Sandor and arya relationship quizzes

sandor and arya relationship quizzes

Sansa's affectionate response to Brienne's story of Arya in Season 6, and Arya's .. Arya and Gendry could be an interesting marriage alliance. Still, it was the Arya And Hound Adventure Hour that really established Sandor Clegane as a man on a journey of redemption. Seasons three. Including an overview, special analyses of Sandor's relationships with Gregor, Sansa and Arya, and a close look at the Sandor=Gravedigger .

Romantic relationships have been built on less In what universe would this ever happen? These two have never had a scene together, and even if they had, I'm not seeing the chemistry.

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If Sansa didn't go for Tyrion, despite his sheer awesomeness because he's a Lannister even while they were married, then she'd never go for the Lannister most notoriously known as the Man Without Honor.

He's also known as the guy who has never had sex with anyone except his sister Still, it's an interesting concept. Jaime obviously cares enough about her to honor his oath to a deceased Catelyn Stark and sent Brienne after her instead of following Cersei's orders and hunting her down.

sandor and arya relationship quizzes

They were on the right track before the Red Wedding came and screwed everything up. With him protecting her from his horrible family members and her giving him advice on how to prank courtiers, it was a match in weird Westeros heaven. In any other situation, these two would've eventually gotten along very well. In fact, I have a theory that they are going to end up re-married by the end of the season.

The Stark-Targaryen is easy: The Stark-Lannisters can be solved by Sansa and Tyrion's re-marriage—so long as Sansa stays out of the next assassination attempt. Can you imagine the sass in the pillow talk between these two?

Tower of the Hand

It definitely would not be a very romantic relationship, what with Bronn's blunt "I like you, truly. I just like myself more" attitude. Although, maybe if there had been romance, he would've taken on the Mountain for Tyrion's trial by combat.

He's as fast and as good as Oberyn Martell, but not nearly as arrogant in his skills or dead-set on getting a confession about a year-old war crime. And Tyrion wouldn't have hired Shae if he had Bronn, so we wouldn't have had to go through that horrible betrayal. Or maybe we would have.

sandor and arya relationship quizzes

Tyrion's a bit greedy that way. Sure, he's dead and she killed his grandson, but who cares? The rightfully named Queen of Thorns is one of the few people in King's Landing who is completely not intimidated by the most powerful and richest man in the Seven Kingdoms.

Like a hound, Clegane was loyal, cutting down Mycah the butcher's boy without a shred of hesitation and kneeling to King Robert Baratheon on command when fighting his despised brother. And like a hound, he guarded his charge, saving Sansa Stark 's life and virtue during the riot of King's Landing. Clegane entered the story as Prince Joffrey Baratheon 's dog, running down a defenseless boy on orders from Joffrey, even japing about it to Eddard Stark afterward, as if he had been hunting rabbits.

This early view highlights his brutality, but through the course of A Clash of Kings, the reader sees a fuller scope of who Sandor Clegane is, and what he is about, through the complicated relationship he develops with Sansa. He keeps her confined to her chambers, but frequently acts to guard her. He even disobeys an order from Joffrey to beat the poor girl, and covers her with his cloak after Joffrey humiliates her in front of the court.

sandor and arya relationship quizzes

Later, in what could quite easily be called one of his finest moral acts, Clegane braves an angry mob, rescuing Sansa from the hands of rioting commoners. Over the course of the novel, Sandor's loyalty to the Lannister cause dwindles, and he deserts during the Battle of the Blackwater, his fear of fire overcoming his bloodlust or his loyalty. Curiously enough, however, Sandor returns to Sansa, offering her a rescue and the readers one of the greatest what-ifs that a series chock full of them has to offer.

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As Martin would have it, this dog would not have his last interaction with Stark girls. Burning to avenge her friend Mycah, Arya accused him of murder, and Sandor stood in a trial by combat against Beric Dondarrionwielding a flaming sword that terrified Clegane and left him in both physical and mental agony.

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To add further insult to injury, the Brotherhood looted what remained of his gold and sent him on his way, and in his efforts to recover it, he ran across Arya. He planned to ransom the girl off to her brother, but the Red Wedding prematurely ended those plans.

The Hound talks to Arya about his brother Gregor Clegane

With the Vale inaccessible, Sandor and Arya formed an odd couple living rough from village to village until they ran into the Mountain's men at the Inn at the Crossroads.

Victorious in battle, Clegane was nonetheless injured and near death. Though Arya Stark had named him as a man that she desired to kill, in the end, Arya refused to grant him relief from his suffering, achieving her revenge and leaving him to die.

sandor and arya relationship quizzes

Sandor himself was a man seared by cynicism as much as fire. When he was seven years old, his brother Gregor found Sandor playing with one of Gregor's toy knights, and responded by holding his face to a fire, burning young Sandor severely and scarring him permanently. Despite this, Gregor continued to squire and was eventually acclaimed as a knight, and Sandor could only choke on the hypocrisy.