The x files fanfiction mulder and scully meet

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the x files fanfiction mulder and scully meet

Rated: Fiction K - English - F. Mulder, D. Scully - Chapters: 3 - Words: Disclaimer: I do not own the X-Files, this is written for fun not Profit. even though Mulder's hands were shaking his and he was saying, 'Nice to meet. Bill Scully Meets the X Cops Summary: Bill Summary: Mulder and Scully, off the X Files for now, investigate a possible bioweapons facility. What they find there. Scully/Other; Scully/Mulder. AU, post-episode The Field Where I Died.} Scully meets and falls for an actor (who is pretty obviously based on Patrick Stewart).

In Scully's desperation to save Mulder, she encounters more than she ever bargained for. Scully, William, Emily S. It is and William has just been reunited with Mulder and Scully as they prepare for the birth of their daughter, Melissa. But as Mulder said, the darkness always has a way of finding them.

Sequel to The Christmas Miracle. Scully, William, Melissa S. Seeing them sitting on that bench made me feel so much that I wanted to write a continuation of the episode, possibly AU from here on but possibly leading up to 10x05, we'll see.

Scully has more pressing concerns at home, at least until Mulder's safety becomes paramount. Doggett, OC - Complete Home For the Holidays by neoxphile reviews Christmastime in collides with news that a seventeen-year-old girl has allegedly murdered a couple and kidnapped two small children Scully The Red Haired Woman by geektime66 reviews William has been having dreams for weeks of a red haired woman who he thinks is his birth mother.

the x files fanfiction mulder and scully meet

MSR spoilers for the movie. Scully - Complete Starlight, Starbright by Egyptian Princess of bc reviews Scully has been thinking about William, so Mulder does something that will have her seeing stars. Better than it sounds. Scully - Complete Et Iterum by starkblast reviews "Don't give him up, Scully," he begs, fingers tight on the back of her neck; their first contact in months.

Foreheads meet in a shared lean against one another for support, and she blinks away her tears, wiping at his with a gentle thumb on his cheek. William coos sleepily between them. She should know better, but her love for her son overpowers her. Mulder, I expect you to finish your report and turn it into me in just an hour He walked over to me and placed his hand lightly against my back.

I turned to Agent Thomas who had a full wattage smile on his face. He pointed to the file that had fallen to the floor. He was leaning back in his seat, a pencil tapping at his lower lip. I nodded and then followed Agent Thomas into what turned out to be the large conference room on the Fourth floor and to my surprise I got nervous instantly.

Scully, I thought you'd might help us build a profile of the killer," he said, sitting down on the edge of the table just a few inches from me.

the x files fanfiction mulder and scully meet

Agent Brian Thomas was a senior Agent from Baltimore who had a series of unsolved cases he was working on, murders of young college women that spanned several decades. He was 6 feet tall, with sun-kissed skin that told me he worked out not in a gym but outdoors, his hair too had been bleached by the sun. His baby blue eyes were calming, like the ocean. He was in his late forties, normally he was exactly the type I'd go for. He was handsome but I was already in love. I glanced at his hand and saw no ring on his finger.

Divorced, was what I immediately thought. There was no way this man had remained single all these years. Once I opened the file though, my mind went straight to the crimes. I studied them all, there were 6 cases, all young Baltimore women who were murdered 10 yrs apart, with the most recent crime having been just 10 yrs ago which meant that if the senior citizen serial killer were still alive, he would be striking soon.

I concentrated on each case, forgetting about Agent Gorgeous sitting beside me, watching me with a smile on his face and forgetting about Mulder who I knew would be fuming inwardly as he sat down in the basement alone wondering what I was doing.

We worked for hours, debating and trying to sketch out a profile. Occasionally another Agent would join us.

the x files fanfiction mulder and scully meet

Agent Thomas bought me lunch and I thanked him despite my hesitation. I knew Mulder was expecting me back for lunch with him but Brian wanted to work through lunch.

I noticed that Mulder never called me and I was slightly grateful for that. I didn't need the distraction but it also made me want to run down and see him even more. I needed to know what Mulder was doing. I knew that whenever I was approached to work outside of the X-files on special assignments, it brought up anxiety in my partner.

I knew Mulder thought it was the Bureau's attempt to separate us and I needed to reassure him that I wasn't going anywhere. Agent Thomas and I worked on until after 5 and then I got up, stiff and tired but rushed down to the office to see Mulder.

I was surprised to find the office door locked and so I unlocked it and grabbed my belongings. There was no notes from Mulder and so I decided I would call him later. I needed to go home, toss off these clothes and take a nice soothing bath. Mulder makes the ultimate deal to save his partner. I've been consumed by the insanity that shrouds you like a curse.

the x files fanfiction mulder and scully meet

I'm part of it. Mad by proxy — and the worst part, the bit that makes it all so goddamn difficult — is that I'm not sure I want to escape it.

the x files fanfiction mulder and scully meet

Which makes me, if possible, even crazier than you. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Scully - Complete Sometimes what seems so familiar may not be.

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An assassination attempt takes more from Mulder than he ever thought possible. From the "one time Scully wonders how she could have possibly missed the warning signs. Scully - Complete Season The Widow Tree by Jenthewarrior reviews When a local 'witching' festival goes down in flames, Mulder and Scully must discover the true cause before vandalism turns into murder.

Scully] Into the Unknown by Kyouryoku Senshi reviews After discovering Scully is pregnant with their 2nd child, Mulder faces the consequences of his actions against Purlieu and The X-Files are closed for good. What happened to Skinner and Reyes? Is the Smoking Man really dead? Are the threats against humanity really over? When things go wrong, the librarian has to deal with it. OC point of view of Mulder's heroics.