Abu bakr and ali relationship

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abu bakr and ali relationship

Imam Ali (as) fought wars under Abu Bakr (as well as give bay'ah). that she is a girl from Quraysh who has not married anyone and that she. Asma bint Umays had been the wife of Jafar ibn Abi Talib, the brother of Ali; After Jafar died, she married Abu Bakr and bore him a son whom. Many of the Shi'a claim that 'Ali ibn Abi Taalib (may Allah be pleased with him) never swore allegiance to Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with.

The answer may be yes. The answer may be yes, too. As it turned out Ali a. Designation Al-Nass means that Prophet Muhammad pbuh had designated Ali to be the Imam of the Ummah and he was to follow the Prophet pbuh after his death. This is in accordance to the "Information of Designation" given by Jubra'eel to the Prophet pbuh.

They reported that the Prophet pbuh mentioned the number of the Imams after him will be twelve. They are to lead the Ummah in temporal and religious matters.

abu bakr and ali relationship

Safeguards by Allah Ismah: Once time permitted Ali began to put the Holy Quran into written text. Ali had priorities, first of which was to put the Quran in writing. Arabic in those days was written without dots or vowels. Ali wrote the Surahs according to their chronological order. He knew the occasion and the circumstance of every Ayah, its meaning, and its order in the Surah.

It took several months to finish off the text of the Quran. Messenger of Allah, are you sending me when I am young and have no knowledge of the duties of a judge?

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He The Prophet sawa replied: Allah will guide your heart and keep your tongue true. When two litigants sit in front of you, do not decide till you hear what the other has to say as you heard what the first had to say; for it is best that you should have a clear idea of the best decision.

I had been a judge for long ; or he said the narrator is doubtful: I have no doubts about a decision afterwards. Sunan Abi Dawud In-book reference: Book 25, Hadith 12 English translation: Book 24, Hadith Link: We find in the literature of the Mukhalifeen, how Imam Ali as would go about correcting the poor oppressive judgements of the usurpers.

Abi Talib passed by a lunatic woman from so-and-so tribe, and she had committed adultery. Do you want to stone this woman? So, he freed her i. Narrated Ali ibn Abu Talib: A lunatic woman who had committed adultery was brought to Umar.

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He consulted the people and ordered that she should be stoned. Ali ibn AbuTalib passed by and said: What is the matter with this woman?

This is a lunatic woman belonging to a certain family.

abu bakr and ali relationship

She has committed adultery. Umar has given orders that she should be stoned.

abu bakr and ali relationship

He Ali then came to him Umar and said: Commander of the Faithful, do you not know that there are three people whose actions are not recorded: He Ali then asked: Why is it that this woman is being stoned? He Ali then said: He Umar let her go and began to utter: Allah is most great.

Book 40, Hadith 49 English translation: Book 39, Hadith Link: Imam Ali as intervenes when he sees injustice and oppression. Muhammad also sent Umar with a group of warriors, but Umar could not conquer Al-Qamus either. Ali defeated the Marhab, the leader of the opponents of Islam, thus giving the Muslims a victory.

abu bakr and ali relationship

Commanding an army under him were Abu Bakr and Umar and they attacked and defeated the enemy. In the Battle of Hunayn as the Muslim army passed through the valley of Hunayn some eleven miles north east of Mecca a rain of arrows fell on it let loose by a group of archers of the hostile tribes that lay hid in the mountain pass. Taken unaware the advance guard of the Muslim army fled in panic.

There was considerable confusion, and the camels, horses and men ran into one another in the attempt to seek cover. There were only nine companions around him including Abu Bakr. All the rest had fled. The call was heard by the Muslim soldiers and they gathered beside Muhammad. When the Muslim had gathered in sufficient number, Muhammad ordered a charge against the enemy.

In the hand-to-hand fight that followed the tribes were routed and they fled to Autas.

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Muhammad posted a contingent to guard the Hunayn pass and led the main army to Autas. In the confrontation at Autas the tribes could not withstand the Muslim onslaught.

Finding the resistance useless the tribes broke the camp and retired to Ta'if. Abu Bakr was commissioned by Muhammad to lead the attack against Ta'if.

From Autas the Muslim forces set out for Ta'if. The tribes shut themselves in the fort and refused to come out in the open. The Muslim employed catapults to throw stones in the town, but this did not lead to any tangible results.

The Muslim tried the testudo device whereunder a group of soldiers shielded by a cover of cowhide advanced to set fire to the gate. The enemy threw red hot scraps of iron on the testudo which made it ineffective. The siege dragged on for two weeks, and still there was no sign of the fall of the fort. Muhammad held a council of war.