How to build a good foundation for relationship

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how to build a good foundation for relationship

Relationships — romantic or otherwise — don't happen magically. You'll build a solid foundation and prolong the orgasmic thrill of the first. Relationships are like houses; in order for them to stand the tests of time, they need a good foundation. The very first thing you do when. You've got to put in deposits, make smart investments, and only take a You need to create a strong foundation for a long term relationship so.

Trading, in financial terms, looks for huge profits in a short amount of time. It takes more risk and the chances of losing everything are much greater. Having a love that lasts a lifetime is a little more complicated than just a banking metaphor. You need to create a strong foundation for a long term relationship so that it can withstand the pressures of a career, debt, children, funerals, and all of the other stresses that come with the modern relationship.

A strong enough foundation can even help a couple survive infidelity, if both parties are willing to keep working at their relationship.

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My goal is to spend 70 years with my spouse. We both know this. Some of these lessons might seem like common sense, but there is a tremendous difference between reading something and experiencing something. You have to work on your relationship every day. Love must be experienced every day so that it can bear and believe all things. Flowers are nice, but time is better. Sometimes that one day of solo work stretches to feeling like a week or two. The truth is that a relationship might be one unit, but it is made up of two people.

People need space sometimes and that space sometimes requires a person to take time for themselves. The goal is to love others as much as you love yourself. You cannot love your partner fully if you do not love yourself fully. It can be a tricky balancing act, sometimes a frustrating one, but it is also an important one to have at the forefront of your relationship.

You control what you do. You can choose to be happy. Like… very very hard. But if you are lucky enough to find a person you really like enough to wanna try and make it work with them, then there are a whole bunch of things you can do to make sure you are doing everything in your power to give this relationship the best chance of going the distance.

Also, there are a whole bunch of things you might consider not doing too: Strong relationships are about being whole within yourself, both of you, so you can fully appreciate one another, not depend upon one another and fall apart if the other is mad at you. Love is NOT co-dependance. Be Willing to Learn One of the beautiful things about a relationship is that you get to learn all about the other person, and pick up new habits, passions, and desires.

how to build a good foundation for relationship

As an amazing plus to all that, you take an active interest in that person. Taking an interest in the other person in a relationship should NOT be a one-way street. You both should be curious about the other. Love Yourself It is a total cliche.

But it is a total cliche because it is an irrefutable truth.

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Build a foundation of appreciation and respect. Focus on all the considerate things your partner says and does.

Happy couples make a point of noticing even small opportunities to say "thank you" to their partner, rather than focusing on mistakes their partner has made.

Explore each other's interests so that you have a long list of things to enjoy together.

Six Ways to Build a Solid Foundation in Your Relationship

Try new things together to expand mutual interests. Establish a pattern of apologizing if you make a mistake or hurt your partner's feelings. Saying "I'm sorry" may be hard in the moment, but it goes a long way towards healing a rift in a relationship. Your partner will trust you more if he or she knows that you will take responsibility for your words and actions. As the Months Go By: Changes in life outside your relationship will impact what you want and need from the relationship.

Since change is inevitable, welcoming it as an opportunity to enhance the relationship is more fruitful than trying to keep it from happening. Occasionally set aside time to check in with each other on changing expectations and goals. If a couple ignores difficult topics for too long, their relationship is likely to drift into rocky waters without their noticing. What to Do When Conflict Arises Disagreements in a relationship are not only normal but, if constructively resolved, actually strengthen the relationship.

It is inevitable that there will be times of sadness, tension, or outright anger between you and your partner.

Resolving conflicts requires honesty, a willingness to consider your partner's perspective even if you don't fully understand it, and lots of communication.

Healthy communication is critical, especially when there are important decisions regarding sex, career, marriage, and family to be made.

The following are some guidelines for successful communication and conflict resolution. Understand Each Others' Family Patterns. Find out how conflicts were managed or not managed in your partner's family, and talk about how conflict was approached or avoided in your own family.

It is not unusual for couples to discover that their families had different ways of expressing anger and resolving differences.

how to build a good foundation for relationship

If your family wasn't good at communicating or resolving conflict constructively, give yourself permission to try out some new ways of handling conflict. Contrary to previous notions, the best time to resolve a conflict may not be immediately.

It is not unusual for one or both partners to need some time to cool off. This "time-out' period can help you avoid saying or doing hurtful things in the heat of the moment, and can help partners more clearly identify what changes are most important.

Remember - if you are angry with your partner but don't know what you want yet, it will be nearly impossible for your partner to figure it out! Establish an Atmosphere of Emotional Support.

5 Ways To Create the Foundation of a Long Term Relationship

Emotional support involves accepting your partner's differences and not insisting that he or she meet your needs only in the precise way that you want them met. Find out how your partner shows his or her love for you, and don't set absolute criteria that require your partner to always behave differently before you're satisfied. Agree to Disagree and Move On.

Most couples will encounter some issues upon which they will never completely agree. Rather than continuing a cycle of repeated fights, agree to disagree and negotiate a compromise or find a way to work around the issue. Distinguish between things you want versus things you need from your partner.

For example, for safety reasons, you might need your partner to remember to pick you up on time after dark. But calling you several times a day may really only be a "want.