Gaist crusher ending relationship

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gaist crusher ending relationship

The idea behind Gaist Crusher was certainly sound. A move like this could harm their relationship with retailers, a move a company fall in Japan, and who knows, maybe Capcom will end up catching lightning in a bottle. O Height: cm Weight: 48 Gaist Crusher: Shiori Yamato. Relationship: Kise Tsubame(her mistress) Hinata Tsubame(her mistress). Ready to Ride is the 1st endingtheme for the Gaist Crusher anime. It was performed by CLUTCHO. Music · Ending Theme. Add category. Cancel Save.

It turns out Capcom is working on an expansion called Gaist Crusher God.

Ready to Ride

This raises one simple question: It makes zero sense from a business perspective, regardless of how much cheaper it is to make compared to a completely new product. Expansions tend to sell less than the original versions, outside of a few exceptions.

gaist crusher ending relationship

Gaist Crusher God will release this fall in Japan, and who knows, maybe Capcom will end up catching lightning in a bottle.

One of the aforementioned exceptions to the rule of expansions selling worse is Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G aka Monster Hunter Freedom Unitea title from this same company.

Speaking of initiatives aimed at Japanese children from bigger third-party developers: Capcom was hardly alone in making the attempt. Square Enix was the first non-Level 5 company to give it a shot with Gyrozetter nearly a year ago, which was also the first flop of its kind. Just recently, Sega gave it a shot with Hero Bank just last week, which also flopped — though it did better than Gaist Crusher.

In combat, players can change the form of their Gaist Gear to adapt in the battlefield.

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There are three forms: The player's default form, usually used in frontal attacks. The Armor Form's alternate form. A form that can be temporarily activate for a short period of time.

gaist crusher ending relationship

In this form, a character will be transformed into a Gaist closest to the Gaist Crusher's Gaist Gear, thus gaining invincibility and more attack power. Gaist Arts are special attacks that can be use against the Gaist. It was available for the Armor Form and Weapon Form. Each Gaist Art varies, depends on the form used, or on the Gaist Gear equipped.

gaist crusher ending relationship

Most of the Gaist Arts can capable of paralyzing nearby enemies. Terminology Gaimetal A mysterious metallic ore discovered 50, metersfeet beneath the ground 15 years from the main story. There are two different kinds of Gaimetal: The Jewel-type Gaimetals are gem-like Gaimetals where Gaist were usually sealed in, and most of this kind of Gaimetal were used by the Gaist Crushers. The Structural-type Gaimetal are Gaimetal that look like a chunk of crystallized rock, and it was usually used for building large structural objects, such as large ruins.

On occasions, an unpurified Gaimetal can be unstable and unpredictable,forcifully transforming a living organism into Gaist much faster. Fortunately,Gaimetals can be purified through various tampering techniques. Gaist A race of metallic lifeforms that are made entirely of Gaimetal, usually "born" when a Gaimetal is given a certain stimulus. Named after motifs from mythical cultures and legends, each Gaist differ in elemental attributes, appearance and abilities.

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It was said to be born from Gaimetals, as certain devices can accelerate a Gaist's "hyper-activation" or in otherwords, awakening. Gaist Crushers A term referring to those who can equipped themselves with a special armor called "Gaist Gear".