Shaycarl and colette meet

Shay Carl Cheating Update: Everything We Know About Shaytards Scandal So Far

shaycarl and colette meet

Colette Butler (MommyTard) is the wife of Shay Butler and the mother of five raise to fame on YouTube she was an exercise trainer trying to make ends meet. Apr 3, A closer look at the Shay Carl Butler cheating scandal with cam girl Aria Nina. never met in person and confirmed he was not one of her paid customers. In his statement, he said his wife, Colette Butler, was by his side. Shay Carl and Colette/Katilette Butler wedding from Shaytards. Shaytards · Don't spill the World Peace!! SHAYTARDS Love To Meet, Shaytards,. Love To.

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shaycarl and colette meet

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shaycarl and colette meet

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