Tf2 meet the seeman and seeldier

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tf2 meet the seeman and seeldier

Painis Cupcake is a RED Soldier TF2 Monster created by YouTube user RubberFruit. he quickly fought and defeated CBS, Seeman and Seeldier, Weaselcake, Dic In another meeting with Stu, Painis realized all his enemies he executed. [TF2] Freak Fortress 2 VSH / Freak Fortress. Seeman & Seeldier: "SEE?". .. I' m at work, so I can only go by the Meet the Freaks post. Seeman is a RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by retired YouTube user help of Seeldier did he survive the encounter, and the two went to the underworld, . Seeman and Dic Soupcan Meet Dangerous Bacon · Seeman vs Moodic · SEE?.

It is further evidenced by the fact that he is shown to be actually rather friendly with TF2 Freaks that either do not want to fight him or act cordial to him: Polite Spy was the first one to prove this after complimenting the Monster.

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It is unknown if he could be friendly with non-TF2 Freak people. Involvement Painis Cupcake is one of the first Freaks in-universe terms, presumably even before the whole Vagineer race even started. As such, he completely surpised his no-longer mercenary companions, slaughtering them with his legendary strength.

He suffered his first defeat at the hands of Dic Soupcan who, feigning death by decapitation, completely surprised the cannibal, who was not expecting anyone as strong as he was, and promplty dismembered and buried him in multiple cans.

tf2 meet the seeman and seeldier

Unfortunately, his losing streak didn't end there, WeaselcakeChristian Brutal SniperSeeman and The Bugler Vagineer all defeated him by using unexpected abilities or allies that Painis Cupcake didn't see coming and had no protection for. Even though he kept feeding from mercenaries in between those battles, one of them managed to slip trough A Heavy, with the help of Hoomba and a bizarre environment. This all combined made the Freak finally snap and decided to execute his revenge on those that proved him the weaker foe.

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During his trip, he befriended SolgineerIntelligent Heavy and Spyper. An indeterminate amount of time later, Painis Cupcake met various Freaks, like Polite Spy whom he helped battle against the Doctor ; Piss Cakeholewhom he befriended, and Stu Pidfacewhose antics first resulted annoying but the monster quickly caught up to the Freak's humor.

tf2 meet the seeman and seeldier

In another meeting with Stu, Painis realized all his enemies he executed revenge before sans the Bugler had respawned together in the same place, and all of them had a frantic battle that quickly became a free-for-all. Seeman, who didn't participate initially in the feud, delivered the final blow with a See-Beam, ending the scuffle.

Painis Cupcake complimented his enemy, and Seeman in his jovial attitude quickly befriended the cannibal. Powers and Abilities Painis Cupcake is possibly one, if not the strongest monster that the TF2 Freak World has ever seen, as he is one of the oldest ones and has many abilities which let him stand out among the most powerful Monsters. Due to his cannibalistic lifestyle, Painis Cupcake has brutal force as one of his primary combat abilities.

tf2 meet the seeman and seeldier

His strength is so great, he can easily toss people to a wall, the resulting collision dismembering them. However, he seems to enjoy a good fight. Despite this he doesn't seem to want to battle others for the sole purpose of killing them.

Seeman has also a pretty random personality. However, he seems to get along well with some people who can stand Seeman's habit of constantly saying "See? Involvement No one knows when or where Seeman came from, but it has been around as much as the other classic Freaks. Most of the population, including the Thieving BLU Soldiersare fans of the character's quirks of exclaiming non-sequitur and making funny faces. Seeman is known to travel all around the TF2 Freak World pointing out things to everyone around him.

Painis Cupcake

One day Seeman was met again by Painis Cupcake but not even with the help of Seeldier did he survive the encounter, and the two went to the underworld, along other Monsters who died at the hands of the cannibal as well, where they spent some quality time with Professor Pyrowise until they respawned, in Painis' spawn room at 2Fort. Everyone but Seeman started to fight until the Freak decided to join the fray encouraged by his Soldier friend.

tf2 meet the seeman and seeldier

He promptly knocked out the weakened fighters and finished off Christian Brutal Sniper and Dic Soupcan. Happy with their destruction, Painis congratulated Seeman. Incapable of hating anyone, the See-Freak immediately befriended the cannibal.

Powers and Abilities Seeman, despite his behavior, is one of the strongest monsters in existence, and has emerged victorious even against powerful enemies, like the feared Painis CupcakeChristian Brutal Sniper and even the Vagineer and Snyphurr duo at once.