forum for live music, hordes of performers ambled through 6 East. The fans followed, and 6 East was suddenly popular with the Tempe twentysomething underclass, in all its forms.

After all, the place was built to resemble a huge red barn and boasted a bucolic theme and an array of antiques inside.

Built init was aimed precisely at college students and beckoned them with five different bars, nickel beer nights, dance parties, and shows in its backyard or upstairs many a musician or roadie earned some aches and pains from lugging gear up its stairs. Inthe bar went hippie as Have a Nice Day Cafe and then headed south of the border three years later and metamorphosized into Margarita Rocks before donning the cowboy kitsch of its current role as the Moonshine Whiskey Bar.

Two decades after its passing init still casts a long shadow because of its influence and history. The Gin Blossoms attracted major label interest after a memorable show at the club.

station square meet the gin blossoms pictures new years eve

Levy remembers sneaking in for shows as an underage college student and being impressed by its grungy vibe, camaraderie, and great sound, which is why he brought in bands like The Flaming Lips or Widespread Panic years later. It just had a certain feel to it. The Sun Club, however, lived on for another couple of years before riding into the sunset. The Eighth Street lot on which it sat currently is vacant, despite being the site of college bars Dos Gringos and Rocky Point Cantina, the latter of which was razed after running afoul of the city of Tempe in It hosted the first of a series of weekly sets by now-defunct pop act the Piersons.

What was significant about the event was that it was the first-ever show at the bar arranged by Charlie Levy, who had to cajole its owner into allowing it happen.

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Craddock finally relented, which was a wise decision in retrospect, since it allowed her namesake spot to become etched in the annals of Tempe music lore. Spin sessions by the Bombshelter DJs also were the norm.

There are numerous gold and platinum albums from Tempe bands that went big, and one from a band called Nirvana, whose collaboration with Meat Puppets on their swan song album, MTV Unplugged in New York, earned the Seattle group a spot among the locals. Showing that side of their art has been really interesting to me," Roffler says.

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As contributions came in, Roffler was surprised to discover that Tempe had quite the punk rock and New Wave scenes in the s. While carefully holding someone's prized J. Among the artifacts of the era is a notebook listing all of J. These bands not only influenced the Tempe sound well into its '90s peak, but also had a hand in shaping local and national music for years to come. Seeing them all together has been pretty impressive. The biggest surprise has been the diversity of music.

After giving up his seat to the Big Bopper on the fateful plane ride that took the lives of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, country balladeer Waylon Jennings moved to Tempe with his rockabilly band The Waylors. They took up residence at JD's, a local club where they built enough of a following that the album Waylon Jennings at JD's was released in As a member of the staff hangs an electric bass guitar near one of several listening stations being set up for the exhibition, it gives Roffler pause.

station square meet the gin blossoms pictures new years eve

The instrument belongs to Rafael "Chapito" Chavarria, who has been been a vital part of the Valley's music scene since the s, when he was a bandleader at the Calderon Ballroom.

The bassist and violinist, who turned in April, had been working audiences for decades before finally deciding to retire from show business nearly 10 years ago.