Swtor sith warrior chapter 1 ending a relationship

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swtor sith warrior chapter 1 ending a relationship

Contents[show] Prologue Korriban The Sith Warrior's story starts on Korriban. The warrior must Chapter 1 (The Padawan's Fall). Balmorra. To begin the task of. But SWTOR was rated T by the ESRB, and it's Star Wars, so it can't be all that The Sith Warrior class is granted a young female twi'lek slave named Vette . the Republic was forced to officially abandon it at the end of the galactic conflict. . In the prologue and chapter 1 for the smuggler's story, our hero is. Conquest of the Empire Part 1: From Wrath, to Emperor, to Fury. By: General Malek (Emperor's Wrath) – Sith Warrior. Human male. In relationship with Vette. Arianna (Darth Nox) But now, now that nightmare had ended and the dawn had come. "Your room. That's it for the first chapter. I am rewriting.

The smuggler gets schematic back from House Baliss, the hyperdrive from House Thul's spaceport and duel's a member of House Baliss to end their romp. Hunter - This story gives much of the intro to the planet storyline. We learn that the King died 3 years ago and the 3 largest houses are fighting over the crown. Ulgo has claimed it, Organa is backed by the Republic and Thul by the Empire.

I think this is after the Smuggler story as the head the Smuggler delivered is already on display when the Hunter arrives at House Alde. Duke Corwn, the target of the Hunter, and Organa are negotiating an alliance and the Hunter claims the bounty and can even take a "side" contract from House Rist on House Girard if they wish.

Trooper - Ruling families continue to have a civil war and here we find out that House Rist has allied with House Ulgo. Imp assassins have found their way to House Organa. House Organa has captured Markus Thul and we continue learning their tied to the Empire. Agent - Nobles are in full scale war now. A noble Baroness Cortess with help from House Ayl and House Organa it appears is financing the terror network that destroyed the Dominator on Dromund Kaas and helped the resistance on Balmorra.

Vector Hyllis tries to ally the Killiks with the Empire at this point. Warrior - Civil war is still happening. Duke Kendoh Thul helps find Jaesa Wilsaam. She is the handmaiden of Geselle Organa. Knight - Nobles are still fighting. Republic has made a Death Mark weapon project to help with this fight, but it has been compromised. The Empire is attacking House Organa openly now.

Count Alde is killed after fleeing to House Organa. Empire has the Killiks as allies Agent story. Jedi proceeds to kill the Killik leader and also kills a Sith Lord using the Death Mark ending this dangerous project. Duke Thul advocates for peace. Inquisitor - Nobles are still warring. Elana Thul is allied with the Empire and helps find the artifact the Inquisitor needs. Rihanna Rist, head of House Rist, loves Nomar Organa and is forced to help with the search for the artifact.

Organa sends Jedi to attack House Thul. They are beaten back and Organa wants a truce or you can not help Elana Thul and she gets killed leaving the Empire in a vulnerable position. Consular - Usurper Ulgo is still in power. House Teral allows the Consular to be their representative to the peace talks after Ulgo had devastated their House in the war.

This helps stop the Organa fight with Ulgo along with the Warrior. The Consular goes to the peace talks and can decide whether to advise on working for peace or stripping Ulgo of their lands. The planet storyline ends. There is time off then start Act 2.

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The Trooper travels to Tatooine for a rescue op then back to Coruscant. Agent - Travels to Hutta to stop the Eagle. During all these events, the Agent travels to four worlds including Hutta and NS where they were headed anyway killing most of Kaliyo's ex-partners. Smuggler - Travels to Tatooine to save friends of Risha.

Additionally, the Smuggler makes a trip to Tatooine to save a friend of Corso. Hunter - Travels to Nar Shadaa to avenge an ex Great Hunt winner and kills some of the men that murdered Mako's friend Braden in the prologue.

swtor sith warrior chapter 1 ending a relationship

No time is taken off as Mandalore summons the Hunter to his Ship west of Hoth. Then back to Mandalore's ship. Knight - Travels to the Uphrades planet just north of Alderaan to save the world from a bombing.

Afterwards heads to Darth Angril's ship as he is attacking Tython. The darth is dealt with and the Jedi takes some time off. The Knight reports back to Tython.

The Inquisitor has to recover and then heads to Taris. This is where the Rift Alliance is saved. This is the end of Act 1. All major plotlines completed. The Republic starts to liberate Balmorra and the Empire starts to decimate Taris. It is noted that the Smuggler and Bounty Hunter took very little time off and this explains why they arrive early.

I would advise alternating as before.

Ch 1 Part 7, Finale, The Grey Sith Warrior [Lawful Neutral] SWTOR

Trooper - The galaxy is on the brink of war. Sobrik is occupied by the Imps and General Rakton is in charge. The Republic and Resistance are working to change that.

The Trooper finds prototype weapons and can keep them or deliver them to the Republic. Balmorra is not won yet. Agent - The Agent becomes a double agent working for the Republic and heads here. The Sith have bombed Taris now. The Republic wants to rebuild, but a corrupt Jedi is creating havoc. Lokin has found Godera's Lab and the corrupt Jedi wants the Rakghouls to be her army. The Agent obtains the Ultrawave transmitter and recruits Dr.

Taris not won yet. Smuggler - The war has started. Empire is in control of Balmorra and the Smuggler needs to find prototype weapons for the Republic.

swtor sith warrior chapter 1 ending a relationship

The Imps are worried now and the Voidwolf kills some of the Imp leaders due to their losses. Hunter - The war has started, but the Empire has not totally wiped out Taris yet. He runs to an area near the main Republic base and is ultimately killed by the Hunter or his son Torian. Knight - Republic is trying to drive the Empire off Balmorra now. The Collocoids are attacking the Empire in Sobrik as well. The Jedi finds the cloaking device prototype for the fight with the Emperor and breaks the Empires hold on the planet.

Ashara Zavros tuns out to be the Padawan that can bring the ghost out. She does this and the Inquisitor cleanses Taris of the Jedi Sanctuary. Zenith of the Resistance helps sabotage the Empire and together they free people from the Okara Droid Factory. Balmorra is fully liberated along with the Jedi Knight.

Warrior - Darth Baras wants war and intends to kill Republic Generals. The 4 Republic generals here are working on the Siantide cell project to help give the Republic a larger power source. Warrior - Travels to Admiral Monk's flagship by Quesh.

He kills the aggravated Imp general and goes on to Quesh after the Admiral who had fled. Quesh - Various side plots are completed here. The order should change only slightly due to the 3 offworld actions above.

The Empire should not kill Droga the Hutt to be canon. The Agent and Knight being last on Quesh makes sense due to the espionage involved and the saving of the planet.

The order is easily seen by the placement of the final instances in the Starship Graveyard. Smuggler falls back due to lots of travel and being knocked out at one point. Warrior and Knight move up due to quick stories. Warrior - The warrior's last target is Jedi Knight Xerender who is after a lost superweapon. There is a massive Pub presence here as compared to Imps.

Part of the story is in uncharted areas showing the Warrior is here early. The local Talz and their leader, Fetzellan, are helping the Jedi and the Warrior meets Broonmark who is avenging his clan. He sides with the White Maw Pirates. The last target is a White Maw rival captain Kita Kren. The Republic army is on the brink of mutiny and won't send for more help at this time.

Captain Vallen is fighting them with the Pirates and appears unkillable. He has "healing armor" and has a thermal bore device that can destroy the main bases of the Republic.

Vallon is later stopped and cannot take leadership of the White Maw or raise the Star of Coruscant Dreadnaught. Trooper - A 3 way battle has started on Hoth.

The Empire has gained the Crescent Canyon facility defeating the Ortolans. The Inquisitor finds the Star Runner in the Dreadnaught and binds the last ghost. He is not sanctioned by the Empire and is working with the White Maw. Knight - The Empire has started a full invasion of the planet, republic main base and forward outpost. The Knight needs to find schemaics of the Emporer's fortress in a crashed ship in the Starship Graveyard.

Rusk joins and destroys the Imperial Platforms near Aurek base. They kill Zeshatt, the White Maw leader and find the plans. Smuggler - The White Maw have been ruling here and are using a cloaking device to gain an advantage. A Republic leader, Major Pavan, is killed by an Imp strike on Aurek Base as the war is full scale This has to coincide with the Knight above as there is full war near the Pub base. There is infighting in the White Maw at this point Earlier Knight has taken out the leader and Agent took out other leaders if finishing the Empire story.

Guus Tano, reveals Rogun the Butcher has been supporting him and one faction of White Maw, but he defects and helps the Smuggler. Another faction is being supported by the Voidwolf of the Empire. Both faction leaders are eventually killed, the cloaking device is found and the Smuggler has the decision to take control of the Pirates or leave Alinna, a Twilek slave, in charge.

The planet appears to be at somewhat of a standstill. Offworld Actions - All classes Note: This is the end of Act 2. The war has started as given in many spoilers below. New story order on Belsavis is easily explained as well. Heads to Tython and finds out the Galaxy is at war again. Heads to Hoth to find the whereabouts of the Esh-ka. In between goes to Alderaan spaceport for Qyzen to help Lek. Then travels to Dromund Kaas to fight Thanaton, but almost blows both up due to too much power.

Finds leads to a cure in Thanaton's library. Also checks on apprentices on Korriban. Smuggler - Travels to Port Nowhere, then to Nar Shadaa to rescue a slicer and heist an imperial ship near there.

Voidwolf explains the Empire declared War. Back to PN and also to Balmorra to help Corso with a job. The Emperor enslaves the Knight for possibly weeks.

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Also heads to Dromund Kaas for Mako looking for her sister. Can take time off and may as very little done between acts. Warrior - Heads to Nar Shadaa to help Vette free her sister. Travels to Outpost past Quesh for a rescue and then to Coruscant for new mission details. Agent - Goes to Quesh to finish the Jedi infiltration. The Shadow Arsenal is destroyed by Hunter. Heads to Dromund Kaas for a debriefing and time off is given for recovery from brainwashing. While on Hoth space station with the intention of leaving, Wrath encountered Baras' apprentice, Lord Draagh.

Wrath and Draagh fought a fierce battle, but eventually Wrath was able to push Draagh to the bottom of the catwalk in which they were fighting.

The whole place was on fire and Draagh was burned alive. Now it was all the more important to stop Baras fast.

The Hand knew that Baras will be taken down on Corellia, but before that Wrath had important mission to take care of in the mysterious planet of Voss.

According to the Hand the real Voice of the Emperor had traveled to Voss and had gone missing there. It was up to Wrath fo find him and make sure Baras doesn't get the chance to eliminate him, as Baras too had laid his eyes on Voss.

Wrath met the Mystic and he said that in order to find him, Wrath needs to find an amulet that belonged to the Mystic. Part of it was left in the Shrine of Healing while another part was with some Voss commandos in the Gormak Lands.

Wrath journeyd there and found the Voice. At that point the Voice was a Voss too, but as it was, he spoke with the Emperor's voice. Then he said that this Voice must be destroyed, and that only Wrath can do it. The Dark Heart took control of the form and the Wrath fought fiercely and destroyed the Voice.

Before the Emperor left from the body, he was extremely pleased that his Wrath had performed admirably. Wrath took this warning seriously. The Hand then urged Wrath to travel to Corellia to strike the final blows against Baras. To get through, Wrath first needed proper codes. Malavai learned of an Imperial dreadnaught near Voss that had the needed codes.

Wrath and Malavai traveled to the ship. The reason Malavai did this was because his only real master was Darth Baras. Malavai brought in droids to destroy Wrath. Unfortunately for him, Wrath defeated the droids easily, and Malavai realized his mistake. Malavai accepted the offer and they resumed course to Corellia. Corellia Baras' main goal on Corellia was to kill Darth Vowrawn. The Hand had learned that Baras had sent three assassins to kill him along with one exceptional, who was not yet in the system.

Wrath had to eliminate these assassins to ensure Vowrawn's survival. Wrath had to get to Vowrawn even if he has to kill all of his guards. He ordered his guards to kill the Wrath. Vowrawn then apologized Wrath for misunderstanding. Wrath suggested that Vowrawn evacuate himself to Wrath's ship and assured that his crew will keep him safe. Vowrawn accepted and informed Wrath what he should do to cripple Baras here.

Baras had spies inside the enemy. After dispatching them Wrath's ship was attacked by the exceptional assassin. Wrath's crew wasn't able to defeat him, but at least they managed to get Vowrawn out unharmed.

Wrath went to meet with Vowrawn. He then revealed the most critical instrument to Baras' plans: Baras had been using it for years for his plans, and if he should lose it, he would be finished. Vowrawn knew a ritual to free it. Together they traveled to Baras' base and found The Entity. But they were being followed by the last assassin, who, to Wrath's surprise, was revived and cybernetically enhanced Lord Draagh. Draagh not only wanted to kill Vowrawn but also get revenge on Wrath.

Wrath and Draagh fought once again, and although Draagh had become more powerful, he was no match to The Emperor's Wrath. Wrath killed him and Vowrawn released The Entity. With Baras' plans on Corellia thrown into disarray, the only thing that was left was to deal with Baras in person.

Vowrawn figured that he will attempt to hold on to his false claim as the Voice of the Emperor in front of the Dark Council. This gave Wrath an excellent opportunity to prove his claims to be false and destroy him.

As Vowrawn expected, Baras still hold on to his false claim. Wrath then claimed that he is The Emperor's Wrath. Baras laughed at that claim, but Marr decided that Wrath and Baras duel, and the victor will officially receive his claim as true. The best stuff comes after Chapter One. The downside is that those first 30 levels? They can be nightmare of tedious repetition. The same tasks over and over with only slight changes.

Chapter One at least has the mystery element to it, but you can only really appreciate the mystery once you reach the end and can see all the threads connecting things. But if you can do that, then you are in for an amazing story about galactic diplomacy, building alliances, and commanding your own personal army to do battle against an enemy that could literally be anyone.

By the end of Chapter Three, your Consular has done more to preserve the Republic than any other class. Especially with the 12x XP thing going on, now is really the time to see where the Consular shines cause you can get through the boring crap in a day now.

Probably one of my own personal favorite stories. I just like the flavor. So why is it only at number 5? Well, probably because it is a straight-shot, middle of the road, nothing terrible but nothing blow your mind away amazing story. Sith Warrior The Sith Warrior is another example of a very solid narrative that has no real hitches in it that I can look back at and wail about and it would be just another solid middle-of-the-road choice like the Bounty Hunter other than a few shining highlights.

Namely, the Corrupting a Jedi Padawan into becoming your apprentice storyline, the sheer amount of information you learn about the Emperor and how he works, and what is probably the best written villain in the entire game. The villain essentially does everything that the bad guy from the Inquisitor story wants to do, but without constantly having to make your character look incompetent to make the villain look more menacing. I described the Sith Warrior in my review as the quintessential Sith experience, and I stand by that statement.

If you ever wanted a taste of being Darth Vader would be like, then look no further. Smuggler If there were three words to describe the Smuggler story it would be: The story is full of laughs as you roam across the galaxy dealing with the back alley scum that no other class gets nearly as much access to. Pirates, shady deals, backstabs, all mixed with a hefty dose of charm and chuckles, this is THE story for a good time. The best part is that it actually does a great job at telling a pretty grand story that ends up turning into something much larger by the end.

swtor sith warrior chapter 1 ending a relationship

If there was something I could say that was shining about the Smuggler that puts it so high on the list it would be that the story just snowballs itself down a mountain.

It starts small and simple and then builds in both size and momentum, but instead of just becoming a bigger narrative in terms of scale it actually builds on what has come before.