Love of siam sad ending relationship

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love of siam sad ending relationship

From the movie Love of Siam, I can see how things have changed. Many may say that the ending of the film was quite painful and depressing to watch, than their love story, the relationship of Mew and Tong is the center, and purpose, Once Flaubert wrote that '"To deny the existence of sad feelings just because they. The ending of Love of Siam is probably the issue that most easily splits opinion. I can't accept that it is sad. it made me feel better about love and life. to find acceptance and understanding of Tong and Mew's relationship. Just when I thought that I had seen enough of sad, bad, frustrating Quite ironically, the first time I saw the ending of "The Love of Siam" I the next day, confronted Mew, asking him to end the relationship he had with Tong.

love of siam sad ending relationship

Or maybe it was the kiss: What an accomplishment for two actors who claim in interviews to be both straight and less than enamored with each other. The second half of the film feels like it was shot by a different DP I checked, it mysteriously was notit feels like the production values went from o'clock news to Hollywood Blockbuster.

Suddenly the supporting actors snap into line, even Ying's straight-girl-crush-on-a-gay-boy routine gets more charming. I wish someone would turn my shoes upside down. The tension builds as mom cages the boys' fledgling romance. Ah, how classic is this trope in Western Gay Cinema: The cast shines its brightest here, especially the two boys, whose teenage angst on screen plays with a smoldering, riveting sincerity.

The moment comes when Mom and Tong are decorating the Christmas tree. Tong presses her for whether to hang a male or a female ornament. Ooooh, how the shivers ran down my writing-workshop weary spine: Show, don't tell is the maxim of every screen writing professor, and here is an incredibly clever, subtle way to handle the confrontation without any of the clumsy on-the-nose dialog that nearly every other gay film uses in the same predictable situation.

love of siam sad ending relationship

She tells Tong to make the decision for himself. He hangs the male. I bestow ye, Charming Metaphor of the Year. I am completely swept up in the moment, and suddenly: The light on the street is also very dim compares to the bright dinner table.

The love that Tong has from his family is a thing that Mew can never have and feel before. Compares to Mew, Mew is much easier and he knew himself better than Tong. I think Mew already knew his feeling on Tong when Tong moved away when they were young. The funny director said this dialogue sounds like nothing important, but it is the turning point of the movie that we turn our focus on whether Tong is a homosexual or not!!!!

Someone said that Mew tempted Tong to be a homosexual. In my opinion, I dun agree with this because Tong already lost his interest on Donut before he met Mew.

love of siam sad ending relationship

On the other hand, when he met Mew again he found out his feeling on Mew, but he was not sure and he cannot face his family and peer pressure. Compare to Mew, Mew is better because the members of August band already knew it. I think at this moment Tong already confirm he is loving Mew but not Donut. Therefore he hugged Ying to prove that he is not homosexual, at the same time, he also wanted to test himself whether he is homosexual or not.

This is another turning point, since then Tong ensure his sexual orientation and he also used this chance to walk out of the wardrobe and confessed himself in front of his friends.

love of siam sad ending relationship

Later when Tong and his mum were decorating the Christmas tree, his expression and words to his mum shows that he is very mature. What did June told Korn in hospital? After that Tong came back from the Siam Square and hugged his mum. The camera shows that Korn was totally relaxed and lying quietly on his bed.

Have you ever noticed that before that Korn always curled himself up when he was sleeping? This has shown that Korn is completely relaxed. Did June tell Korn the truth? Did she tell Korn about the little attraction between Mew and Tong? What has Korn known? I think nobody will know and everyone has different opinions, but one thing we sure is that Korn has accepted the truth that Tang is no longer existed. Besides, Korn begins to treasure the one stay with him all the time, understanding them by making allowance for them and showing his love back to the family.

And… that losing someone is part of life? Is it possible that we love someone and we are not afraid of losing them? At the same time, I was wondering… is it possible… that we can live without loving anyone at all?

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The reason we feel pain about separating is also because of love and we feel lonely is also because of love. This is the tail of a coin. This is the head of a coin. Life always gives us opportunities to start over after the lesson of the mistakes.

I hope you take the opportunities you still have to take good care of one another. I think everyone should know the answer. Yes, at the end Mew and Tong will be together, but it may not be lover form.

You will found out that these songs form a hidden line of the movie which shows the changes of emotions and feelings of the characters. They are waiting for bus at the bus stop, Ying asks Tong to give the nose to Mew as a Christmas present. Tong asks Ying if Mew is going to run away like last time. I think it refers to the other scene that Mew turned to the corner when he saw Tong on the street.

love of siam sad ending relationship

And then Tong asks Ying why she helped him so much. I always took pity on Donut because she was dumped on Christmas. I also confused at first. At that time Tong asked Mew to play him the song, Mew play very well.


How come suddenly he cannot play? At that time, Mew also could not play the song because his grandma was dying. If you combine these two scenes together, you can get the answer. This scene is one of the pure, yet heart-breaking moment: Is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?

I know just how bad loneliness feels. I fear it will continue to get worse. He wrote it while thinking about Tong, of course. When Mew sang his love song for he first time at a party, was a perfect scene for me.

Sang a love song for the first time. If I said that this song is made for you, would you believe it? But for you, my dear, do you know? I wrote it easily.

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For you to understand the meaning of it, our hearts will then have a connection. Let it be a song on our pathways that consist only voices of you and me. Together as long as possible. Means whenever your love shines through the heart, I have a goal.

There is a lot of facts found in love, and in the past I used the time for the sake of finding the meaning. Saya sampai kehabisan kata2 untuk menceritakan betapa indahnya film ini.