Raymond redington and elizabeth keen relationship

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raymond redington and elizabeth keen relationship

On Wednesday's finale of The Blacklist, Liz Keen (Megan Boone) discovered they're of the real Raymond Reddington, Liz's biological father. So, who is the man with whom Liz has had a roller-coaster relationship these past. brilliant depiction of Red Reddington, as well as the overarching mystery behind the relationship between Reddington and Elizabeth Keen. For decades, ex-government agent Raymond Reddington (James Spader) James Spader as Raymond Reddington · Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen · Harry I think generally we weigh their relationship on whatever Liz is.

The Blacklist - Red & Lizzie - If you are in need, I will be there.

Do not proceed if you have not watched Wednesday's season finale of The Blacklist. That's a question creator Jon Bokenkamp wants fans to ponder over the long hiatus. It is something that we've talked about since the show was picked up [in ]," Bokenkamp tells ET of the game-changing revelation. It's not something where we thought, 'Let's try this now. This seems like a good time to come up with a big twist. There are a number of them.

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In season one, Liz flat out asked Reddington over the payphone, "Are you my father? Now, Raymond Reddington is her father but this man is not the original Raymond Reddington. That's an example of how we have feathered storylines to point us toward this reveal. There are moments like that in each of the five seasons. This reveal opens up endless possibilities for where the story can go in the new season.

How much will season six be about Liz, and to a lesser extent Jennifer, figuring out who this man is? I think it opens us up to some really interesting stories.

Megan has been fantastic this year. The growth of her character -- watching her grow over the five seasons, but more specifically this season; I don't know if she's embracing the darkness, but she's certainly changing. That is going to strongly influence how she handles this new piece of evidence that, remember, she knows but that Raymond Reddington doesn't know that she knows.

Tom Keen (Character)

It's going to be really interesting and compelling to see how she plays this, how she works with Jennifer to embrace the inner double agent within her to work the system and work Reddington to get to the ultimate truth.

How does that shake up their dynamic moving forward? What this reveal does and what's exciting about season six is it snaps into focus so many of the tools that Elizabeth Keen has been acquiring over the past five years, not only from Reddington, who she certainly has been influenced by and learned from, but also from Tom Keen, her husband who was also not only an impostor but a spy.

What she's learned from both of these men in her life will influence how she handles this truth and what she does to move forward. I wouldn't expect it to be super squeaky clean. She has some skills that are a little bit on the dark side.

raymond redington and elizabeth keen relationship

That's a very interesting character to explore and to follow into the next season. How does Liz's end goal change now that she has this piece of intel on Fake Red? I don't think she knows yet.

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I don't think she knows enough to have a well-informed agenda just yet. That's part of the promise of season six -- taking this bombshell, stepping back, looking at every possible angle and trying to figure out the best, most clever way forward.

To the extent that that involves Jennifer, to the extent that that involves the task force and what they might know and how much uses and bends the law to get what she needs, she's in a position to become a strong and formidable character.

That's something Reddington should be concerned about. And if I can just mention, you had said Fake Red before. It's worth pointing out, this is the same guy we met in the pilot, the same character, the same charisma, the same strange sense of humor.

In a way, nothing changes and yet, it all changes. I think that's important for the audience to know. I don't think James Spader is going anywhere. It's only going to get more interesting.

raymond redington and elizabeth keen relationship

Alright, can you help confirm the micro details of the twist? Yes, those are the bones of the real Raymond Reddington -- naval officer, the father of Elizabeth Keen, yes. Yes, somewhere in the distant past. For a network drama, it was modestly intriguing, but when it became apparent that the answer to the relationship between Reddington and Keen would not be resolved anytime soon, I bailed. I had no interest in enduring another episode season that works primarily within a procedural framework with a glacially-paced serialized plotline that seems to be heading in one ultimate direction: The so-called mystery behind the relationship between Red and Lizzie has not yet been solved.

It probably will not be until the end of the series. In fact, that relationship has been further confused. Remember Tom Keen, the school teacher with the mysterious past who Lizzie was set to marry, but who Red had concerns about? It turns out, Tom Keen is not actually Tom Keen.

'The Blacklist' Creator Breaks Down the Bone-Chilling Finale Twist (Exclusive)

At one point, in fact, Lizzie was framed for a murder committed by Tom, but that eventually resolved itself, as these things do in network television. I should also mention that Lizzie is not actually Lizzie, either. She was born in Russia under the name Masha Rostova. She is a Russian spy and presumed alive, although her whereabouts her unknown. As of the season three finale, Tom and Lizzie are happily together.