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Chihiro steadily grows as she and Haku become increasingly distant and Moving both hands to rest on her lap, Chihiro thought back to the. Read, review and discuss the entire Spirited Away movie script by Hayao Miyazaki on She meets a boy named Haku who tells her that Chihiro and her parents are in Good Luck, Chihiro. We'll meet again. Chihiro. Chihiro,. we're almost there . Quotes · References · Rhymes · Scripts · Symbols · Synonyms · Zip Codes. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Synonyms: Sen and Chihiro's Spiriting Away of the enigmatic Haku and the cast of unique characters she meets along the way. Still, I watched it again and, for some reason, I got it the second time around.

Lady Okinawa lives on the forest by the spirit gate, although it's currently closed, it's your best chance! The day she comes to the gate! Lady Okinawa is temperamental, mind you, but she's very kind and very wise, she might just know what you can do to meet Chihiro this time! I will find a way to see her again but I will do it myself" he said, closing his eyes in frustration.

Haku opened his eyes again when he felt a hand on his shoulder. She's a very strong girl and she's grown, you've been delaying things with your denial. You deny your love" Haku frowned at this "yes, love, no matter what love you believe it to be, it's love nonetheless. She has come every year with hope to see you yet still knowing that she likely never will, yet she believes in the promise you made.

If you delay much more she will move on and you'll lose your opportunity. I'm not saying you have to go and promise her a 'forever', no I'm saying go see her, talk to her and may you meet again when another opportunity arrives but don't just crush her hopes like that, you're her dearest friend" Haku sighed. For all the centuries he lived and for all the wisdom he possessed, he knew all this and still hesitated.

Granted, he'd never got himself involved with the humans before, his only duty was to his beloved river until the girl fell into his waters and he just couldn't let her drown, even if he didn't know why, he couldn't. Now, things should have ended then but as fate would have it, his river was dried, making him a lost soul, she came along again and he found himself questioning his true duty.

What fate awaited him? What was in store for him? But he knew, Zeniba had told him, his soul was bound to Chihiro's and that was why. He didn't understand it fully but he knew that if he were to never see her again it would slowly kill him but if it meant she would be happiest that way he wouldn't hesitate.

Love was a very dangerous emotion in the spirit world, most spirits didn't love beyond their birth channels but the few that did often lived painfully, suffering a thousand times more than any human in the same condition. The so called unrequited love was poison to a spirit. A spirit would fade away just like their human world part, be it river, forest, whatever the like, it would fade with them as their soul knowing it could not merge would start moving on.

Humans were reborn with their true love over the centuries, many times over, while spirits came to be to protect the world. Sure some spirits found happiness with humans and entered the life cycle with their beloved on their next life, since linking a spirit's soul to a human's would bound their life, so when the human dies, the spirit will follow.

True some humans changed their loved one during their lives when their soul loses its link to the other half or when they break the link themselves to forge a new one.

It was rare, dangerous and very unlikely. Not many souls were compatible with more than one half but some haven't yet found their half, being free to link. But really how likely was it that the feeling he had was of that nature and how even more likely was it for Chihiro to be part of one of these exceptions? Chances are, even if he figures he loves her, she won't feel the same or can't.

But Haku doesn't like to dwell on this, he doesn't believe there is anything beyond a deep friendship love between them even if he doesn't deny he won't fight against it if he does develop feelings for her but until then, he has vowed to not mistake his feelings.

He knows himself and knows right now, Chihiro wouldn't be able to respond anyway, she is too young by human standards and even if she were infatuated it was dangerous to involve himself with her at such a volatile age as the one she was currently in, not that he believed any wrong from her but it was human nature.

Yet Kamaji still was right. He had to see her. Kamaji nodded, he knew Haku would do the right thing. I will see you when I get back" and with that he left.

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Lady Okinawa lived in a big clearing, her small yet luxurious house a place of renown. Her powers were wide but she mostly centered on dragon herding.

She took all kind of dragon spirits in and cared for them when they lost their human world attachment. Since dragons were born from rivers and the like, usually it had to do with the drying up of these rivers by human influence. When Haku arrived he saw someone waiting for him at the front door. As Haku entered the Lady's domain he confirmed that the legends were true, Lady Okinawa's house was way bigger on the inside than on the outside.

For all the space, you'd say you just entered a castle instead of a small cottage. He was led to a small room and told to wait. When the door opened again he saw a tall woman enter. She had the longest and purest of white hair he'd ever behold. Her skin was chalk white as were her eyes. She was very thin and frail looking but held such an aura of power his first instinct was to cower before her.

Her expression however was warm as a wide smile graced her delicate features. I'm glad to see you again, even if you won't remember me from our first encounter, I was rather different then" the Lady said, her voice so soft a normal human would have to strain their ears to hear.

Haku didn't remember her at all. I was the main river from where yours was born from, so let's just say I'm like your mother, of sorts. You're all grown up; I feared what might have happened to you after they dried the river.

Mine still flows but I have grown apart from it, in a sense. It's still a part of me but I've lived long enough to take other duties and live far away.

I hope you stay for a while, Akaiku will show you to a room and we shall talk more later, I'll send Kashi to Yubaba to tell her you'll be back tomorrow or after" she announced calmly, always smiling as she motioned to a raven perched on a branch of a small tree on the corner of the room, starting to turn to leave.

I can't stay, I have something I need to do Lady Okinawa. I deeply apologize for the rush but I must leave" Haku said, almost losing his posture. Lady Okinawa smiled wistfully and handed Haku what looked like a fan made of rigid pure white feathers. I do hope you come visit me sometime, my dear, it's been a long while" she said, nodding slowly before leaving.

A girl with two long red pigtails entered not long after, her yellow eyes seemed to glow as she showed a toothy grin and held a black ribbon to him. If you cut it, one half is connected to the other" the redhead said.

Haku took the silky ribbon in his hand and thanked the girl. Hope you come back, brother" Haku knew there were many dragons but he'd never thought of them as family. It was a warm friendly environment, one full of luxury, no wonder many people seemed to speak of the Lady with envy. Now for the hard part of his journey, Chihiro would be by the gate by now. The place looked the same as always.

Sure, more vegetation had grown around again but it was mainly the same. Not the same as when she first beheld it. She remembered, the path had been clear and the building had still bore its red paint, free of moss, a brand new building as her father said. When they had left the spirit world behind, the building had all been covered in moss and the paint was gone, the building was timeworn and almost in ruins, as it was now. Sometimes she hoped she'd find it as it had been the first time, but that never happened.

Just to find the path again had been a challenge. It seems fate had really wanted them to get off course that day. Many times had she crossed the tunnel to find the place full of cobwebs and dust, the walls and ceiling looking like they were about to fall apart. The windows were broken and dull, unlike the lovely colors she remembered. The benches were gone.

All in all, it was a sad sight. More so was the fact that when she backtracked to the little town of restaurants all she found were more ruins and where the bathhouse should have been there was a wide lake.

Chihiro had given up on wishful thinking, she knew in her heart she wasn't meant to go back but it still hurt she would never see them again. Maybe because of that, because she knows and appreciates what she's doomed to lose, she decides to help her in an altruistic way. And what about Kamaji? Another key character in Chihiro's development in there; he seems to be quite aware of his situation too. I'd say he is a bit like the "sacrificed" individual, who Yubaba used to start his project and maybe the only one that didn't lose his identity at all.

He's a slave in this world, he knows it but can't help it. So yes, I have a more "adult" and crude view of the overall concept. This definition of the magical public baths as a place were people are doomed to end up losing what makes them "special" is quite harsh and melancholic for a -as targeted and admitted by Miyazaki- kid's movie, and it might feel even weird, but that's how I interpreted it and I think it makes some sense.

Does this mean Yubaba is a villain? Somebody whose only objective in life is to harm people? That's hardly what Yubaba is. She, for better or for worse, created a world, and made it work.

She imposed some rules. We could even say she created her own utopia and that doesn't mean she is naturally "bad"why not? One of the maybe main reasons why she loses her battle against Chihiro, in fact, is that her weakness is shown eventually giant baby ; and reveals a hypocritical attitude, as she is protecting her lovely child from any influence while she's always preaching the exact contrary.

As she knows it, it's a shameful thing to admit and maybe here is where her image of forcefulness starts to teeter. All in all, these examples just show that the real strength of this story lies in the characters, as they are always depicted in a detailed way. Yubaba not being the typical villain, or not even being a "villain" at all; Haku, the hero and the "positive" one here has also an overambitious side and is for the most part guilty of his situation She is a spoiled brat who learns to appreciate some things, but in no way overreacting at these points, as she sounds real and relatable at every damn scene.

It's quite easy to understand her, she's not made to be likeable but her portrayal is solid enough to make us join her development through the story.

Well then go to YouTube and listen to the pieces I just mentioned. The voice acting added a sense of realism into characters, especially Chichiro who genuinely sounded like a fightened 10 year old child. The beauty of the sounds in Spirited Away cannot be described in words. There are just so many themes in Spirited Away beyong the surface of a magical masterpiece. Chichiro aka Sen was stripped of her name. But what does a name really mean though, it's just a 2-couple of words assigned to you at birth right?

You can just change it too right? Well, in Spirited Away, the character's names are their quest for freedom. Sen Chichiro must remember the qualities that make her who she is and remain true to them despite her name, the one word that defines her as herself, has changed.

In Spirited Away, names are of fundamental importance in the spirit world, and those in power keep their control by stealing and changing names. Only those characters with the inner strength to hold onto their names and identities can free themselves. What defines a person as good or evil?


In Spirited Away, every character morally ambiguous; they're a mix of good and bad qualities and actions. Chihiro herself is pretty unpleasant at first until later when she reveals her better nature only after she becomes Sen.

In the end, evil is not vanquished but pushed aside as characters make choices that weaken bad influences. Growing Up, and entering the world of adulthood.

What does it mean to be a child? What separates a child from a teen from an adult?