Fik shun and amy relationship poems

fik shun and amy relationship poems

Fik-Shun & Season 2's Allison Holker – Contemporary; “Skinny Love” by Birdy for SYTYCD to STAND UP FOR interracial relationships, like, God, until I was reminded Amy & Season 2's Travis Wall – Contemporary, “Wicked Games” by James Chris Brown songs in which he brags about how little he cares about our. Jul 17, Season 10 - So you think you can dance. Dec 1, Despite being from very different dance worlds, Fik-Shun and Amy had a clear connection with each other—and with viewers. Read on to learn more about . What she's listening to: “I love classic songs. I did my last solo on.

I'm the oldest out of my two younger sisters, so she's been my big sister.

fik shun and amy relationship poems

She was always someone that we could talk about boys, and we talk about all the things that I never got to have. She just pushed me in the right path to lead my life.

fik shun and amy relationship poems

She's a dancer; She's a Rockette. She's also the sweetest, most humble person you will ever meet. So I think that's one thing I will always aspire because of her. How do you feel you grew during the season and what you were able to do that you couldn't ever have imagined doing when the process started? This journey has been crazy.

Something that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing is an Argentine tango. I really, really want to take that up again. There are so many things that -- it's not like you didn't think you could do it, it's just you didn't even think of the possibility that you could, or were open to it.

I think being able to say, "Okay, you're going to do ballroom now, get in your heels and go," I think I'm going to bring that element to my own dancing as well.

That's what I'm going to take back from this journey. Can you describe what happened onstage when you won?

fik shun and amy relationship poems

Did you see your parents and your dance teacher and your friends and everyone who came out from Detroit to see you last night? I was standing on the stage with Jasmine, and we were holding hands with each other.

I saw my mom and my dad, my sisters, my cousin, and some people -- they kind of had this look like, "Whatever happens, happens. Even if I didn't win, it was just to have them there.

I knew they were very, very proud. Did you get to actually visit your family and friends after the show? I finally got to run and give my mom a hug and all of them. We were just grinning. We saw them outside and were jumping up and down while still trying to give each other hugs. It was definitely well worth the wait for that hug. Did you learn anything from Fik-Shun about various aspects of dance? Oh, I learned a lot from [him]. He has the best musical ear you could ever imagine.

He hears things that I'm like, "Where was that music? That's what I learned. Are you anxious to get back home? Will you get to hang out at all? I don't know, I'm hoping so. It's the first city, so I can't wait to start the tour off in my own hometown.

Were there any dance styles or choreographers that you have not had the chance to work with or perform with on So You Think You Can Dance that you would have liked to? Oh, Spencer, Spencer Liff. We never got to do Broadway on the show. And he said that, he said, "I never got you two. We did not do Broadway. Aaron and Jasmine's hip-hop. What cities are you most looking forward to traveling to? And then, the first city is my hometown, so I cannot wait to come back home and see everyone. Tell me a little bit about how you got into the Detroit dance scene and what that was like?

Out in LA, there's a lot more dancing jobs, there's a lot more dance available. Back in Detroit, I was just stuck in my studio teaching. I was trying to get out there.

So You Think You Can Dance Winners: "We Finish Each Other's Sentences" | TV Guide

I'll never forget my training and that's what brought me here and brought me to this time and place. I don't know, I don't necessarily call it Detroit dancing, it's just one of those things that wherever you are, you get the training that you want because you love to dance.

You're excited, but you feel, though, that you have a little bit of expectation. You did this number once, and you're expected to do it as well or even better.

I think one thing, going into the finale, it was just like, "This is our last time to dance on this stage, let's leave it all out there. They are stars -- stars in the making.

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They have all the qualities. They really went for it. Is it clear to you how much you're getting? Both sums have been mentioned on the show. I don't even know! I'll be happy with whatever I get.

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What does it cost your family to give you the training and the experience that helped get you here? Can you talk a little bit about the dedication that goes into something like what your past has been like? I guess there's no real cost that comes into play. I have, really, the world's best parents. They can see that dance is my passion and I really want to pursue it, as well as my sisters.

They're willing to do whatever it takes to get me the training I need. My mom is probably the best travel agency. She knows how to contact everyone. She has the best connections. She knows how to get me the best opportunities and she's the best agent. I don't know if I can get one without her. It hasn't cost my family anything because we wouldn't be as close as we are if we didn't have dance in our family.

It's just something that we all can relate to. Even if it's not everyone's huge passion, it's always just been something that we all understand together.

'So You Think You Can Dance' winner Amy Yakima: Fik-Shun taught me something amazing about dance

Even my dad, even my cousin, my mom dances, as well. It's always been about that's how we express ourselves and that's how our family works. First of all, you mentioned your mom dances, your dad doesn't dance, is that right? Does Mia Michaels refuse to choreograph if her work is going to be shown alongside Sonya and Mandy and all the rest? Well, she is Mia. And Zoe demanded that I write down that during this dance she lifted up her nighting gown and did a belly dance.

And also Atela, who may or may not have been her imaginary sister for the night, followed her moves and did a great job. Holy shit this was terrible. Um what about that slicked-back hair? Total hate for the hair and eye make-up! So you know how sometimes the universe works such that something that never comes up ever in your life comes up suddenly several times in succession? Which, as it turns out, I had never seen the whole way through, and which, by the way, was made in and is a total mind trip to watch now.

Zoe also demanded that I record the following exchange: Fik Shun is so cool. I am not a big fan.

fik shun and amy relationship poems

But he has cool moves. Then she gave me a big kiss for writing it down properly. You are good at following her instructions. Which could be due to her being twelve. I feel like this song is on every episode of this show. And I disagree, I think she is amazing.

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What is this awful noise? This is the worst thing ever. What is with her face tonight? I love to watch him move. So, like I said, the All-Stars are also the choreographers this episode, and I was very skeptical at first as to how this would work out, but they seem to have chosen mostly the older, more experienced dancers for this, so it worked out really well, I thought. I love jives, I love Chelsieand I thought this was some really great jive choreography.

I thought Aaron looked sort of lunkish and awkward occasionally, but his kicks were quite graceful, and oh man can he get height with his jumps. Also, how many car accidents can be involved in one season?

Driving is dangerous, kids. Stay home and watch TV instead. First of all, Fik-Shun looks just like his dad. Second of all, I thought she was beautiful in her own season but damn, she just keeps getting more gorgeous.

Fikshun Amy (2)

Also she made a sort of Claire Danes face at the end when she was talking about progress and shit. I thought this was unreal. Like Melanie, she brought out the absolute best in him.