Resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship counseling

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resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship counseling

Leon and Ada managed to fight against most of the enemies, but soon, Ada was wounded by . Leon advising the SRT on how to handle the by-product of a t- Virus outbreak. .. While in the church, the couple solved various puzzles until they accidentally free a .. In Resident Evil 6, Leon dual-wielded handguns effectively. Resident Evil 6 Your advice was invaluable in establishing the DSO. .. Ada first encountered Leon Kennedy during the Raccoon City Incident in Complicated is the word that aptly summarizes their relationship. Resident Evil 6 - Ada Wong Chap 5 Leon Ada Kiss, Simmons Mutated Boss-fight Phase 2, HD Gameplay PS3. Video Games Source. Loading.

She seemed very annoyed. I know, but I want to focus on making work my number one priority right now. I don't need help finding someone, I can do that on my own. Make sure you tell Dad what I said, too. The town ofbecame ground zero for the world's single worst biohazard outbreak in the 20th century. The clinical naming of the event as the Raccoon City Incident does nothing to express the tragedy and horror that occurred in that idyllic American town.

During the incident, a rookie police officer named Leon Kennedy was caught up in the nightmare.

resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship counseling

He was attacked by human infected, a. Against all odds, he and a few other survivors were able to escape from the city.

He regretted that he was only able to save so few people that day, and the events that transpired in Raccoon City etched themselves indelibly on his mind. From that point on he vowed he would do all he could to ensure the world would never see a tragedy like Raccoon City repeated. Leon spoke very little of the incident afterwards. Government officials who heard of his survival tried to ask him about what happened out of curiosity, but he always avoided them.

However, there was one high-ranking official that he did not avoid. Below are Leon's words as spoken to Adam Benford during a conversation they had years ago, before Benford became president. It was all I could think about. Sure, my anger towards Umbrella helped get me through it, but it was only after I got out that I really started thinking about what I could do.

It was hard for Claire and I to hold on to any kind of hope in a situation like that. I mean come on, I was just a rookie cop and she was a year-old college student. To tell you the truth, I even thought about ending it - several times, actually - with just a quick bullet to the head. But I didn't give up. She was a year-old girl thrown into a hellish environment with monsters after her, so I had to pull myself together for her sake.

She was our reason for not giving up - especially for Claire. Tall oaks cathedral and the underground lab[ edit ] Standing out in the skyline of Tall Oaks is a cathedral that marks a plot of land that has been in the Simmons family for generations.

This land primarily serves as a meeting ground for the family's secretive dealings, and there are many hidden passageways and booby traps to obstruct any potential interlopers. The current head of the family, Derek C. Simmons, recently had a portion of the underground chamber refurbished into a modern research laboratory so he could have scientists conduct research on the C-Virus.

In the midst of the Tall Oaks biological attack, the laboratory was destroyed. During investigation of the remains, a scribbled memo was found. I owe it all to you. The word Lepotitsa, ironically, is derived from the Serbian word for "woman of beauty. Anyone who inhales its fumes will die and be reanimated as a zombie. One creature has the potential to infect an area within a three-mile radius.

Unlike a traditional zombie infection, which is spread by a zombie's bite or contact with contaminated blood, this creature turns the virus into an airborne agent, thus creating a contaminant that is harder to avoid. The bioterror attack that Agent Kennedy encountered in Tall Oaks was triggered by this creature.

Lepotitsa is thought to be the first C-Virus mutation discovered by Neo-Umbrella. Evidence of this was found in a note amongst the remains of the laboratory underneath the Tall Oaks Cathedral. Below is what was written on that note.

The work paid off because it is no doubt a very effective weapon. Letting a few of these go on a gassing spree in Tall Oaks should infect everyone. All chrysalids determined to mutate into a Lepotitsa have been placed strategically around the Tall Oaks area, so now all we have to do is wait for hell to break loose.

As a precaution, all specimens have been made to self destruct after they have completed their objectives. In addition, one will be kept here in the laboratory in case we are tracked down. I can't wait until everyone sees what we've put in their backyards. Helena harper 1[ edit ] Helena Harper is a year-old U. Her sister Deborah is heronly known living relative. During the Tall Oaks terrorist attack, she is dispatched by the U.

Secret Service to protect President Benford. She is a woman of strong moral convictions, and is very sympathetic to the plight of others, although she does let her emotions get the better of her from time to time.

She was the ideal agent if you looked past her rash behavior. Those who are selected will go through a year long aptitude evaluation; if they pass, they will receive one to three years of training, then a final evaluation once training is complete. Currently, five out of seven candidates have not met DSO standards. I understand that she has a reputation for letting her emotions cloud her judgment, but her abilities and conviction are enough to overshadow her faults and make her a prime candidate for the DSO.

She does, however, have a tendency to let her emotions get the best of her. She was in the top of her class, and the agency's first choice for the job, but officials were concerned that she would let her morals let in the way of her work. While investigating a series of murders, Helena successfully found and apprehended the killer.

In the process, she used excessive force on the suspect and was suspended from the agency. She claimed she had to shut the killer up because he was making threats in front of the victim's family. After her suspension period was over, she found herself in situations where she couldn't maintain her self-control. When Deborah's boyfriend became abusive, an enraged Helena shot and injured him.

resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship counseling

Her superiors were unwilling to overlook her gross misconduct, but they didn't want to fire her, so they transferred her to the Secret Service. Because of the incident with her sister's abusive boyfriend, Helena's chances to join the DSO were ruined. Below is a report sent from one of Helena's superiors to Hunnigan, who had supported the idea of Helena joining the DSO on account of her strong will.

We will watch and see how she handles her new position, but as far as I can tell, I don't see her lasting for much longer in this line of work.

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I understand the anger she must have felt when her sister Deborah was put in the hospital by an abusive boyfriend, but no matter what the circumstances, firing on an unarmed civilian is unacceptable conduct for a government agent. Not only that, but she could also put those around her in danger. I am aware of her abilities and I know that you think well of her, but this is my decision.

They are the final resting place of not only members of the Simmons family, but those who have served the mysterious organization known as The Family. These underground burial chambers are not known to the public, but the catacombs themselves are still protected by many elaborate contraptions to keep outsiders from digging too deeply into The Family's secret affairs.

Although the catacombs are primarily used by the Simmons family, the primitively constructed caves and altars hint at the existence of inhabitants prior to them. A memo written by Simmons to his subordinates just before the incident at Tall Oaks was found deep inside the catacombs. Also, release the Brzak in the aquarium, just in case.

Anyone who finds their way down here during the commotion must be dealt with. All people in Tall Oaks, including the president, are to be exterminated. They will all be a necessary sacrifice in order to keep our country safe.

Unlike her sister, Deborah is a carefree party girl. Their different approaches to life are a cause of friction between them, but those issues aside, the two are actually very close. When Helena is reunited with her sister, it's not the happy reunion she had hoped for. Deborah had been turned into a hideous creature with no semblance of the humanity she once had other than the gentle facial features that hint at her former beauty. Below is a memo written by a member of The Family detailing their actions after taking Deborah hostage.

They'll both be dead eventually anyway, so doing so would speed up the process. But it would be such a waste to kill her. I can't help but think about her soft skin and shapely body. She's just my type. She's a little beaten up, but she'd make a wonderful subject for our experiments. I think I'll keep her around and see how she takes to the C-Virus. Leon and ada[ edit ] Ada Wong is a spy whose major activities occur off the grid.

Not much is known about her, not even if Ada Wong is an alias or her real name. Ada first encountered Leon Kennedy during the Raccoon City Incident in when Leon was a callow rookie police officer trying desperately to escape from the nightmare that had enveloped Raccoon City.

Ada was in the city carrying out a mission for a rival company to the Umbrella Corporation. When circumstances threw the two together, Ada hid the nature of her activities while using Leon to help her carry them out. The life-and-death struggle they endured brought them close together, and Ada ended up saving Leon's life. Unfortunately, they had to make their way out of the city separately, but they could not forget what they felt for each other.

Following their escape, their paths would cross from time to time, Leon as a U. Ada makes no qualms about using Leon when it suits her needs, but Leon is loath to bring himself to be done with her.

They don't consider each other enemies, but it's hard to tell how they feel for each other. Complicated is the word that aptly summarizes their relationship.

The BSAA has denied her involvement and has already covered up any record of it. It looks like we are the only ones who know of these details. Helena had no choice but to send out an alert over the Secret Service's radio that a group had entered Ivy University with the intent to kill President Benford. The president was on the campus to deliver a speech, and the Secret Service made sure the president was secure before his speech.

A number of agents were dispatched to look for the suspects. This created the opening Derek needed. Helena loved her sister, but she couldn't let herself be party to a terrorist attack.

She rushed to the campus to entreat the agents to give up their wild goose chase and protect the president. Many of the agents were aware of her past infractions, so they were disinclined to believe her. Then the attacks came. Because half the agents were out looking for assassins, the Service was slow in evacuating President Benford, and was unable to save his life.

Below is a memo left behind by a USSS agent before the incident. I hope it's just some kind of prank.

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I haven't seen anything suspicious so far though, except for Harper going on and on about how she thinks that Derek Simmons is the one trying to kill the president and that we should get back to our posts. Simmons is a friend of the president! She also said that she was forced to report false information after her sister was taken hostage.

How can she expect us to believe her when everything she says is crazy? Why did we have to get the CIA's problem child? If we listen to her and it means we let a possible assassin go, the shit's gonna hit the fan. I think I'll give her some time off in a room somewhere to relax and get her head straight while we continue with the search.

I wish this cough would let up. I must be catching something. Brzak is derived from the Serbian word for "rapids. It will indiscriminately attack all moving prey, be it human or zombie. Cadavers that float in the water, however, do not interest it.

Below is a memo written by a researcher for The Family detailing the ferociousness of the Brzak. Just the other day we threw a few old computers in and instantly the thing just went at them like they were candy - attracted by the movement from them landing in the water. But then it stopped once it realized they weren't moving, so we had to poke at the equipment with sticks to make it interested again.

We needed the data destroyed on those hard drives, so not only is this thing good at killing, but it's handy around the office, too. Come to think of it, we've got lots of dead subjects from our experiments to get rid of today, so I think I'll just have them dropped into the tank as a snack for our little garbage disposal. Rasklapanje is derived from the Serbian word for "demolition.

Even if part of this creature's humanoid form is destroyed, it will not have any effect on the main body. These detached body parts can still search for prey independently and ensnare it.

The flexible nature of its structure allows it pass through narrow openings like ventilation ducts and other tight spaces. Its primary weakness is fire, and when it encounters intense heat, its main body will leap out of its humanoid exoskeleton to escape danger.

Below is a memo written by a Neo-Umbrella researcher. The resulting creature is able to separate parts of its body and send them after its victim. Its body parts seem to have a mind of their own as they search and attack, but once they return to the main body, they all go back to working as one. We still have a lot to learn about this mutation, but it will most certainly be an effective weapon in the field. Simmons, 46 years old, is an aide to the president of the United States.

He is a ruthless perfectionist, a personality well disposed to rising to a high echelon of power in government. He is the current head of The Family, a secret fraternity of powerful movers and shakers that have manipulated the development of the Western world for centuries.

This organization will do whatever is necessary to ensure stability and world order. Fearing the ensuing chaos that would result from President Benford's plan to reveal the truth about the Raccoon City Incident, Mr. Simmons orchestrates his own bioterror attack where the president would be but one of the many casualties. Below is a memo written by Simmons before the attack. He doesn't realize just how big of a mistake he is making.

His biggest mistake, though, was hiring me on as his right-hand man, not knowing that I was the head of The Family. If only he knew how closely I've been watching his every move. Now he has made an enemy of The Family and there is no turning back. It's time I use my position to make sure balance is kept in this world advertisement file Derek's 1st transformation[ edit ] After Derek Simmons is injected with an enhanced C-Virus, he enters a stage-one mutation. At this stage, his upper body maintains a humanoid appearance, and his violent tendencies are amplified.

He has yet to lose his sense of self. His legs, however, transform into something beastlike, and he is powerful enough to outrun a high-speed train. He can also use shards of his own bone as projectiles, and can fire them off with deadly accuracy.

Any bone matter lost in this manner is regrown thanks to the effects of the C-Virus. The Family kept a close eye on Simmons after he was injected with the C-Virus. The mutation is getting worse and worse. He looks uglier than any J'avo I've ever seen. Since all he cares about now is going after some woman, we've decided to relieve him of his position.

We'll have to pick someone else to lead The Family. Derek's 2nd transformation[ edit ] As the C-Virus infection begins to take root in Derek's body, he enters a stage-two mutation.

At this stage, Derek's body resembles a gigantic dinosaur, and his musculature is quite dense. Unlike the stage-one mutation, stage-two Derek behaves instinctually instead of rationally.

His driving force is to devour his enemies, and he even goes as far as to leap into the sky and attack a helicopter Ada is piloting. What was he injected with? It seemed to be based off of the C-Virus, but I've never seen a mutation like that. It must have been something that Ada cooked up with Neo-Umbrella. If we could get a sample of it, we could do some research.

I'll have to get some of our people on this. Derek's 3rd transformation[ edit ] Derek's body continues to mutate, and he enters stage three.

Derek's humanity is completely gone at this point, but his survival instinct remains. He ingests multiple corpses in order to give his body the organic matter needed to assume this form.

This new, hideous form resembles an amalgamation of multiple insect species. When stage-three Derek loses a limb or other body part, he can regenerate it by ingesting more corpses. He could in theory live forever as long as there are corpses for him to ingest. Neo-Umbrella will also probably not be left standing for long. The new leader of The Family has been chosen. We need to come together and persevere as we have in the past if we are to keep balance in the world.

He was the leader of Alpha Team until he suffered post-traumatic amnesia and wound up a belligerent drunk in the underbelly of eastern Europe. Around this time, a biohazard outbreak in China shocks the world. Despite his memory loss, Chris retains the fortitude and leadership skills that make him one of the BSAA's top agents. Nivans, are you listening? There's been a bioterrorist attack in America and China.

We don't have a lot of intel on the situation yet, but the U. We've got reports of J'avo-like B. We also heard that you've run into Chris Redfield, so if you can, take him with you to Lanshiang. He could be a big help. Whether in the hands of organized crime or terrorists, bioweapons were destroying lives around the world. Initially, the BSAA was just a civilian organization with only advisory status,but as the threat posed by bioterrorism spread, the United Nations decided tosponsor the group in order to have a quick-response force that could deal with threats around the world.

With its new sponsorship in place, the BSAA gained the authority to carry out investigations in countries the world over, and to make arrests wherever it is dispatched. The reasoning behind this can be seen in a note written by Chris in They didn't come up with much to help make sense of the incident other than the fact that the T-Virus and G-Virus were the cause of the zombies.

They did a good job of cleaning up though. Only took them a day. Not a big surprise, I suppose. The government has been dealing with these kinds of incidents ever since Raccoon City.

I guess that's why the BSAA is never invited to the party. They've got their own bouncers. I just hope they give us a call when things get to be too much for them to handle on their own.

Claire was involved, but I got in touch with her and she seems to be OK. When a host's body is damaged, the regenerative properties of the C-Virus will attempt to repair the damage.

The repairs replace the normal human tissue with chitinous, insect-like appendages. In some cases, the repairs take on a utilitarian purpose, replacing arms with scythe- or shield-like appendages. Other reports say that some J'avo sprouted wings and gained the ability to fly. Certain mutations, like the aforementioned wings, have been observed on numerous occasions; the exact number of types of mutations that actually exist is unknown at this time. We've already started poking at it to see what makes it tick.

It's got all of us here pretty excited, actually. We're calling those infected with the C-Virus J'avo, which is a Serbian word for "demon. For example, J'avo with sickle-like arms are called Ruka-Srp. Ruka means "arm" and Srp means "sickle.

I know you guys out there in the field will probably start using codenames that are easier to remember and make more sense, but don't forget, if a reporter ever asks you "What was that thing with the claw? J'avo mutations[ edit ] After the C-Virus turns an infected human into a J'avo, the host will continue to mutate, with the mutation usually occurring in a specific section of its body. Files 23 and 24 are the same. Chris Redfield is his commanding officer.

His hand-eye coordination and concentration skills are without peer, making him the BSAA's top-ranking sniper. He can react quickly to the changing conditions on a battlefield, and, as such, he will usually find a way to complete his mission in spite of any adverse conditions.

A serious and determined man in battle, he still has time to offer a kind word for his fellow soldiers. It is these qualities that cause his C. Nivans himself prefers not to think of his team as subordinates, but as members of a big family.

He believes that the strength of the BSAA hinges on the bonds of all its agents. He holds Captain Redfield in the highest respect, and Captain Redfield trusts him implicitly. Piers took over the team after Chris went missing. He's not as strong a leader as Chris was, but he's definitely up to standards. I wouldn't mind making him Alpha team's permanent captain, but I think he would rather see Chris return for the job. He really looks up to him. Probably feels like the BSAA isn't the same without him.

Let's hope our agents in eastern Europe find something on him. Ogroman[ edit ] The Ogroman is a type of B. Ogroman is derived from the Serbian for "giant body. It can be easily brought down if enough firepower is concentrated on the life-support system attached to its back.

The urgency of the situation at the time left the Edonian Liberation Army no choice but to allow this easily-exploited vulnerability go unremedied. This fact can be confirmed in a note written by a commanding officer of that army. If they take control of that, we've no hope for retaliation. Our only option now is to send in that huge beast that Asian woman called "Ogroman.

There is a beautiful woman who seems miss me? A man who always thinking about the other woman it's not my type, Leon That words really stabbed me. I don't understand your words," I was evasive. I just shook my head, "Of the hundreds of topic, why ask about her? Then because Helena insisted me with some questions, I told her briefly about Ada Wong. Not because I don't want to tell her, but it's because I didn't know much.

Of course I didn't mention that she was a spy or working with Wesker, because it will be dangerous. You've known her for fifteen years but didn't know herself clearly. Your relationship up to now there is no certainty, even she was a target of the B.

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Oh sorry, I mean now she's not the target anymore, because they think Ada Wong's already dead … " Helena tried to capture the essence of my story," But I think you should make a move, or give up altogether against her. I'm even surprised you can last that long! Our conversation was interrupted by a report from one of the agents in meeting room, already 12 o'clock.

It's time for lunch. The guests one by one out of the room to the dining room, with a variety of languages, greet each other or get acquainted with a new colleagues. We turn to the room and checking from behind.

The room was quiet when we went in to check on. Her hair was long and she was wearing a black formal dress with a matching purse, also bring a yellow folder. She smiled broadly and come quickly towards me. My memory was spun, recall the events in Spain, My first job as an U. It was already nine years since the last time I saw her. Oh my goodness, it's been a long time Oh let me introduce you to I've read every article about you in the newspaper, about the Tall Oaks also Lanshiang.

Still love to play chess and golf as usual, " she said pleasantly," Leon, you seem to have some fate with B. W cases, but fortunately you can survive. Time actually turn Ashley into a different person, I've never thought a year-old girl who used to cried and searching for my help has now turned into a charismatic women like this.

I almost didn't recognize you, " I said," in a better way, of course. Everyone can change, Leon. Depending on their wishes, in the direction of a good or otherwise. You could say that for nine years I've been thinking a lot, especially after a bad experience inI wanted to fight for the people to be free from the threat of bio-terrorism. That's why I'm here now.

Yes yes, Miss Ashley, but we should soon join to the dining room You must be hungry. Let I accompany you to go there Helena got a call from Mrs Rosette so she left us alone. Ashley was busy telling about her participation in government programs this time, she looks very confident and excited about the prospects of this program.

I was surprised and I could not help but laugh, and she just looked at me with a puzzled look.


Ah, uh, sorry Ashley Not yet, my life is surrounded by monsters or zombies, I can't choose among them. Which is more appropriate for me to marry? But at your age you should start thinking about it, Leon. Before I came out of the meeting room, I was talking to one of the participants.

She's very pretty, I think I've seen her somewhere Suddenly she wants to meet you. Thanks to her also, I got to know you were in that room. Okay, now we get to the dining room. I was getting ready to turn around and continue the patrol, but Ashley's hand held me back. She led me into the dining room The dining room is quite spacious and the tables have been prepared in such a way to form multiple groups.

Most of the seats have been filled.