Where did danny and sandy first meet

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where did danny and sandy first meet

Danny. Sandy Olsson is one of the main characters in Grease. Sandy and her of , local boy Danny Zuko and vacationing Sandy Olsson meet at the beach and fall in love. Danny actually did that, finally choosing to become a runner. Sandy Olsson(or Dumbrowski) meets Danny Zuko on the beach during the After this first encounter, she starts spending a lot of time with Danny. . more minority actors and did a carbon copy of the stage/movie versions. Sandy tells Danny that she'll have to go back to Australia soon, but Danny assures Sandy it isn't the end of First a class ring, then an engagement ring. It's like Ben Hur meets Mad Max. (Or did they inhale too much of Frenchy's hair dye?).

Danny and Rizzo had a relationship in the past. At the beginning of the movie Jan asks if Rizzo had seen Danny that morning and Rizzo says "that's ancient history. I think when they were together Danny treated her poorly and broke her heart.

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That's how she knows how he'll act towards Sandy at the bonfire and also why she wants to get back at him. Reply Add an answer Question: As Kenickie is getting ready to drive at Thunder Road, he talks to Danny about a movie where a guy's friend acted as his second in a duel, and then asks if Danny would be his second at Thunder Road. Danny asks if Kenickie wants him to ride with him, Kenickie says no, then they seem to have this moment of mutual understanding and they hug. What's all that about, besides showing that they're friends?

What did Kenickie want Danny to do as his second if not ride with him? It's a dueling term. Each party would name a trusted representative a "second" who would, between them, determine a suitable "field of honour".

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It was also the duty of each party's second to check that the weapons were equal and that the duel was fair. In the photo below, you can see the white statue of actress Myrna Loy in the background.

where did danny and sandy first meet

That statue stood in front of Venice High for decades, until it was vandalized. It was replaced with a new version in The musical number Summer Lovin' then begins, with the boys listening to Danny brag about his supposed sexual antics, and the girls listening to Sandy's innocent version of the same romance.

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These scenes were also shot at Venice High School. The girls were also behind the school, but closer to the main building with the camera also facing north. Incidentally, there are still bleachers there today, in the very same position. It has had a roof added, so it looks rather different today.

When Danny treats Sandy aloofly to impress his friends, she is heartbroken, and goes off to a slumber party at Frenchy's house to recover. Later, the boys show up outside the house in the car, and Rizzo climbs down the drainpipe to join them. Meanwhile Sandy sings "Hopelessly Devoted" in the back yard. They end up discovering the T-Birds and Pink Ladies are already there and Danny finds it hard to charm Sandy without looking weak in front of his friends.

After everyone leaves the malt shop, Frenchy, who has been hiding her pink hair under a scarf, imagines a guardian angel to tell her what to do with her life, who turns out to be Frankie Avalon singing "Beauty School Dropout". Rizzo, now angry with Kenickie, takes the rival gang's leader, Leo, to the dance, thus enticing Kenickie to take the rival gang leader's girlfriend, Cha Cha DiGregorio Annette Charles who is also Danny's ex-girlfriend.

where did danny and sandy first meet

The dance features several well-known songs from the '50s covered by Sha Na Na. During the dance-off, Rizzo leaves in a huff, seeing Kenickie dancing with Cha Cha, and Danny and Sandy are one of the few couples still in the dance-off. Sandy realizes that Cha Cha was one of Danny's past girlfriends and a much better dancer.

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Sandy leaves the gym upset, and Danny and Cha Cha end up winning the contest. When they share their spotlight dance, three of the T-Birds run in front of the camera and moon the crowd. Later, Danny takes Sandy to a drive-in movie.

Danny tries to remove the class ring he is wearing to give it to her, but in doing so he accidentally elbows Sandy in the chest.

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Danny gives Sandy the ring and she kisses him on the cheek, saying she realizes now he respects her. The scene cuts to Marty and Rizzo in the drive-in's restroom. Rizzo's unprotected sex with Kenickie has come back to haunt her--she tells Marty she missed a period.

One of the T-Birds, Sonny Michael Tuccioverhears Marty accidentally proclaiming to couples making out outside the restroom to make way for the "lady with a baby", and asks Marty what she meant so she tells him the story and the rumor spreads quickly.

When Kenickie asks Rizzo why she didn't tell him about it, she lies and tells him it isn't his out of anger. He thanks her sarcastically, and leaves her standing by herself.

where did danny and sandy first meet

Marty has also suffered as a result of her crush on Vince Fontaine--she reveals to Rizzo that she caught him trying to put an aspirin in her Coke. Back in the car Danny has his arm around Sandy. His hand lingers above her chest and she sees it and he starts trying to make out with her.

where did danny and sandy first meet