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meet the scout funny skits

a Bag Pack Meeting. Two Crazy Cub Masters: Skits in a Bag Pack Meeting Cub Scout Skits, Cub Need a quick and easy Cub Scout skit? Check these out!. The MacScouter's Big Book of Scouts -- More Skits . Two cannibals meet one day. The first cannibal They have those brown cloaks with a rope around the waist and they're sort of bald on top with a funny ring of hair on their heads." "Ah, Ha. Halloween Cub Scout skits are fun for October den and pack meetings! I put together a quick video of this Trick or Treat Drawing Story that was featured in . When the CUB SCOUTS arrived for their last den meeting in October, they found a.

On stage are two chairs. He ties the rope to the back of each chair, then pulls them apart until the rope is tight. The clown now puts on the blindfold, but loosely, so he can easily see by looking down his nose.

Now he needs the umbrella, but with the blindfold on, he can't find it. Fumble around for it, and when you finally find it, open it up. However, he is holding the umbrella the wrong way, and it opens up in his face, which knocks him backwards. Finally get it right. Now he steps onto the chair, and tries to walk on the rope, but the chair falls. He goes over to the next chair, steps up onto it, and tries again. This chair also falls. Both chairs are fallen with the rope draped between them, sitting on the ground.

Now it is an easy matter to walk the tight rope, but the clown still makes it look difficult.

Boy Scout Skits

Get to the other side and bow for your applause. The Highly Trained Flea Clown trainer offers to show a clown spectator a trained flea for only five dollars, which is paid. Clown spectator is asked to hold the flea's jacket, boots, and hat, which he does. Now the flea does many amazing tricks, such as jumping from one hand to the other, doing back flips, etc.

There is actually no flea, only the Clown trainer using his eyes and head "watching" how the flea is moving pantomime. When the flea is finished, clown trainer applauds, then slowly realizes that he just squashed the flea. He starts crying and acting very sad.

Skits - scouts comedy ideas

Clown spectator is not upset in the least and he says he never believed there was a flea in the first place. When I have more people to work with we add more animals. Having the final animal be one that does not normally eat frogs provides more of a surprise for the audience, but in some situations I have used an animal that does eat frogs here, like when I have taught this to a group of fifth graders at a week long ecology camp where their skit is supposed to include things that they have learned during the week.

Two cannibals meet one day. The first cannibal says, "You know, I just can't seem to get a tender Missionary. I've baked them, I've roasted them, I've stewed them, I've barbecued them, I've tried every sort of marinade. Just can't seem to get them tender. They have those brown cloaks with a rope around the waist and they're sort of bald on top with a funny ring of hair on their heads.

Need a Scout stave, or a stick about 1" diameter x 5' long. Pick out 2 unknowing people from the group to hold up either end of the stick about elbow high. Let them know the stick they're holding in now a counter in a candy store.

Skits for Scouts

Scout 1 stands behind the stick, acts like he's working behind the counter. Scout 2 strolls up Repeat the above scene 3 or 4 times with different scouts, asking for different candy bars, all with the same negative response.

Finally, have all the scouts enter the "store". Do you really have any candy in this candy store? Palardy A group of scouts come out and stand in a line across the stage. One, the announcer, stands in front of them. This has been a test of the emergency warning system.

This was only a test. If there had been a real emergency, we would have said Scouts throw hands over heads, yell "Ahhhhhh", and run helter-skelter off stage. The one that I know goes like this. I've got a wife, three kids, And that's a lot. One day my boss said to me, Joe, are you busy? He said, Then press this button with your right hand.

Repeat the chant, pressing buttons with left hand, right foot, left foot, knees, head, tongue, etc, until finally when the kid is gyrating wildly to the chant, and the boss asks, "are you busy", he says YES! One Person is the announcer, one person is Igor, one person is Dr. Stein, and all the other people are salesmen. Announcer walks up and says, "We will now take you to the home of Dr. Stein, where he is working on his latest invention, Igor.

Igor is laying down One Salesman comes and knocks on the door. Stein opens door and salesman says, " Hello, my name is and I'm selling Would you like to buy one?

Once all salesmen are gone Dr. As you see, Igor can sit, stand, walk, and kill. Stein off stage and bows. French Restaurant This skit is best done with older scouts because its rather complicated, and even better if the volunteer is an unknowing new adult leader. It always gets big laughs from everyone involved. He should describe the restaurant, telling the audience all the things he has for the grand opening, a kitchen, the food, chairs, etc.

The Scout then realizes that he forgot an important part of the restaurant: He then asks for a volunteer from the audience to come be the table.

meet the scout funny skits

He then has the volunteer get down on his hands and knees between the chairs as the table. The owner then exclaims, "I can now open the restaurant. The owner asks the guests if they know what they want and the guests say no, so the owner offers to bring them some water while they decide. When the owner comes back with the water he sets it on the table audience volunteer and the guests tell him they are ready to order.

meet the scout funny skits