Future diary episode 26 ending relationship

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future diary episode 26 ending relationship

Breach of Contract Season 1, Episode 23 Air date March 26, Written by Yuno tells Yuki that the world will end on July 28th, saying that her Diary, as well . Ah yes the conclusion to Mirai Nikki episode to the space time continuum NONE of the Diary Users are going to end up Diary Users. Future Diary is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. The plot A episode anime television series produced by Asread, aired in Japan to the Apocalypse approach, Yukiteru and Yuno consummate their relationship. . Kūsō Mesorogii, "Fantasy Mesology") by Yōsei Teikoku, and the ending.

To paint Yuno as this crazy psychopath but once we understood her reasons……. Yeah a lot of stuff that Yuno did was crazy but if everyone who ended up abused turned into Yuno the world would be a scary place. Or everyone would be dead. We want adults to be responsible for their behaviors even if they were abused in their childhood. Yuno was a teenager who should have known right from wrong but was too broken.

So kids if your parents are treating you like crap just put yourself in mortal danger and everything will work out!

Mirai Nikki - Yuno and Yuki HAPPY END

The more you know Yeah that might have been too much for poor Yuno to handle. The mother should have loved Yuno all along but I guess she just needed something super horrible to happen to her to see the error of her ways. And if someone else was putting his daughter in danger, not his wife, then daddy could step in and not be the bad guy yes? I really had no idea what I thought that Band-Aid on her head was.

Sometimes anime characters just have Band-Aids for entire series and that is how it works. But it would have been nice to see demon MurMur verses demon MurMur 2. Have you seen the 2nd world? Hopefully they got their memories erased or something by Akise because this was scarring for life. He basically said what we were expecting. Kill me Yuno and go back to the 2nd world. Now after the fact Yuki probably would not have wished that on Yuno but at the time he thought he was saving her. Or maybe he thought he was saving 3rd Yuno.

What matters is that Yuki loves Yuno for some reason and wants her to be happy. Yuno is crazy and wants to be with any Yuki. Well she picks 2nd Yuki in the end but five seconds ago she wanted to be with 3rd Yuki. Which… I can almost understand since I think all of these people are basically the same. Or would have been since they went back in time 2 years and not a few months like last time.

But putting that all aside Yuki wants to die for Yuno and her to go back to the 2nd world. Did you say nothing? Okay then you were paying attention too. Not that it matters since Yuno just stabbed herself.

future diary episode 26 ending relationship

Well she has stabbed herself before and I thought it would take it more than one stab wound to take out Yuno. Like I thought Homura and her time traveling self would have to use the Navy Ships on her or something. Which might have been for the best. She had been through a lot, she came to the conclusion she loved Yuki, and basically she has nothing left to live for.

Maybe she could have pointed out to Yuki she killed WAY more people than Yuki so really she deserved to die but maybe that was too obvious to say. Yuno has survived so much worse.


I doubt she died in 5 seconds. She and Minene are cockroaches! We need to get Yuki back to the 2nd world before the 3rd world completely goes to crazy town. Oh and save the 2nd world…. What space time continuum!?

But MurMur was having a bad day. Yuno just wanted to kill 3rd Yuno and take her place. Yuki wanted to stop that from happening. But the act of coming back in time, way too far in the past, made everything crazy and there was no way Humpty Dumpty could be put back together again.

Breach of Contract

So yeah MurMur you glue Yuno Daddy back together. Fix the school and the huge explosions while you are at it too. Like wtf was that all about?! Some of these deviations from the timeline I understood happening. Like Tsubaki wanted to keep her parents safe since something crazy was happening in the city. Minene sorta helped Keigo along but that does go along with Yuno going back in time so it counts! Takao you know the teacher with like two minutes of screen time was too careless with his crimes, trying to take advantage of the chaos, yet Yomotsu 12th, eyeball dude was able to catch him.

Since Yomotsu actually caught a bad guy he might not have felt the need to go above and beyond in his justice life and Takao ended up in jail. Now I want to know who the "new" 1st would have been. You mean a deranged 5 year old wouldn't have made a good god of time and space?

This game was actually a bad idea?! Some of the Diary Users…it was a bit iffy how their future got changed. I guess during the explosions he goes outside to check on his dogs and seeing Hinata take care of his dogs makes him love her more, to treat her like a daughter?

But the real Diary User I had problems with is 11th. Was it because due to everything changing new Diary Users were chosen with different Diaries? In any event having a Diary that predicted the end of the game was probably way too powerful and bit of a cope out to get 11th to talk Deus out of the games. Glad it took 11th pointing out that you would get no winner to realize that.

I can't unsee this and I didn't even SEE anything! Okay so all of that was lovely. Because in the end everyone in world 3 was saved. Deus listened to crybaby 11th and decided to go with another way in deciding who would take over for him which turns out….

For some reason the dad is still in the picture. Not sure how that happened. Oh and Akise, who only existed to make sure the game went okay yeah like that worked was alive too. Only now to make sure the space time continuum was fixed or something. And you wanted to send Yuno here because? I thought you looooooooooooooved her. So where does this leave Yuki? Why he went back to the 2nd world. It is unclear if his indecision lead to the world to collapse into nothingness or if it was already on its way there.

But in any event Yuki got to spend 10, years alone in nothinginess with only MurMur 2 and a manga. Oh and his cellphone that said Yuno was dead.

I am sure he was supposed to do something with his powers but given how many people in his life were dead and how many people died due to the black swirl Yuki would have had to start over.

And since he lost the love of his life…. With his long hair that needed to be washed and conditioned. Starting to think Yuki should have stabbed himself. I know this is shocking to hear but the manga ends on a crazier note. I read the last chapter because everyone was like MOG the manga was so lame. Basically almost everything is the same up until Yuki and MurMur look up at something cracking the ceiling.

Because black holes of nothingness has ceilings. In the anime it just ended there, only hinting that somehow a version of Yuno stalked Yuki into nothingness. Either way the idea that Yuno would be able to make her way back to Yuki is too insane for words. Yes they had more time about two and a half years but something would have to be done right away right?

future diary episode 26 ending relationship

Once again she was never even thought about after she was off screen. Just Yuki is the winner because someone said so and off they went. It was like Minene was Jason or Michael Myers. Because she is not. In face she is ready and waiting to make babies with Nishijima! Meanwhile, Yuki's parents tell Yuki that he will be able to remember that girl's name as he prefers her over the fantasy and that he should do what he thinks is right.

Yuno contemplates her actions and feels that what she is doing is not right, but in a fit of despair decides to kill the third Yuno and her parents and rushes to attack.

future diary episode 26 ending relationship

However Yuki, who slowly calls out Yuno's name, finally remembers her name and says it, breaking the illusion. Yuno does not understand, but Yuki says that he is here to save her. Kurusu shoots at the attacking first Yuno, but the Muru Muru of the second world that was trapped with Yuki blocks the bullet from Kurusu, and she quickly restrains the Muru Muru of the first world in revenge. Yukiteru kisses the dying Yuno for the last time. First World Yuno happily embraces Yuki as she sees he has chosen her over his dreams, but Yuki asks her to kill him as she does not belong in the third world and he is ready to die to create a better place for her.

Yuno reads her Diary and agrees to his wish. Muru Muru thinks that it is fine if Yuno wins the game. Yuki says that since he has killed a lot people he can accept death; however, Yuno stabs herself instead. When Yuki asks why, she responds that she cannot kill him and this is how the future should be. The dying Yuno's final request is one final kiss from Yuki, to which he complies.

Her Diary reveals that even though she is dying she is at peace, and she praises Yuki's improved kissing. As Yuno dies in Yuki's arms, the second Muru Muru, with the fragment of Deus in her hand, recognizes Yuki as the victor and forcibly takes him back to the second world to become its god.

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Minene Uryu with her two babies. In the third world, the second Minene has married Nishijima, and they have two children together. She watches the news reports that says her third self is in Japan. Minene jokingly praises her third self, and Nishijima says she should not say it as if it was not her concern, and Minene just says to Nishijima to do his best to "catch her again.

Yomotsu pays a visit to Hiyama in prison, and the former serial murderer asks him if he does not have anything better to do. Ai and Marco happily drinking tea outside a cafe. Marco apparently is having difficulties finding and keeping a job but the pregnant Ai lovingly encourages him. Reisuke is seen happily enjoying his time with his loving parents. Tsubaki's parents cover her with a blanket when they notice that she has fallen asleep which makes her smile. Orin is seen with a fellow orphan, wishing a safe trip to both Kamado and John who appear engaged.

Kosaka is seen with Akise and a female dog, being watched by Hinata and Mao who are wondering what are they doing, before Karyuudo says it is time to leave, to which they all happily comply.

Deus asks Muru Muru what has the observer said, and she says there is no further interference from other dimensions. The third world's Yuno. The third Yuno is seen to live a happy and normal life hanging out with friends.

Yuno reveals a new normal Diary with family pictures to her friends, but she mentions she feels as if she has forgotten something. As she says this she the third Yuki along with his parents and Moe Wakaba walking together in a street below the cafe window.

future diary episode 26 ending relationship

Yuno says she cannot recall what it is she has forgotten, but her cellphone has an adornment of the first Muru Muru. Yuki is seen in the second world, where he is god but the world is nothing more than a void. He believes 10, years have passed in the second world, and Muru Muru asks Yuki to do something as she is bored of having only an old and overread manga for entertainment. Yuki says that a world without Yuno would be meaningless, and Muru Muru says he should just create another woman.

Yuki however does not care for the idea and merely says that Muru Muru Depressed Yuki after 10, years being god will understand if she ever falls in love with someone. Muru Muru says she already likes him, but Yuki calmly says he did not mean that. Yuki begins to wonder how the third Yuno is doing and if she's happy, but he has no way to know as the two worlds have been separated.

He stares at his Diary while mourning the second Yuno's death. Yukiteru's "new" final entry. Then, Yuki's Diary suddenly changes and a new entry is displayed: Instead, she heals Ushio due to changes in previous episodes. Ai and Marco are in an apartment and Ai calls Orin by phone instead of them all being together in the Mother's Home.

The changes in the future two years after are expanded on or changed from the manga: Hiyama and Yomotsu 's changed future is different in the ending scenes, and for the first time in the series Yomotsu's full face is shown.

future diary episode 26 ending relationship

Ai and Marco are enjoying themselves.