Unit 229 meet and welcome visitors answers

unit 229 meet and welcome visitors answers

Unit Title: Meet and welcome visitors. OCR unit number. Sector unit number: Y// This unit covers the procedures to follow and hospitality to offer when. Unit Develop customer relationships. Unit Deliver customer service. .. CFABAC Meet and welcome visitors. Aim: This unit aims to develop the . either a report or answered (in writing or orally) appropriate questions. It's been a very useful meeting/ nice afternoon. .. (iii) You're welcome. g words offered below and then think of possible answers. d.

Moreover, supportive and collaborative workplaces are more efficient, as working together hastens problem-solving and ensures deadlines are met.

unit 229 meet and welcome visitors answers

Working with other individuals helps you: Communicate more effectively and learn to respect others. Share work goals, objectives, priorities and responsibilities.

unit 229 meet and welcome visitors answers

Work in a way that makes best use of your particular abilities, allowing team members to specialise in their personal strengths. Solve problems more quickly and effectively. Deliver work on time and in budget. Receive and provide feedback, helping everyone on the team improve. This element also asks that you understand the purpose of working with other organisations, such as a different company or a different department within your company.

Working with other organizations helps you: Understand different work ethics and values and how to adapt to different expectations. Learn new strategies for problems similar to your own. Get exposed to new services or technologies. Share information and seek advice.

In today's working world, we all have to work with people who are different from ourselves in either background or belief. Not only should you tolerate such differences, but you should understand the ways in which they enrich an organisation. Expose people to different value systems, work ethics and personality types and learn new ways to approach problems. Contain a variety of views and opinions, forcing everyone to refine and modify their own stances while taking into account other's points of view.

Find creative solutions to problems, taking in input from a variety of angles. Benefits of workplace diversity: You get a variety of solutions to problems in service, sourcing and the allocation of resources.

unit 229 meet and welcome visitors answers

Employees from diverse backgrounds bring a variety of talents, experiences and outlooks. Research shows that diversity isn't just good from a human-relations perspective, but can add real value to businesses and contribute to the bottom line. Treating colleagues with kindness means: Being empathetic and relating to the way someone feels.

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Listening closely and carefully. Asking what people need and trying to meet those needs. Try to imagine yourself in another person's shoes and imagine how you would feel if you were them. By doing so, you can usually figure out how that person would like to be treated. When in doubt, be as kind and courteous as possible.

No matter what you do, though, some people are going to be irritating, frustrating or mean, and you will have to learn how deal with them. Before you judge someone, try giving them the benefit of the doubt. You may be the one at fault, or they may have something going on in their personal life that's causing them to act out at work. Try to speak to them more often and see how they respond. You may just have to get to know each other better. If all else fails, adopt an attitude of aloof toleration and continue to show the person the type of respect you would like to receive.

In order to achieve this you need to: Ask them questions about why they see things they way they do. Be sensitive and diplomatic.

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Think before you speak and ask yourself if what you're about to say would offend someone. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Take into consideration others' social and cultural backgrounds, both as a way to understand them better and to be more tactful.

  • Outcome 1: Understand the Purpose and Benefits of Respecting and Supporting Other People at Work
  • Welcoming Visitors
  • 1. Understand procedures for meeting and welcoming visitors

If the organisation serves something to eat or drink, ask them if they would like to have something, if not you can ask if they would like to have some water. Deal with every visitor as soon as you can and respond to their queries promptly and politely.

Source There may be times when the reception area is busy with visitors having to wait for sometime.

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Make sure you apologise for the delay and thank them for waiting. The purpose of dealing with visitors promptly and courteously are: The visitors will know that they are respected, given importance and the company also considers that they are important.

The visitors will in return maintain a professional attitude and behaviour. Visitors will trust the company, and will also have a good remark and impression about the organisation. Each employee and their behaviour will be a reflection of the organisation and hence a prompt and courteous response will leave a good image of the organisation.

Visitors will recommend the organisation to others and spread the good word and will also use this organisation in the future. As we all know, the first impression always makes a difference and hence presenting a positive image of you and the organisation is very important. Dress and present yourself neatly. Stick to the dress code of the organisation. Smile, maintain eye contact, listen, be positive and do your best to help them with their queries.

How to greet a visitor The purpose of doing so are: At that particular point in time, you are representing the organisation for the visitor. So your behaviour and approach will reflect on the organisation as a whole.

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You and the organisation will be judged or evaluated based on your approach and service. It creates a feeling of confidence in the visitor. The visitors get a positive impression about the organisation.

It helps build trust between the organisation and its customers and employees. It attracts quality clients which will improve the business for the organisation thereby increasing profit of the organisation.

These procedures have to responsibly be followed by the employees at all times which include dealing with visitors as well.