Anko and orochimaru relationship problems

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anko and orochimaru relationship problems

A new chance arises to face the problems of old, but will the conclusion be any different? set of 50 sentences diving into the minds of Orochimaru and Anko. This story details the relationship between Orochimaru and his apprentice Anko. Anko stood over his bed listening to his rapid breaths and the occasional troubled moan. Reaching down she "At least that doesn't seem to be a problem any more." She looked "Relationships are hard," Sarutobi told him. Anko Mitarashi (みたらしアンコ, Mitarashi Anko) is a tokubetsu jōnin who teaches Main article: School Trip Arc In the anime, to improve relationships with other . She wore a mixture of her own clothing and the standard-issue Anbu uniform, .

anko and orochimaru relationship problems

As a child, Anko wore a sleeveless fishnet mesh shirt, fishnet armbands that reach to her elbows, dark shorts, and knee-length boots. Years after the Fourth Shinobi World Warshe puts on weight and starts wearing red lipstick.

Her mesh bodysuit is replaced with an orange blouse with a white coat cape over it. Even as a child, her talent gained the attention of Orochimaru who would take her up as his disciple. Her prowess ultimately earned her recognition as a legendary kunoichi a decade after the Fourth Shinobi World War.

While under Orochimaru's wing, she was taught many of his techniques, such as the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and its stronger variant. Though it flares up from time to time in its attempt to encourage her to use it, she refrains from doing so. Some times like now though it was a bit annoying. Still, would you have liked it if I had tried to interfere back then? In the end it's for the best. His heart beat was strong and steady and little too fast.

You've got not one but two of the Sannin watching out for you. That he was not sleeping peacefully was obvious. Every now and then a low moan would come from him and he would twitch slightly.

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Her hand touched her shoulder where her own mark was. She could still remember the fever dreams she had endured when Orochimaru had given her the seal. For her they had been of Oro-sensei turning his back and walking away from her again and again and again as if she were garbage.

She had no idea what he was dreaming of, but she was sure it was unpleasant as all hell. She went over to the door and closed and locked it. She slipped off her sandals and took off her trench coat. She then slid into the narrow bed and very carefully placed his head so that his face was resting between her breasts. She curled up against him and very gently began to stroke his face and to play with his hair.

She knew there was no way he could hear her words, but this was all she could do to try and comfort him. I guess it might have been my fault since I got you drunk and naked and all, but you did try and take advantage.

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I'll tell you what, to make up for it for the next five minutes you have my permission to do whatever you want with me. Go ahead and squeeze 'em as much as you like.

Instead he continued to just lie against her. Okay, so, you don't even have to get that much better, just enough to be in the mood. I really have only loved two people in my life. The first one abandoned me and for a long time I didn't think I'd ever be able to trust someone like that again. I don't like being alone and I have been making some changes. I'm actually saving myself for you now, so that should mean something, right?

Though Sumire feels guilty about her part in releasing Nue, the shinobi still initially have to find a way to fight him. The problem is that Naruto has a skill that would prevent that.

Anko Mitarashi

He can access Sage Mode. When an opponent absorbs his chakra during Sage Mode, as seen in the series previously, they simply turn into a frog, and the fight is over. In the days of Naruto, fans never saw much of phones, cars, or computers.

We know they exist because one of the movies in the franchise featured the title character on guard duty for an actress, so at least some form of technology exists to create movies. In Boruto, the technology has progressed so much that the teens have handheld video games and even devices that can copy or replace shinobi skills. However, the technology progressed a step too far. The use of a computer in an office setting would normally make perfect sense.

Naruto is rarely seen in front of his computer, though his office is always full of stacks of papers that need his attention. Sometimes, they are mission reports, while other times, they are ordinances for the village.

Does Naruto even know how to use one? However, Hinata holds the title. The audience sees Hinata prepare meals for her family plenty of times over the course of the series, but we rarely see her actually enjoy food herself. Many of them were influenced by outside forces and later redeemed. It was something of a theme. However, Orochimaru, the biggest of the big bads, ended up getting nearly a full pardon. Instead of being sent to any kind of prison, or even being destroyed for his actions, Orochimaru lives as a relatively normal citizen of the Hidden Leaf Village.

anko and orochimaru relationship problems

Some of those experiments were performed on children.