Beka and toycie relationship help

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beka and toycie relationship help

Belize, Central America, this book is the record of a few months in the life of Beka and her family. The story is built around Beka's victory over her habit of lying and her relationship with her friend Toycie. Beka Lamb: With CXC Study Notes. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Toycie Qualo is a secondary character in the novel Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell. She is the When Emilio impregnates Toycie and refuses to sanctify their relationship. Beka has a tense relationship with herparents, and Granny Ivy usually takes In the book Beka Lamb what type of relationship does beka and toycie share?.

She straightens her hair and insists on speaking Spanish and wearing lipstick.

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This prompts her father to label her a phony, which she detests more than the beatings she receives for lying. She tries to stay out of trouble at school, but when she announces her doubts about the existence of heaven and hell, Sister Virgil and Father Nunez suggest that perhaps she should not be educated in a Catholic school.

beka and toycie relationship help

Beka learns Choose a Membership Plan to channel her passion and intelligence and becomes a mature woman who can correct her mistakes. She blossoms into a self-confidant young woman who is not even afraid to slip into her Creole dialect to make a point to Sister Gabriela while her mother smiles approvingly. What could I do?

Toycie lives with her maternal aunt, Eila because her mother abandoned her and moved to Brooklyn when Toycie was two years old. She plays the guitar and is helpful and well-liked by everyone. Toycie works hard at school, realizing and appreciating that her aunt must work several jobs to pay her tuition. When Toycie becomes pregnant, her life is ruined. She is abandoned once again and does not even receive grace from the Sisters of Charity, who expel her from school.

She loses the will to live, stops eating and eventually loses her sanity. She is killed during a hurricane when a mango tree falls on her and shatters her skull. Granny Ivy is a role model forbear, often siding with Beka in arguments with her parents. Lilla is a stay-at-home mother of three children, a rarity in the Creole culture.

Sherespects her mother-in-law Ivy, even though she does not always agree with her views.

Toycie Qualo

She has hadonly two years of high school and her husband has had none. This is not going to happen to Beka if shecan help it.

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He works hard tosupport his family and raise their level of existence. He works long hours for Mr.

beka and toycie relationship help

He is the primarydisciplinarian of Beka, even though he inadvertently hurts her with his belt buckle, after which he isimmediately remorseful.

They each represent an aspect of religion as viewed by Zee Edgell. Sister Gabriela is loving and merciful.

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She is an encourager. She takes Beka under her wing.

beka and toycie relationship help

She is anAmerican who has grown up on a farm in Wisconsin. SisterGabriela assures Beka that while it is possible for her to win, winning is not the point. She remindsBeka that she is being given advantages that most other Belizean girls do not have. Therefore it is herduty to make the best of it and serve her country. She is the head nun at St. The strict Sister VirgilSt.

In the book Beka Lamb what type of relationship does beka and toycie share

Cecilia's principal, becomes aware of Toycie's situation, and she immediately expels Toycie, citing an unacceptable lack of modesty for the expulsion. However, Emilio, a student at St. Anthony's, does not appear to face any consequences for his part in the pregnancy. Toycie withdraws from all her former associates and settles into a depressed state.

beka and toycie relationship help

This eventually leads to an accident causing a miscarriage, a stay in the local mental asylum, and ultimately her death during a storm in the Stann Creek Valley a mango tree fell, crushing her skull while she is wandering about during the storm. Role in the novel[ edit ] As Beka remembers, Toycie was her best friend and confidant, mainly because she understood Beka's travails. But the two friends slowly drift apart due to the attentions of Emillio Villanueva and Beka's new drive to succeed academically a pursuit Toycie had encouraged her in.

To some reviewers, Toycie's plight as a victim of teenage pregnancy has implications for both the social and ethnic development of the nation of Belize. Professor Ervin Beck of Goshen CollegeIndianaclaims that the novel presents and confirms the Mestizos ' increasing dominance of education and economic affairs in the colony, explained by the girls' feeling that "panias" have it better than they do.

With regards to Toycie herself, Beck claims her desire to "raise her colour" inevitably brings her into conflict with Emillio and with accepted social standards in the colony, not to mention at her school.

beka and toycie relationship help