Transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

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transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

Optimus Prime and the Autobots investigate the return of the Cliffjumper is on the open road, boasting to Arcee over the comm about how he's been At high school, Jack and Raf meet up again, and Bumblebee and Arcee. Cliffjumper and Ultra Magnus' Wreckers escorted Optimus Prime, . Cliffjumper met Arcee again when he was taken on board the Nemesis. My take on Arcee and Ciffjumer from TF Prime arriving on Earth and meeting Arcee and Cliffjumper laid on the hard ground of Earth, both still.

This might be explained as being because Ratchet's own life signal doesn't appear on his own scanner. After Arcee initially drops off Jack in a side-street and threatens him against telling anyone, and then starts to move off, the Vehicons are shown to very quickly speed up to and pass the position she had been; one of them would have even had to double-back.

However, in her rear view mirrors, they're shown still approaching, and one of them simply splits off. During the scene where Arcee attempts to talk to Jack in the alleyway, her rear end clips a bin.

Upon this episode's original airing, the insignia on the floor of the Autobot base was the live-action movie Autobot insigniarather than the standard Autobot insignia used on the characters themselves.

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This however was swiftly changed upon the re-airing weeks later, suggesting the rendering team either originally took note in time to effect the change, or they REALLY DO read everything on this Wiki to make the show better. This is us waving at you! While Cliffjumper, Arcee and Jack all allude to Jasper being rather dull, the entire town is astonishingly empty.

From the moment Sierra and her friend scatter with the approach of the Vehicons until Arcee and Jack reach the on-ramp for the highway, there isn't a single other car or person in evidence.

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That's some sleepy town. When Agent Fowler rebukes Optimus Prime in the next spisode over the highway incursion in this episode, his description of the carnage - "7 wrecks, 34 fender-benders, a three hour traffic jam" - seems highly unlikely from the animation.

Perhaps Fowler is prone to hyperbole? Trivia Cliffjumper was presented as a key Autobot in the publicity material, and he had a starring role in the comic released before the show's premiere.

Darkness Rising, Part 1

That, combined with the fandom's excitement over the news of his voice actor an announcement that was actually very low-key, [1] but you know, fandomsmade his death in the opening minutes of this episode come as quiiiiiiite a shock to just about everyone. Prime's sister show, G.

Renegades, pulled the same tactic with the hero Ripcord, although it would be revealed later on that he turned out fine. Agent Fowler was upset about Arcee's, Cliffjumper's and Bumblebee's actions last night. Optimus informed him the Decepticons have returned and how the Autobots were the only defense against them. Megatron went up to Starscream and showed him the dark energon.

transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

Megatron plunged the dark in energon in Skidmark's chest. Skidmark arose but he wasn't alive he was a Terracon and attacked everything in his path. They were surprised Skidmark wasn't alive like he was before but an undead Terracon and disappeared again. This great upset Cliffjumper Skidmark was a childhood friend of his. Raf helped Ratchet fix the computer.

Cliffjumper (WFC)

The team had returned and told them what happened. Cliffjumper faltered and Ratchet scanned him. Ratchet took it off.

TFP: Arcee (Flashbacks from "Predatory")

The silo walls block all radio waves. Cliffjumper pulled up into the garage. A lot people have social issues. A car came up. Cliffjumper looked at her. Abigail came out of her car. It's used you want me to make mature decisions I chose him. More like he chose me.

transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

Cliffjumper made noise early in the morning. Megatron was planning on raising an army of the undead. Ratchet conclude that stuff was Dark Energon.