Jr smith and carmelo anthony relationship

Carmelo and the year where it all changed | Mile High Sports

jr smith and carmelo anthony relationship

Oct 13, Charles Bethea on the professional basketball star J. R. Smith, whose where a promising young player named Carmelo Anthony urged him to skip So I started messing with this girl, changing things up relationship-wise. May 10, NEW YORK, NY - APRIL Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Carmelo Anthony Not Worried About J.R.'s Smith's Relationship With. Jan 19, It was February of , and Smith — the head coach at prep hoops Carmelo Anthony's competitiveness, but just this once, Steve Smith was concerned. people don't like relationships like that in sports,” Anthony said.

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The Nuggets finished out the regular season with a disappointing record, in the games Dantley was coach. In the final 10 games, the Nuggets scoring average dipped dramatically as players stopped playing together and each possession became isolation Melo or isolation J.

Any semblance of the team basketball they were playing was through. So the Nuggets ended up tumbling from the second seed in the West to the fourth, tied with their division nemesis Utah. The overall vibe heading into that first round series with Utah was much different from the year previous.

jr smith and carmelo anthony relationship

A heavy air hung over Pepsi Center as the team tried to pull itself back together after losing their head coach to cancer treatment and the increasing realization that they were not playing the same way they were before. The team lost to the Jazz in six games. It was a depressing and distressing end to what began as an amazing season. The offseason would go quiet for about two months while radio hosts speculated across the country about Melo maybe shifting his gaze toward the East Coast where he grew up.

Behind the scenes, Anthony had a huge decision to make. No one knew if George Karl would return to the bench. The Nuggets had spent the last two trade deadlines sitting on their hands. It never went used. Melo wondered if they were serious about improving the team. It turned out to be a chaotic summer beyond just the Carmelo Anthony speculation. Things calmed down a bit until Mark Kiszla dropped a bombshell in late June Kiszla reported that the Nuggets could trade Melo if he resisted signing the extension they offered in order to not have the same fate befall them that happened when they let Dikembe Mutombo walk away for nothing in From that moment until February oflife was not the same for anyone.

Carmelo Anthony & JR Smith Didn’t Want Jeremy Lin Back, Source Tells Ian O’Connor | The Big Lead

With a looming NBA Lockout on the horizon, decisions needed to be made. If I can live in Denver, I can live anywhere. I just want him to be happy. There was so much going on, and it got increasingly complicated as the summer wore on. A new regime, new approach, and a decision made With a new extension sitting on the table for Melo, the Nuggets front office went through a gigantic makeover. Stan Kroenke began the process of handing over operational control of the Nuggets to his son Josh.

Before that became official, the elder Kroenke let the contracts of Nuggets Vice Presidents Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman lapse, ending the regime they managed since One can only imagine Melo looking at all of this — coupled with the looming labor strife within the NBA — and wondering what the hell was going on.

Melo interpreted this as the team tanking around him while he was the box office draw. For example that is what the Rockies did with Todd Helton. They had plans of going younger. Masai saw the expiring contracts of Kenyon Martin and J. Smith as elements the Nuggets needed to work around to remain competitive for the future. A mere seven months after his cancer diagnosis and extremely aggressive chemotherapy, George Karl was back on the Nuggets bench.

Friendship has stood test of time for Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James

Nearly miraculous considering the hell he went through to get the cancer addressed. When Karl returned, the future of the Nuggets as an organization was up in the air. What remained, however, was his poor relationship with his star player.

Now, with it looking increasingly like Melo would leave, the Nuggets went into the season with rumor after rumor after rumor hanging over their heads. The first three months of the season had been in anguish as the Nuggets worked to extract the best deal they could possibly get from the Knicks.

Their hope was, for all intents and purposes, that Denver set the standard for star player trades in doing so. The truth was, Melo decided before the season that he wanted to be traded to the New York Knicks.

One can speculate about the factors in his reasoning for getting specifically to New York, but that is where he wanted to go. Remarkably, the Nuggets finished with a record of that season; maybe the best coaching job George Karl had ever done in his career, all things considered. As someone who was covering the team through that entire process, it can be somewhat hard to describe to people just what it was like. I personally hope to never experience it again.

The Nuggets subsequent disappointing end to their once-promising season set forth a series of events that ended up with Melo being traded a year later. Despite putting up gaudy scoring stats, there was no one there to challenge Melo in any sort of real way.

It was February ofand Smith — the head coach at prep hoops powerhouse Oak Hill Academy — was preparing for a showcase game in Trenton, N. Anthony and James had met for the first time soon after their arrival at a New Jersey hotel and had become instantly almost inseparable. They talked in the lobby, then in Anthony's room, then in James'.

By game day, their budding bond had proved unsettling to Anthony's coach. When they throw the ball up, I want to beat him as bad as I want to beat anybody.

jr smith and carmelo anthony relationship

Anthony and James have grown into NBA superstars and global icons. They've grown their games and their families. Their 20s have come and gone and their 30s have dawned. But as the two prepare for their 31st head-to-head meeting in the NBA — the first since Anthony joined the Thunder in September — one thing has remained constant. Anthony and James still share a bond, and people still ask if they can be real friends and cutthroat competitors.

We've always heard that. A decade and a half later, nobody has.