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Nov 30, allkpop iu eunhyuk dating Rumors that IU and Eunhyuk IU and good, but dating relationship advice on romance. relationships, trust, it easy. Jul 24, IU bravely opened her mouth on the rumors of her marriage and after posting a photo of herself and Super Junior's Eunhyuk on Twitter. Jun 19, After School, Jung Ah, SHINee, Onew, Super Junior, Eunhyuk, IU and though I' m not a certified relationship counselor by any means, I'd like.

Account of someone at 'Star King' recording basically listing all of the sexually suggestive comments the panelists made at him alluding to his scandal with IU like "Should we turn on 'Good Day' for your dance segment? Panelists did not hesitate on making sexually suggestive comments and laughing at Eunhyuk's face but when IU was on the show, they'd look at her with upset expressions as if they felt bad for her.

Eunhyuk eventually ended up cutting back on his active TV schedules. Then a few days later, IU uploaded a post on her fancafe skimming over the issue and talking about how she was sorry she worried her fans while she was at home gaining weight. Then she went on the 'Hwashin' talk show and only clarified rumors like her pregnancy rumors by beating around the bush and revealing that Eunhyuk had called to her to check if she was okay.

Much to the dismay of Super Junior fans, she did not apologize for the scandal at all. While we agree that IU suffered hateful comments as well, she never once properly apologized to Eunhyuk or Super Junior fans when they're the ones who were unfairly suffering because of her mistake.

Eunhyuk did nothin wrong but had to deal with 'visiting the sick' comments on 'Radio Star', comments which were never directly said to IU when she was on TV. Eunhyuk was the clear victim but he was the one being dealt all the pain. There are tons of private relationships in the entertainment industry but it was IU who released the information to the public, whether it was on purpose or an accident.

Eunhyuk was literally asleep and woke up to this entire scandal by no fault of his own. He is still suffering from dirty comments to this day that of course his fans are upset over. Super Junior fans are scared even when Eunhyuk gets in the news for positive things. It wasn't until this year that fans felt comfortable going in to read the comments. Even for Super Junior's concerts, his solo stage used to be bright, outgoing performances where he bounced around shouting "happy happy" but he came out instead with a self-written rap that was basically an outpour of all of his struggles and pain for the past two years while tied in chains.

At their September 21st, concert, Eunhyuk cried while saying, "The hardest years of my life were the past two years. Teuk hyung wasn't here and I was the temporary leader and although I didn't do much, a lot of things happened, and I did show you all a not so positive side of me, I'm just so happy you all are here You can compare his two Thanks Tos here I can't even dare to imagine how Eunhyuk and his fans must've felt through this whole ordeal.

How their feelings must've been rotting this whole time. I hope he completes his service well and doesn't get hurt anymore. I was too flabbergasted to even reply to that. People are shifting the attention to IU being sly and whatnot but that's nto what Elf wanted or intended.

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Each of those little jokes they threw at him has shattered the person he used to be Eunhyuk did nothing wrong but had to suffer so much hatred in three years. But when it comes down to it, the dating period determines what type of direction your relationship will take. Oh, right - and there's a casual age gap of 16 years between them. Personally, I don't think the age gap poses too much of a problem. I mean, there are plenty of happy couples out there who make it work despite the difference.

You've tied the knot and you've vowed to love your partner till death do you part. You'll go through the honeymoon stage and have your fair share of nagging each other. But if you can learn to love your partner's flaws and keep your promise to remain faithful to him or her, you'll be golden. Seeing as to how I'm not yet married, I'm going to go off of my parents' marriage.

My mom and dad are just about as different as it gets. While my mom expresses her emotions more openly and often makes a bigger deal out of things than they're worth, my dad is more reserved and practical.

My mom is overly excitable while my dad is endlessly patient. You get the picture, don't you? They complement each other's merits and balance out each other's shortcomings.

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Plus, it helps to have such a well-behaved daughter like myself, I suppose. And in the few weeks leading up to their big day, I'd be willing to bet that these celebrities are sporting a radiant glow that can't be achieved by any amount of makeup.

To be honest, I really don't know how I would feel in the moments leading up to my wedding. I've considered the normal emotions, namely excitement, anxiety, bliss, and hysteria.

Examining the different stages of Celebrity Relationships

But I think it'd be foolish to think you can predict how you'll feel on what is arguably one of the most important days of anyone's life. Parenting - You're doing it right It's always exciting when good-looking celebrities marry other good-looking celebrities and spawn miniature, good-looking children. Growing up, I was a big problem child for my parents. For the better part of my toddlerhood, I was under the nonsensical impression that I could grow up to be a mermaid.

Then when I entered childhood, I always got an absurd satisfaction from cutting my brother's hair and my dog's hair with my favorite pair of scissors. I couldn't be stopped. I was a weird kid; that, I can't argue with. So here's wishing all the celebrity parents out there a lot of patience and thick-skin to make it through their kid's experimental and angsty years.

Because those are always so fun.