Steven universe and connie meet the press

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steven universe and connie meet the press

Steven Universe (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers Steven Universe (–) Connie Maheswaran / . "Fusion Cuisine" is the 32 episode of the first season in Steven Universe, and the 32 to let Connie hang out with Steven until they have met both of his parents. "Bubble Buddies" is the 7episode in the first season of Steven Universe, and the 7 with Amethyst, just like he did with Connie when he first met her in this episode. when Steven and Connie tried to push the bubble for them to move around.

Connie tells him that she will only believe him if he says it to her face, so Steven comes out of hiding. He then confesses that he still wants to be Connie's friend, and was just trying to protect her from everything that was happening.

  • Fusion Cuisine
  • Bubble Buddies
  • The New Crystal Gems

They are approached by Jamie who has mail for Steven. Later on, Connie and Steven deliver Jamie's letter to Garnet in which he professes his love. When delivering Garnet's response, Steven stops Connie from giving the harshly worded letter to Jamie for fear of shattering his heart. Connie then rewords the letter poetically, in an attempt to let Jamie down easy. As the lessons progress, Connie becomes a very skilled sword fighter, but Pearl's influence on Connie start making her obsessed with protecting Steven with her life.

Concerned with her safety, Steven follows Connie to one of her lessons and convinces her that they should fight together.

steven universe and connie meet the press

After arguing with Pearl, she is convinced that Steven and Connie would both be great knights. The episode ends with Connie still taking lessons from Pearl, now with Steven by her side. Connie comments that at home she does not have any music other than movie soundtracks and classical music. Greg responds by playing The Philosophy Majors for her.

Steven and Connie dance, causing them to fuse into Stevonnie accidentally. They quickly unfuse, startled, and Connie panics, asking Greg not to tell her parents. Greg tells her that he is probably the only human being on the planet who would understand.

He then tells Connie and Steven a story about him and Rose and tells Connie if she ever needs someone to talk to that he is okay with talking with her. Connie's mother discovers the sword and confiscates it, and takes it back to the hospital with her to check on her patients. Connie and Steven sneak into the hospital to retrieve the sword but are caught by Connie's mother.

steven universe and connie meet the press

Before anything can happen, the patient wakes up and begins attacking them. Steven reveals that the patient is a gem mutant, and Connie pleads with her mother to let her use the sword to help fight. Her mother refuses to back down on a rule, so they run out of the room and attempt to escape the hospital. They are cut off by another gem mutant, and Steven bubbles Connie and her mother to protect them. Connie continues to plead with her mother to allow her to use the sword, but her mother still refuses to listen.

Steven insists that Connie has been training to use a sword for a long time, but Dr.

steven universe and connie meet the press

Maheswaran insists that she know more about her daughter than Steven does. The next day, Steven calls Connie to see if she wants to see "the mid-season pre-finale of "Under the Knife", but Connie says she cannot because her parents are upset and refuse to let Connie hang out with Steven until they have met both of his parents.

Steven assumes that he is going to bring all of the Gems to the dinner, but Connie objects. Connie admits the fact that she told her parents that Steven lives in a nuclear family.

Fusion Cuisine

Steven exclaims that the Crystal Gems are not radioactive, but then Connie explains the meaning of a nuclear family. Steven then suggests that Connie could simply tell her parents about the Crystal Gems, but Connie is afraid that her parents would not let her hang out with him again if they were to know that she lied to them.

steven universe and connie meet the press

Steven struggles to choose one of the Gems to act as his mother because Garnet is not a good conversationalist, Amethyst is too gross, and Pearl does not like eating because of digestion.

Steven proposes that the Gems fuse into one but all the Gems quickly decline. Despite their quick refusal, after seeing how much this really means to Steven, they reluctantly accept. That night, the Maheswarans are impatiently waiting for Steven and his parents.

Steven shows up 20 minutes late with Greg and Alexandritea huge six armed fusion of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Greg introduces himself and then Alexandrite as his wife. A similar plot from this episode would later be used in the OK K.

Cultural References Lapis says "There is no Amethyst. This is itself a homage to the heroic poses that characters often strike in cartoons, particularly in anime such as Sailor Moon and others which heavily inspired Steven Universe. One example of that is Peridot shouting "New Crystal Gems Yellowtail's pick-up truck resembles a Toyota Hilux, only that it is a 2-door configuration utility truck rather than the 4-door configuration. The Title The New Crystal Gems is a reference to the New Avengers, where a lesser known group of heroes become Avengers when the more popular team is busy or incapacitated.

Peridot says that she was showing Lapis her "old room", the bathroom she was locked in after Steven un-bubbled her in " Catch and Release ".

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She is also trying to flush herself again as she did then or perhaps, showing Lapis that it is impossible. Connie asks Lapis if she remembers her from the events of " Ocean Gem ", where the latter almost drowned her.

steven universe and connie meet the press

Peridot's skill with her ferrokinesis powers appears to have improved with time and practice: