Clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

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clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

Explore Emily's board "Relationship | Clark Kent + Lois Lane" on Pinterest. | See more Superman Quotes, My Superman, Batman, Superman Stuff · Superman. The Superman origin story, which was on air for 10 beautiful seasons, introduced Which is why there are so many Lois Lane quotes that perfectly describe While Lois's romantic relationship with Clark took a long time to. DC Comics re-established Lois and Clark's relationship and marriage in DC # (June ), between the Golden Age Superman and Lois Lane which.

Which DC storyline would you want to see in a live action movie? Batman, Clark Kent, and Halloween: Who would you want to dress up as? Memes, Superman, and Movie: And, I do anything necessary for her. I believe the league will try to defeat Steppenwolf and possibly an evil Superman and fall extremely short.

Some of them being fatally wounded.

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Flash goes back in time to reset these events and the league comes back with a better game plan and strategy on how to defeat Steppenwolf. And if Superman is indeed evil, it could possibly tie in the scene in BvS where Flash tells bruce "Lois is the key". Lois Lane would help Superman regain "consciousness" and snap him out of Steppenwolf's control.

The top photo is from the first JL trailer and the bottom pic is from one of the early JL promos. Both seem eerily similar, but are also clearly different.

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Almost like there is some type of "redo", which is why I think this theory might be true. What are your thoughts? Some of them being What character have you dressed up the most as? Facts, Memes, and Scarlett Johansson: Joker, Memes, and Savage: Superman ended up killing her, her unborn son, and the Joker.

Batman, Crazy, and Joker: The figure was coated with poison, but she didn't know. After holding the figure for too long, she had a seizure joker thejoker batman superman batman lexluthor justiceleague wonderwoman aquaman theflash cyborg dc dccomics dcfacts dailygeekfacts joker thejoker batman superman batman lexluthor justiceleague wonderwoman aquaman theflash cyborg dc dccomics dcfacts dailygeekfacts Facts, Memes, and Superman: Who would've guessed that the only character that movie wouldn't butcher would be Wonder Woman?

When Gadot appears in costume during the third act, adorned in Amazonian garb, she stole the show.

This meme does a great job of making explicit how Wonder Woman and audiences felt at that moment. She confidently arrived in the uber-busy DC flick to do battle with Doomsday -- and audiences couldn't ask to be in better hands. In fact, there's a pretty vocal fraction of fans that think it's one of the more ridiculous ideas that DC's indulged in since the DC reboot.

clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

For all of the reasons why a Superman-Wonder Woman relationship makes sense, there's also plenty of reasons for us to roll our eyes at it. First of all, it's an annoying trope across all forms of storytelling for two popular characters to invariably get together.

Apparently, because it's impossible for a male and a female to remain friends and never experiment romantically at least, that's what the trope is telling us. Building on this, the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship seems so inevitable that it comes across as lazy writing when the writers did decide to do it.

Predictably, the Internet and the tabloids went crazy with speculation. Was Affleck seeing somebody else?

clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

Did one of them cheat on the other? This meme makes light of the situation, bringing it into the context of the Man of Steel sequel. Batman acts as the voice of unrestrained speculation, suggesting that Affleck may be leaving Garner for Gal Gadot. It wouldn't be too different from how Affleck met up with Garner. The two built a relationship on the set of Daredevil, lending credence to the possibility that falling in love with women on the set of superhero movies is a pattern in Affleck's life.

Naturally, her success is breeding more success. After Wonder Woman did so well, DC concentrated on making her more of a focal point in the Justice League marketing, to the point where she was upstaging the other two-thirds of DC's Trinity. This hilarious meme does an excellent job of capturing the DCEU's unexpected dynamic.

Superman and Batman are trying to work up the courage to ask Diana Prince if they can be in one of her flicks, to see if some of her star-power rubs off on them.

Of course, knowing DC's inability to refrain from over-stuffing movies, the possibility of these two making cameos in future Wonder Woman flicks is a real one. This is such a meme. What was meant to be a dramatic JLA moment ended up coming across comedic -- primarily for just how flabbergasted Booster Gold acts.

Is it that surprising that the most popular guy on the team and the most popular girl on the team hooked up? Did you even go to high school? For all the explosive action and veritable drama that comics pack, it occasionally indulges in this kind of reality TV melodrama.

It feels like somebody just interrupted a secret rendezvous on one of those cheesy dating shows.