Crm and erp relationship

crm and erp relationship

Managers are the most important decision makers in an organization. They have an in-depth knowledge of the entire business operation. Businesses can integrate their ERP and customer relationship management ( CRM) software to streamline business processes and boost. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management ( CRM) are two sides of the same profitability coin. ERP and.

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Actually they are not. Relationships and inventory are different aspectsCRM is used to manage flow of business process and information about customer activity.

crm and erp relationship

Quality of the relationships is the key word. Inventory is something very very different from above, and also it has hugely variable factors to it, which is extremely difficult to standardise. The basic philosophy of the inventory system is to manage material movement.

Quantity of inventory is the main keyword. Just consider following scenario: We want to buy a car four wheeler — which can cost Rs. Generally above segment prefers to use one accounting package in India, its Tally to manage finance, accounts and inventory.

crm and erp relationship

Reason is simple — cost. Such a procedure is error-prone and takes an extensive amount of time and human resources. When working with CRM systems offered by a vendor other than Salesforce.

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With two different systems unable to communicate with one another, it becomes nearly impossible to track all customer interactions and obtain information through one interface. Sales reps spend time jumping between applications to create a degree view of their customers, slowing down sales processes. As a lack of integration creates an inefficient workspace, businesses need a robust CRM and ERP integration solution in order to streamline their business processes.

crm and erp relationship

Sharing information and providing visibility into both frontend and backend systems increases productivity and simplifies business process. With CRM and ERP integration, organizations can focus more on driving new business and less on the hassles of trying to make data available.

crm and erp relationship

Furthermore, as many businesses are now employing SaaS and cloud-based applications into their business process, integration of cloud services and applications is important. CloudHuban integration platform as a service iPaaSprovides seamless connectivity across the cloud.

Integrating CRM and ERP = total customer visibility

This allows business to automate processes and create seamless connectivity. Moreover, synchronizing data to provide an updated customer master list whenever a change is made in either SAP or Salesforce. Mule offers the tools to gain a clear view of customers, thereby making valuable data from both ERP and CRM systems available to the right people at the right time, all through a single interface.

crm and erp relationship

Moreover, by employing CloudHub, they can create deeper connectivity and integrate SaaS or cloud applications and services.