Meet the patronnes youtube


meet the patronnes youtube

MEET THE PATRONNES | COSMETIC REVIEW | JOLENE LUKES ♡. Meet the patronnes LIKE, COMMENT &. Hey Dolls, On our channel you will find motivation, advise, beauty and fashion! We love creating chatty content to connect with our subscribers! Patronne = B. Anyone heard of these British Nigerian girls? Law graduates on youtube talking about smashing cars. Nigerians always act so holier than thou.

We smoked and chilled in the park in the rain in the dead of night; watching the ducks swim in the lake and thinking up narratives for their lives. No one would even care. One thing that stuck in my mind about the guy I dated was how much he watched YouTube videos. The fact this guy looks like a younger Mike made the whole situation ten times better.

However, it seems me being Patricia was a stretch too far… a bit too good to be true, at least for now. Yet, it still made me think: And I can tell you for free: I have frequent discussions with mostly girls like me on social media about the lives of certain vloggers and how excited we are for them to reach milestones and achieve things… as if we know them personally.


Women get pregnant every day. The same happened when Patricia uploaded a video to her vlog channel of her finally giving birth. Later that week, on the way to church, the first thing my friends and I discussed was that video.

meet the patronnes youtube

We all sat on the bus to church with the video Patricia uploaded that morning — the introduction of her baby to her main channel — playing at full volume from my phone. I used to enjoy watching vloggers like Zoella and AlfieMarcus Butler and even Sam Pepper I know, this was before he fucked up when I was younger, though nowadays my tastes have changed. Eniangand the Patronnesas I find them a lot more relatable, funny and genuine. They kind of acted as a hope for me that fame or whatever can also come to normal people if we work hard.

It is a lot of editing, writing blog posts, and deciding what to tweet and post on Instagram.

meet the patronnes youtube

She was and still is one of my favourites. Regarding her birth video, I was crying my eyes out like some fool! We shot this video on a day where the sun didn't wanna hang out that's why there are parts me and my Dad are super light and then super dark!


But never the less hope y'all enjoy the video. Travis Scott - Butterfly Effect Instrumental rchtrll: COM Mimi Missfit - https: Here is what went down. Let's try and smash 2, likes! Nella's Channel - https: Lotto Boyz x Vianni - Bim Bam 2.

meet the patronnes youtube

Don-E - You Alright Yeah? Lotto Boyz - Facetime Me 5. Here is what happened.

meet the patronnes youtube

Hardy Caprio - Super Soaker 2. Lotto Boyz - Facetime Me 3. Sister Video - https: Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts on this subject in the comments below.


EmanKellam Twitter EmansBlogs http: I do strongly believe that not all men are trash. However, this video is talking about the ones that are trash and the ones that treat our queens incorrectly. If you like this video make sure to like comment and subscribe. Eman Kellam We live in a world where losing your phone is much more dramatic then losing your V-Card. So I took out to London once again to ask people's opinions on Bodycounts.


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meet the patronnes youtube

I'll try to keep it flowing as long as you guys enjoy it. I taught him some British slang and here is what went down. Rachel Bada - https: Please Subscribe and drop a like above! We sat down and I taught him a couple of slang words he could use if he ever finds himself in the hood in the UK.