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Q&A: MINIMODE's Maria Benetos — Passported

meet the mini mode

Run the Zoom Rooms Controller in Scheduling Display mode and position the tablet outside of Schedule a Meeting from the Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display. May 19, Congratulations on the launch of MINIMODE! can ride down to the playground on the pier (by North Moore Street) to meet up with our friends. Nov 17, Wave November Mini Meet Overall this was a really great meet for the athletes with tons of best times, lots of good racing, relays that got off the.

And we always do cool shoes for both girls. They look really cute with dresses and skirts.

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Did your career change at all after the birth of your children? Want to launch a cool company? These moms are killing it nowadays. How do you juggle your work commitments with being a mother? A fellow mom said to me recently As a working mom you still want to do it all at least I do.

I want to spend time with my daughter, workout, keep up with beauty regiments, go out for drinks and focus on my career I'm up early, to answer emails and get a workout in, all before 7am. Also I schedule my days, down to every last detail including travel time and manicures. The day is spent in meetings and I usually have drinks out a couple days a week and dinner with the husband Downtime is a rare commodity and weekends are spent with the family.

In their eyes, mommy and daddy are equals. What are your time management tips? Everything goes in the calendar! Everything, from work meetings to dates with friends and even time spent with Alba she likes going for manicures, so I schedule that like everything else.

I often make two. One that I have to act on immediately - to have those tasks completed by end of day. Then on the second list, I have all those items I get to once list number one is complete. It works for me. I get great pleasure in crossing things off my lists. What kind of work do you need to do in a day? We recently launched the site so Colleen and I wear many, many hats! We write, edit, curate product, art direct, communicate with influential moms and brands, coordinate photoshoots and act as own PR and marketing team.

It definitely makes the workday go by fast! How do you procrastinate? I also get sucked into Pinterest. I love photography and typography so I easily get caught up in searching for beautiful imagery. And how do you focus?

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I meditate 4 mornings a week, which really helps me. I also feels that exercise keeps me focused throughout the day so most mornings I start the day with a run or with my trainer either doing kickboxing or circuit training.

Getting it all done, wanting to do so much and figuring out where to place your energies and what is most important each day to focus on.

meet the mini mode

No matter how many hours I work, I feel like I could be doing more. What do you love about raising children in New York?

meet the mini mode

Possibility, diversity, accessibility and exposure. The fact that NY kids are so savvy at such a young age and are exposed to so much culture and diversity. I also love the convenience of it all and the fact that everything we need is right at our doorstep - parks, amazing schools, restaurants, museums and friends are just a short walk away. How would you describe your personal fashion style? I mix a lot of vintage with contemporary pieces and I spend on shoes. I think you can have a simple outfit and a killer pair of shoes that elevates the whole look.

It's a one-stop-shop for moms who have not lost their edge when it comes to their personal style and who want their kids to look just as cool as they do!

Or you can skip the content altogether and go directly to the shopping feed. Can you share some of your favorite brands on the site? For moms, we love featuring brands that are not "maternity" per se, but that are perfect to wear when your pregnant, like Rachel Comey and Rodebjer. For non-traditional maternity wear that you can wear way beyond pregnancy, we highly, highly recommend Hatch Collection.

My personal mom crush is Gemma Ward. She was one of the world's biggest models and she basically walked away from it all at her peek.

She's now focusing most of her energy on raising her beautiful daughter Naia.

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I love their adorable Instagrams of the two of them together on beaches of Australia, her home town. You both live and work in NYC. The best part of it is the community.