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jade empire open palm ending relationship

JADE EMPIRE: ROMANCE SUB-PLOTS by masmith As some have the acquisition of Silk Fox, maintain an Open Palm approach to your dialogue. But, most importantly, by doing this, neither relationship is ended. For Jade Empire on the Xbox, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Relationship Silk fox – Male & Female – Closed Fist & Open Palm . you feel to advance the romance, any harsh answer here will end the relationship. This was established as the dark side of Open Palm right at the beginning of the . The evil ending instead shows the Jade Empire being brought under your who kinda resembles Bruce Lee, and to underscore that connection, you get a.

Players can either try to make her feel better, or encourage her to be more assertive, depending on whether they wish to see Dawn Star follow the Way of the Open Palm or the Way of the Closed Fist — the latter requires persuasion to make it work, with failure ending the romance. The romance can continue either way, but will end if players are not interested in her concerns at all.

After Silk Fox joins the party, another conversation is possible. Dawn Star and Silk Fox do not seem to like each other, and the player can suggest that one sees the other as a rival for the player's attention.

Dawn Star is reluctant to make any definite statement of her feelings — the player can let her think about the matter Open Palmor can try to persuade her to be more aggressive in seeking what she wants Closed Fist. The romance will end if players try to persuade her but fail the skill check, or if players express irritation at her raising the matter at all.

When players have completed the steps necessary to infiltrate the Lotus Assassin Fortressanother conversation with Dawn Star can occur. She will express concern about the what the player may have to do in order to pass as a Lotus Assassinbut her outlook will be different depending on whether the player has successfully converted her to the Way of the Closed Fist or not. The romance will end if players choose options which contradict the philosophy she has adopted at this point.

From this point, the romance plots of both Dawn Star and Silk Fox follow the same basic route. Silk Fox Edit Silk Fox is a possible romance option for both male and female characters. She is first encountered at the start of Chapter Twobut is not initially an ally — she only joins the party in Chapter Three. When players arrive in the Imperial City and are met by Silk Fox, they are presented with a gift an essence gem called Imperial Favor.

Later, when Silk Fox has joined the party, the player can talk to her about this gift. If players are dismissive of it, she will decide that "it would be best if we restricted this relationship to business", and the romance plot will not advance. If players are more appreciative, or simply ask questions, the romance can advance. The next romance conversation can occur once players have progressed further through the chapter.

Silk Fox warns the player against becoming too close to the Lotus Assassinspointing to the power Death's Hand now has over her father. This eventually leads to an opportunity for the player to ask about Silk Fox herself.

In order to move forward through the romance plot, players need to take an interest in what she says, and to avoid offending her by selecting the wrong option. The romance will end if players tell her that her father is weak, that she is uninteresting, that she is too harsh to be appealing, that she will be useful, or that the player is not looking for anything more than simple friendship.

If players are able to navigate through the conversation without selecting any of these options, Silk Fox will express a wish to talk with the player again at some point. The third important conversation that players can have with Silk Fox is available once players have obtained what they need to enter the Lotus Assassin Fortress.

Players are able to ask Silk Fox about various aspects of her life, including her activities as Silk Fox, her time at court, and her childhood. While talking about the latter, players can ask about her first love — her response will depend on what has been said previously.

Even if she agrees to answer, she first requires players to answer a question themselves, asking them whether they are romantically involved with anyone. The answer does not actually matter — whatever the player says, Silk Fox will compare it with her own experiences, saying that due to her position, she is not free to act on her wishes. In order to continue the romance, players have two options — they can ask whether she wants them to withdraw and then pass a Charm check when she replies, or they take one of two different approaches to convince her that tradition need not restrain her.

One approach is to point out that in her position, she will be able to ensure respect for tradition without restraining people, and to pledge to always be there to support her in the endeavor. The other approach is to deny the importance of tradition and attempt to convert her to the Way of the Closed Fistwhich requires passing a skill check. The romance will end if players fail any of the skill checks, or if they tell Silk Fox that they are only interested in her as a tool, as part of a game, as a friend.

From this point, the romance plots of both Silk Fox and Dawn Star follow the same basic route. Resolution Edit Assuming that the conditions for at least one romance have been met, there will be a conversation when players approach the Lotus Assassin Fortress in the Necropolis. The conversation begins automatically — if the relevant characters are not already accompanying the player at the time, they will appear.

The conversation can take two forms, depending on how many romance plots the player has been pursuing. If players have only been pursuing one of the two, the chosen character will approach to express concern about the player's safety during the upcoming venture.

Unless the player dismisses her before she has said this, the romance will continue. If the player has met the conditions for both of the romances, Silk Fox and Dawn Star will confront the player at the same time. The player can choose between them, or can keep both romances alive for the time being by refusing to make the decision which requires passing two skill checks, one for Intuition and one for Charm.

Alternatively, the player can say that the discussion is a waste of time, which causes both romances to end. In the case of the former, it is possible for players to end the romance by selecting the wrong option telling her that they don't have time for her, or if they have converted Dawn Star to the Way of the Closed Fist, telling her that they dislike the change.

The conversation with Silk Fox is shorter, and does not contain any options which would derail the romance plot. In Chapter Fouras players are approaching the throne room of the Imperial Palacethere will be another conversation. If players have committed to either Dawn Star or Silk Fox, that romance will continue just so long as they are not dismissive of her. If players have not yet decided between Dawn Star and Silk Fox, they are given another opportunity to do so, although they are also able to postpone the issue.

The first Lotus Assassin the player encounters has the ability to summon ghosts. While the ghost theme is eventually revealed as a major part of the plot and setting, and some people have the power to control spirits, the idea that it's possible for the living to summon them was never explained or followed up on. Kang the Mad, with a touch of the Mad Scientist thrown in.

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Even after being unmasked, he's reasonably polite to you. All Myths Are True: At least with regard to Chinese traditions. Averted with regard to ghosts, demons, and ogres.

Some ghosts, mostly those of evil bent, are malign, and some have been driven insane by the screwed-up state of the afterlife, but others are benevolent and genuinely trying to make up for past mistakes.

Demons are almost as likely to be benign as malign, and your party contains both. And while the player fights a tribe of savage ogres early in the game, the very next area features an ogre farmhand drinking sadly because he accidentally killed a beloved ox during a game they played together.

And Call Him "George"! An ogre named Zhong in the Tien's Landing teahouse did one of these with an ox. Specifically, he used to play a game with the ox where he threw her up in the air and caught her she apparently liked it a lot.

But one time he missed, and she landed on her head. He's quite upset about it. An Economy Is You: Subverted with Merchant Chiu, who tries to sell you all kinds of crap you don't need. Although there is a supernatural being dedicated to making sure the the things you need are available.

He ends up just selling them to you directly to save time. Aishi is Type I. Closed Fist practitioners in general. Gao the Lesser is probably the best example. Pretty much every Lotus Assassin in the game.

The Player Character can be this way too, even when playing as Open Palm. The second-most-important organizational principle of the Lotus Assassins is that the powerful lead, and murdering each other is a perfectly acceptable path of advancement.

Loyalty to Death's Hand and the emperor, however, is even more important than this. Given her talk of her visions, it's possible she's mentally ill. Black Whirlwind also qualifies. While he isn't a constant threat to the player character, talking to him about his past adventures reveals just how crazy he actually is.

Exploits include resolving a dispute over who got possession of a woman by chopping her in half so each party could claim her, and solving a rat infestation by getting all the rats drunk. Bonus points to the second one because it ultimately resulted in the building the rats were infesting burning down.

The Bad Guy Wins: One outcome, if the player chooses. Barred from the Afterlife: This is happening to everybody as a result of the Water Dragon being bound. When the game starts, twenty years worth of restless spirits have piled up, and the Empire's really starting to feel the effects.

Sun Hai can't be hit with whatever type of style Unarmed, Weapon, Support, and Magic he's currently using. Turtle eggs were said to be an insulting gift in the game. Black and White Morality: In theory the two philosophies are meant to be a case of Harmony Versus Disciplinebut the developers don't really do a good job showing that Closed Fist is not bad and Open Palm isn't always good.

It's quite telling that two of the Closed Fist options literally involve siding with demons. The defining characteristic of the Lotus Assassins is that they are honed into fanatically-loyal servants of Death's Hand.

While their organization's ruthless internal politics and respect for strength and power might suggest a Closed Fist mentality, several documents in their fortress make it clear that they actually adhere to no moral philosophy whatsoever.

The White Demon style, which you can take at the start, is this. No flashy moves or complex combos whatsoever, not very fast or with great range, just simple kicks and backhand strikes, but it will kill things stone dead. Similarly, Iron Palm, which is more or less White Demon but slightly faster. Same for Toad Demon style, the first shapeshifting form you learn without the Special Edition Stone Rhino form ; you simply become a monstrous toad armed with claws, tongue and your own considerable mass; now go to town.

Also Jade Golem style. If you thought turning into an 8 foot tall toad with claws was this trope, it doesn't get much more practical than turning into a 2 storey tall living statue with axes the size of motorbikes. If you make it to the Gold Division of the Arena, you'll have to fight most previously-defeated opponents in the same fight.

There is a ten-second pause before the entrance of each one, so beating them quickly enough will keep you from getting overwhelmed. There are barrels and crates that give randomly-generated treasure that give better gear. Additionally, beating all of the Arena without losing once for most Arena fights, you don't die on a loss earns you a Technique minor stat increase. Not surprisingly, this is one of the hardest challenges in the game, barring Save Scumming. Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Henpecked Hou's wife didn't like his drinking, or his fighting, or his friends, or his friends' drinking and fighting.

The oh-so-fun Focus Mode. This is also one of the very few games where an enemy can also use it. After all, he did teach you how to do it. You can't side with Kai Lan the Serpent in the arena. Before you can make a decision, Black Whirlwind bursts in and asks you to come with him so that he can tell you the truth about Kai Lan.

Lucky Cho follows you down there, and you proceed to kill him, and Kai Lan decides there's nothing for it but to have you killed. On two separate occasions, the Lotus Assassins offer to resurrect the loved ones of potential allies. Both of these potential allies Gao the Greater and Sky refuse, as they've heard stories about how this trope is what occurs when the Assassins attempt to do this.

At the end of Chapter 1, after you're informed of Master Li's backstory, you can go up to all of the students at the school and tell them exactly who he really is. None of them believe you because they think it's too outlandish. You get the same reaction from Silk Fox if you attempt to tell her during your second encounter with her, and Sagacious Zu at the end of the first chapter is initially disbelieving.

Based in broad strokes on the celestial bureaucracy of Chinese mythology, but given its own spin. You meet a representative in the form of an accountant who lost his job keeping track of all the death and destruction you cause because he could not keep up with it.

jade empire open palm ending relationship

Apparently the fight with Gao the Lesser alone required over three thousand pages and cost the jobs or maybe even lives of three accountants. He was replaced with a full department, putting you in the same category as Black Whirlwind.

Several characters note upon watching the player character fight that they think they saw a flaw in the player character's fighting style. At the very least, they identify an oddity in the character's personal technique. Fast forward to the defeat of the Emperor, a reunion with Master Li, and the master killing his student in one blow by exploiting the flaw exactly as he'd planned to do all along.

Several characters even comment how the supposed flaw works as a highly cunning trap, in that a skilled opponent will attempt to search for an opening and become distracted from the actual battle. They then usually compliment you or your master. Master Li, who manipulates multiple characters and prophecy itself throughout the story to rise to power. The Water Dragon herself, who uses the previous chessmaster's plots to advance her own agenda of restoring order.

Part of a sidequest, with the twist that the Unlucky Childhood Friend trying to collect on the promise is a gang leader. Depending on whether you're playing the Open Palm or Closed Fist path, this can end quite badly. Completely made up by a linguist to supposedly sound like it was from the region and time period.

This was done to cover up lines that didn't need to be voiced for the story. Instead, the creator noted that most of the lines are references to cows. If you listen closely, however, most of the lines repeat themselves at various points, depending on the speaker's gender, age and tone for example, one voiceover might be applied every time an old man makes a joke, and another might be applied to one where a young woman threatens someone. An early sidequest requires you to heal an injured fellow student so she can take part in a competition against you.

The Open Palm choice is to get her a medicine that actually heals her, but if you prefer the Closed Fist, you can give her an ointment that only removes the pain, resulting in her starting the fight with much less health and ending up crippled for life.

For extra adherence to the Closed Fist ideology one of the few cases when it's actually used correctly you can reveal to her what you did afterwards, and tell her that relying on you made her weak; she should have dealt with her problem on her own.

Averted with the player character. When your health level drops low enough, you start moving notably slower and dragging your feet as an indication of the physical damage you've received. Played straight with non-player characters, though.

Cruelty Is the Only Option: In the Special Edition, obtaining one of the pieces for the new Infinity Plus One Style requires you to do one of the darkest Closed Fist choices in the game—even though there are two Closed Fist choices and one Open Palm choice at that point, the more reasonable and indeed more accurate to the concept of Closed Fist choice gives you a component for the advanced Open Palm style instead. Almost all of the scrolls with background information become relevant at some point in the game, except for one rather disturbing one in Tien's Landing that instead discusses what lies over the ocean to the west.

This includes an endless tornado and something that sounds very much like the effects of nuclear fallout. The presence of golemswhich are from Jewish folklore, in a setting based on Imperial China. However, this is really an example of Translation Convention.

The designs are based on the Terracotta Army, and golem has become a pretty generic term in English for any sort of magically-animated automaton, so an animated Terracotta Warrior could quite accurately be called a clay golem.

Many of your followers get an establishing cutscene when you first meet them showing them very casually demolishing every enemy in their path. Once they actually join your party, however, they are amazingly incompetent, rarely able to take down even a single enemy on their own. A common note among strategy guides is that most companions who have one are better in support mode, where they don't participate but give you some passive benefit, than in attack mode. In higher difficulties, though, they're sometimes used as bait for the player to set up Harmonic Combos.

In a strange twist on this trope, however, when said followers pass under your direct control for brief periods near the end game they become possibly even more deadly than in the cutscenes, causing the mooks they fight during The War Sequence to explode in showers of gore after only being hit once or twice and racking up kill counts in the dozens.

Gao the Lesser, an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guymanages to stun an ogre and kick him into a cave wall, causing him to be crushed under rocks. Gao does use fire for part of the fight, which ogres are vulnerable to, but when you actually fight him, Gao is stronger than a single ogre but otherwise is a fairly easy boss.

Likewise, Master Smiling Hawk, developer of the Hidden Fist technique manages to rapid-kick you through a wall with ease—one of only 5 people to ever canonically land a blow on the player character The others being a ghost girl in Old Tien's Landing, the Fox Spirit, Death's Hand, and Master Li.

However, when fought in-game, he's only slightly stronger than Gao the Lesser was, and you fought him long ago and have no doubt upgraded since then. You'll definitely end up as one of these if you play as female taking the Closed Fist path. Death's Hand, from the armor to the characterization, comes across as one. Subverted with the last escaped spirit for the Necropolis, whose son paid Gravedigger Shen to bury him even though he wasn't dead yet. You can either actually kill the father, or help him and his son reconcile.

And you can be too. I don't know how you can be so humble. Is it some kind of special training? Yes, years of intense meditation are required before you can say something nice. Death of a Thousand Cuts: Invoked with the Thousand Cuts style, which uses multiple light strikes to overwhelm an opponent's defenses.

Even the so-called heavy attacks are really just a sudden rush of many quick jabs. Others are full of Magitek. Imperial China was very advanced in certain areas Ming shipbuilding and medicine come to mindbut the degree of penetration varied from place to place; doubly so when Europeans made contact.

Of pretty much every fantasy Eastern or Western Back Story ever. Sun Li is yet another example of the Old Master stock character seen in martial arts stories, being a father figure to the Spirit Monk. He's is amazingly powerful to the point of sinking a ship with one blow, and is knowledgeable of the goings-on of the setting, particularly in regards to the Emperor Sun Hai, which turns out to be due to a personal connection to them. He had earlier explained that he planned the siege of Dirge, but soon after his betrayal it's revealed it was his idea in the first place, and that he and his other brother Sun Kin tried to kill Sun Hai when Hai took the Water Dragon's heart.

First chapter, Master Li himself has to come out and stop the one assassin who's been standing back and letting his flunkies attack you, saying you would be no match for a Lotus Assassin yet. Chapter 2, you fight a couple of Assassins, but they're at the center of boss fights.

By the end of Chapter 3, though, you've improved to the level where they're just another flavor of Mooks. Judge Fang, although many characters remark that would be an insult to depraved bisexuals everywhere. Both various people from, and books written in the Jade Empire claim that the Empire is the height of human culture, and everyone foreign is idiotic and violent.

Even though you're only given control of characters other than the PC for a minute or two each, each of them has a separate objective and, in one case, a joke, in the quests menu. By the time you fight Sun Li, he's fully capable of backing up his A God Am I sentiments, as shown repeatedly when you fight against his proxies.

Another example is the demon called Mother. Defeating—but not killing—her for the first time required a celestial embodiment of cunning arranging for the burning of a whole forest. But the PC manages to defeat Mother one-on-one albeit with some celestial help in the background, a couple of allies, and a very convenient arena.

Zhong goes to hide in a tea shop after accidentally killing his master's ox, while playing catch with it. That is, he was throwing the ox up and catching her The hero actually has two of these. Two Rivers in the prologue and the Spirit Monks' monastery in the backstory. The Phoenix Unity style involves this. After you defeat the first enemy, six full-powered clones spawn. An actual fighting style once used by Henpecked Hou and utilized by having him in your party so he can keep throwing jugs of wine to you.

If a bit unpredictable, one of the more powerful styles in the game after the Game-Breaker styles. The Black Whirlwind's greatest feats were all achieved while drunk, and when you take control of him in the penultimate battle he uses Hou's bottles as power-ups. Magnificent Bastard during his debate has several good points about the Jade Empire. The best one is where he is amazed that the Jade Empire doesn't use the Dragon powder to make guns.

One of the people that the cannibals are trying to corrupt into another cannibal asks for you to kill him before the transformation takes hold. You can grant his request. The Other you face in the Water Dragon's temple is this, a being from outside the human and spirit worlds.

You never actually meet it, however; to attack you, the Other summons three clones of your character. Jia calls out her subordinates on petty power struggling, which undermines the Assassins' mission.

The Water Dragon is a good example of this. She frequently gives the player character new powers, hints, or advice, but is doing so so that the PC can help her in return.

Notable in that the reasons for her vagueness is partially because she's weakened, but mostly because her plan to help you actually requires your Master to kill you at the climax of his own plot, since if you were told what would happen you'd likely not go through all the steps needed in the first place.

jade empire open palm ending relationship

Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Gao the Greater is grief-stricken over his son's death, and wants to kill you in revenge. Averted with Sun Li and his daughter Dawn Star. If pressured he thinks about it hard, then decides that in the end the only reason he cared that she died was because his brother dared take something of his away from him, and her survival ultimately means nothing to him emotionally.

As depraved as Judge Fang is, he knows that the Lotus Assassins are worse and attempts to bring them down. Black Whirlwind also objects to mistreating children, particularly sending them into danger to pay back a debt. It's debatable as to whether Black Whirlwind is truly evil or just a Sociopathic Hero. While he admits to having done many bad things in his life, one gets the feeling they occurred due to ruthless pragmatism seasoned by a dash of Dumbass Has A Point. As opposed to the idealized "self-reliance" credo of Closed Fist, many of the in-game Closed Fist options are little more than doing jerkish things for no rational reason.

Although he might give you a discount if you inform him that Kia Min is alive, if she's dead and you tell him he won't even flinch. Sun Hai wants to keep the throne no matter what, while Sun Li thinks he could do a better job. The Judge is a nasty piece of work who rapes and abuses prostitutes, but he's also a dogged opponent of the Lotus Assassins and, if he gets that report, could get in the way of their illegal operations with slavers and the Guild. Depending on your progress in the game, the title screen will show which town you are at the moment.

Forest Shadow and her servants are fox spirits huli jing in China. The Jade Empire is well drawn and, aside from the deliberate fantasy setting, sticks fairly closely to Chinese culture and folklore, with the Land of Howling Spirits as a fantasy counterpart of Tibet. There are dashes of Japan thrown in; Silk Fox is essentially a ninja, and Death's Hand has a samurai style from his armour to the way he wields one large and one small sword.

There's a few bits of Thai and Laotian architecture as well. The Empire really does not have things together. Once the PC ends up on their radar, they announce a search for the "Scourge of the South" in the Imperial City with laughably incorrect and contradictory descriptions, and the PC can even talk to the crier who's making the announcement. The Imperial Army is forbidden from actually doing its job and guarding the city, while the Lotus Assassins are too busy with the Emperor's golem army project to even try to maintain order.

The only way the government gets anything done is when they subcontract their job to criminal gangs. The Lotus Assassins are initially portrayed as superhumanly-competent, but they're actually worse than the usual Imperial inefficiency. Their information sources are so laughable that the PC can get recruited as an acolyte despite being their 1 enemy, and once inside, they're shown to be so riddled with Chronic Backstabbing Disorder that it seems impossible that they can even keep their numbers up.

The lives of acolytes and even full Lotus Assassins are of so little value that you can freely kill whoever you want without consequences, and even if masters die, you won't catch any heat for it: Their boss will just promote you over their dead bodies. In this light, it's almost a joke how Grand Inquisitor Jia claims that "our strength lies in preparation.

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While the amount of havoc you can wreak in their fortress without getting caught, or at least punished is laughably impressive, it's also the way they have operated for the last 20 years successfully. Recruiting their 1 enemy seems like a stupid move until you realize that the Lotus Assassins have no reasonable way to know you're the Scourge of the South until after you screw them over in their fortress.

Silk Fox herself even lampshades this point. How would I join the Lotus Assassins? Have any Lotus Assassins who've seen your face lived to talk about it? Deliciously parodied in a segment late in the game in which The Black Whirlwind is put up against a Jade Golem and an endless wave of soldiers. The player could theoretically kill them all day, while the game parodies Quake with an announcer narrating the kills.

After you kill one hundred mooks, the narrator breaks the fourth wall and yells "Just kill the damn golem already! There is a lot of foreshadowing to notice on repeat playthroughs, main quest and otherwise. The Water Dragon has been obliquely telling you what is happening and what will happen almost from the beginning, and Master Li's story at the start and the accompanying rendered cinematic are full of clues that are obvious in hindsight.