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Is he some strange kind of Taguel? Robin pulled out his sword and sidestepped the warriors, and slashing at them with his weapon. He didn't know who they were or why they were attacking him. They might be the good guys, but he was unable to decipher anything from the current predicament and set about to protect his own life. He had someone he needed to return to.

Pirate Queen of the Century | FanFiction

When other soldiers broke away from the suicide mission that was attacking Luffy, they rushed him. As they came into his line of vision, Robin saw some kind of inscription on their hat but was unable to make out the words. Whether he was just exhausted and thus not seeing clearly, or if it was some kind of language he didn't recognize, Robin couldn't tell. The rocking motions of the ship were much harder to handle now that he was no longer below deck. The fight didn't last long; even if Robin was a bit woozy, his enemies were unskilled and Robin easily deflected their blows and countered with his own.

It wasn't as precise as his moves normally were, but they didn't need to be. However, as he finished the last combatant, his head suddenly began tightening and he collapsed. It was like his head was being crushed by a giant boulder. He gripped his head and cried in agony. Then the pain changed. It felt like his skull was being drilled through, each tender part of his bone being violated and pulverized.

The pain subsided briefly and, surveying the battleground to look for threats, he found one. He looked up in time to see the soldiers poised to strike, but he had no way of moving. Robin chose not to think about it too much.

His brain already hurt plenty. Rushing over to the incapacitated man, Luffy bent down and offered a hand. Even though he seemed to know his way around a fight, he clearly had no grasp of the more intellectual going ons. Robin nodded, grabbed the outstretched hand and tried to rise to his feet.

The pain had subsided to a near tolerable level, but he knew he needed to get away from the fighting. Even these small fry could defeat him should his head begin rebelling against him again. Robin nodded and began staggering away from the battlefield. He looked back at Luffy who charged the soldiers, yelling out another attack name. He collapsed on the other side of the ship and fell unconscious, hitting with a loud thud.

I understand your fighting style. That means I can defeat you. Luffy turned and saw a highly decorated marine leader stepping forward from behind all of his soldiers.

He stepped in front of the Marines by a considerable margin, and all the Marines backed up slightly in response. He stood arrogantly, wearing a condescending grin. His long marine overcoat was adorned with several badges on his shoulders and he sported plain light black suit underneath.

His blue hair spiked up like it was afraid of touching the ground. He hadn't met him before, or at least he couldn't remember meeting this man. The man who will capture you and claim the three-hundred Million Beri bounty on your head. I am Marine Captain Baku Shidori," The marine declared arrogantly, pointing a gloved finger at the pirate.

After the declaration, all of the Marines began cheering triumphantly. A few even began giving a sigh of relief. Once the boss gets serious, no one can stop him.

I am going to catch you like a fish! He whipped it forward towards the Marine and called out the attack's name. Luffy dropped to the ground panting heavily, his Devil Fruit reacting to the water that now extended to cover his body.

I, too, have eaten a Logia type Devil Fruit. I ate the Water Water Fruit. I'm a water man! Several of the Marines sighed. One of the more heavily decorated officers stepped forward and glared at the Commander. She had short, dark green hair and a modified version of the Marine overcoat that wrapped snugly around her alluring body. She swaggered forward, her movements exaggerating the swaying of her tight hips.

Her eyes were large and sharp and seemed to have flames dancing in them. Her succulent lips only highlighted the rest of her gorgeous face. Most of the soldiers were too busy admiring the woman with obvious infatuation to sense the tension in the air.

The few that did were watching in fear, praying the two didn't fight. She stopped in front of the Marine, who seemed to be observing her out of the corner of his eye, while he continued to drown Luffy. Her words came rolling off her tongue seductively, sultry, deeper than expected from a woman of her small size. Hearing it sent a shiver down the Marines' spines, the way a deep yawn would, making them all tingly all over. We told you to knock it off. Those few that had noticed decided they didn't want to correct her.

He turned to one of his higher ranked minions and pointed at her. Why should I be forced to speak Ocean Standard? I'm mostly speaking it anyways! If you use Standard, then everyone would be able to understand you. But while it wasn't his mother tongue, he had a strange affinity for Japanese that he forced onto his subordinates.

Not that they complained much. He had made an example of the one soldier who went too far in sharing his opinion. His rantings were interrupted by Luffy's coughing and desperate gasping for air. The pirate was flopping around, trying to escape the water that followed his every move. Baku turned to Luffy and snapped his fingers, signaling for his underlings to get the sea stones.

While he would never admit it, using the water was exhausting, especially when transporting a prisoner. He kept several sea stones on hand for all the Devil Fruit users he captured. Can I call you Luffy? You do realize the situation you're in, right? Momi looked like she thought about it for a second, but shrugged, ultimately deciding it wasn't worth it. As the captain was preparing to ensnare Luffy, loud, rapid footsteps could be heard and the Marines turned to the right.

Take this; Firebird Star! Baku shot a blast of water out of his hand reflexively, extinguishing the flame. I've fought a pirate that embodied that name. He's the only Devil Fruit using pirate I've been unable to capture. To be fair, Luffy had only learned Ocean Standard, modern English and Japanese were much more complicated for him, so he probably didn't even realize he was insulting the Marine. Even the mountain bandits that caused him and Shanks some trouble many years ago spoke a fairly standard dialect of Ocean Basic.

Everyone in town spoke it, as did the pirates, so Luffy never bothered to learn any other languages beyond the little bits he picked up from Shanks. Proving the soldier right, Baku's body began literally steaming, smoke rising from his arms as he let out a loud scream. I'll drown you all!

You and you pathetic crew… Water Water Cannon! Usopp shrieked and dived out of the way, the water instead hitting Sanji and Zoro who appeared to be bickering at the bottom pf the stairs.

The impact knocked them back into the wall and the two collapsed, momentarily stunned. Nami quickly reacted to the situation and grabbed Chopper, running away with him to keep him from drowning.

Franky, who was only a few feet behind the bickering swordsman and cook, round the corner and pulled a lever causing an emergency hatch to close over the stairs, keeping the water out.

If we open the door, the Sunny's gonna flood. We've just got to believe in him. He shook it but it still didn't light. She shook her head. Even if I could, my limbs would just be an easy target for that water man. You better beat that guy, Luffy! He briefly considered cutting his way through the roof, but Franky had insisted that that would be impossible. The Adam wood the Sunny was made of was supposed to be almost indestructible. Resolving to wait, he sat down impatiently.

You might not have heard of me, but I'm famous for capturing Devil Fruit users. I'm the real pirate hunter. I would've liked to take Zoro's head back to Marine Headquarters and make my status as the true Pirate Hunter official. He doesn't seem to have a bounty, so we'll just throw the baka overboard. After a moment he laughed. This is for someone named Sniper King… can't you tell the difference?

Then he can be killed for all I care. Once we're away, we'll sink this ship. The cannonballs weren't very effective, this wood is strong, but good old fashion fire should do the trick. It's up high so I can keep them trapped below deck and burn the ship at the same time. Worst case scenario, the wood doesn't catch… the sails will be burnt, they'll be stranded out here and left to starve to death.

Did you say something, baka? I wouldn't test that if I were you. You'll get hurt real bad. The water quickly rose to swallow him again, forcing him to ground. What makes you think you can beat all of them? You aren't special Straw Hat, you're one of the thousands. You are just a worthless baka that can't even…" Baku's rantings were interrupted by a fireball that flew past him and hit the two Marines that were holding Usopp. It moved too quickly for his instincts to react to it, and his eyes had trouble following it.

The two unlucky soldiers scrambled overboard in an attempt to put out the fire. A slash of wind knocked the four Marines that were handling the torches overboard.

The few that weren't extinguished by the wind were doused by the ocean. Baku's head shot towards the upper deck of the Sunny where the fireball and wind blade had come from. He looked down at his robes. Her eyes narrowed in concertation. Another no-bounty member of Straw Hat's crew? He briefly withdrew the bounties he kept in his pocket, looking for one that matched Robin's stature.

'One Piece' Drops One Shocking Moment With Shanks

As Robin began to chant, Baku chuckled, his laughter temporarily halting the progression of his spear. Didn't you see what happened to your sniper buddy? Lightning formed at his fingertips and once the spear reached him, he thrust his hand into it.

It traveled through the water, evaporating it as it went. Robin saw Baku's eyes widened right as it reached him, and smirked. The bolt hit his arm and using the conductivity of the water, struck Baku's chest, narrowly avoiding his heart. The resulting explosion blew a hole in his chest, threw the Marine against the rail guard like a rag doll, and created several sparks, which were quickly put out by his body.

Painfully concentrating with a look of anguish, Baku manipulated the water around his arm and the hole in his chest refilled, returning him to his original state. After the mending was complete, Baku dropped to the ground, panting as Luffy had merely moments previously.

You have no choice but to retreat. I'm not in the best mental condition right now, but I know I've got at least four more shots left in this book. The pirate began gasping for air and squirmed away from the marines, collecting what little composure Luffy could manage. You're a Lieutenant Commander right? While some of them could fight, none of them looked to be in a position where they could accomplish any good in a fight, especially against someone with a Million Beri bounty.

Straw Hat Luffy is basically out of commission and I noticed this other fellow hobbling around earlier. I can't take that many. They won't attack us, though, they'd have a minimum of six casualties just from me… but unless you think you can pin them down we need to retreat.

Baku pounded his hand on the guard rail and cursed but eventually sighed and walked back towards the gangplank. As the Marines sailed away, Baku called out to the Straw Hat provocatively.

I will find you, and your little magic friend, too! I don't know how many more uses I'll get out of this thing. On the rare occasion the stress got to him and he lost count, Miriel or Cordelia helped out, but neither of them were here at the moment.

Robin thought back, trying to remember now that his headache had subsided. He remembered Grima and his sacrifice, though he wasn't sure how he had survived, why he was here, where here was, how much time had passed, or even the specific details of his fight with the Grimeal. He stood up and offered a hand to Robin.

I'm sorry for attacking you. How did you do that!? Robin screamed and hid behind Luffy. He positioned his swords towards him menacingly and glared him down.

Zoro was a bit taken back as well but sheathed his weapons. The mind numbing pain had returned like his brains were being torn apart by some unseen beast.

He could hear Luffy and Usopp calling out his name, but the noise was unclear and distorted, like after the fight with Grima. Once again his eyes ceased to work and all he could see was an unyielding darkness. He tried to sit up but his body began to ache, causing him to lie back down abruptly. He heard a high-pitched shriek that sounded like it came from a young child.

Despite the fact that he or she was an animal, he or she seemed to be capable of speaking in his language. I'm seeing a talking baby bear Before he could complete this simple task, the delusion began screaming. I'm a reindeer, you stupid human! The pain flashed to his brain, a small groan escaping his lips. He gripped his arm and grimaced. The reindeer jumped up onto the bed and rushed to him. And who are you? His eyes were unfocused and the room was spinning, making it impossible for him to figure out where he was.

He recalled intense pain and shooting lightning into the arm of a man made of water, but that was about it. It's the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates. I'm the ship's Doctor, Tony Tony Chopper," he answered, laying a wet cloth on top of his forehead to cool him down.

Robin thought it was a stethoscope, but its exact purpose eluded him. The little reindeer had probably heard about him shooting lightning out of his hands. The Baku guy seemed surprised… it must not be common here. So he chose to move onto his pressing question. Even if I'm awake… no, because of that, a talking reindeer still doesn't make sense. Are you some kind of Taguel?

One Piece Shanks reacts to Luffy's bounty English Dubbed

But he had assumed Luffy was some kind of Taugel too. Robin realized just how little he knew about the Taguel and resolved to learn more once he returned. I ate the Human Human Fruit. Like, how could food grant the ability to speak?

And why was the word human used twice? This one went down easier, as his sluggishness had worn off, though he still couldn't shake the feeling of unease. So I became more humanoid and can talk now. So lightning bolts were strange, but talking reindeer weren't? That's why he's so stretchy. The Monster Monster fruit? He winced and laid back down. What kind of training must he have done?

Chopper began spreading the cream on Robin's bare stomach. Robin was a bit confused at why he wasn't wearing his usual robes, but then again, hopefully, this doctor knew what was best. Robin sighed at the relief from the pain.

I take it you don't have any staves? You lift them up and a light shines and your stamina is restored. I honestly don't know exactly how they work… I guess they don't have them wherever in the world we are now," Robin explained, trying to phrase it properly. Magic was a complicated sensation even to those familiar with it. Robin thought for a moment. A few moments later he returned with a large brown bag that was nearly as large as he was. He placed it on the ground with a plop and smiled.

Robin smiled, glad to see such innocence. All the children from the future had seen more carnage than he had imagined possible… and it had changed them, broke them, molded them. Innocence was in short supply in his army. It's red and has ancient lettering on it. After a moment, he stuck his head out producing the book. He opened it up and smiled. Chopper's eyes widened at the sight and began trying to collect them, which failed.

I haven't seen snow since I was back home on Drum Island. Robin chuckled at the young doctor's innocence. He's a friend of mine who loves these little odd spells. I'm glad you liked it since he never got to see it. I did," Robin revealed solemnly, realizing if he didn't explain it seriously, he wouldn't be taken seriously. Despite this, he ended up leaving his body out in Robin's line of sight instead of hiding. Robin paused, not expecting that reaction, and laughed.

Heart's still beating…" He paused touching his chest. I didn't see any fatal marks or decomposed tissue Putting it against Robin's chest, he waited.

After hearing a heartbeat, he sighed in relief. His headache returned towards the end, but Chopper gave him some medicine that gave him the clarity to recall the events of that battle, down to the last detail. Chopper was crying too, and his nose was spilling out snot as well.

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He grabbed a tissue, blew into it violently, and turned to Robin. He jumped onto the bed and threw his short arms around Robin, hugging him. Before Robin could react, or even decide how to react, a whimpering voice interrupted them. I told you to be quiet! Luffy picked his head up and smiled goofily. He had met Luffy and he did seem fairly unpredictable.

Usopp was, as far as he knew, just a coward, a liar, and a braggart who occasionally shot exploding pellets. The only one Robin didn't recognize, presumably Franky, he had no clue about, except for the fact that he eavesdropped and cried quite easily apparently.

It was almost funny, but Luffy looked like he was trying to be serious, though it seemed to be a difficult task. I thought you had left!

He picked up a couple boxes before deciding there weren't. You've been through so much. He had lighter blue hair than Baku's, dark sunglasses, bulky arms, a red unbuttoned shirt that sported yellow trees and a metal nose that Robin had to try hard not to stare at. Unfortunately, that only drew the tactician's eyes to the speedo Franky was wearing in place of any pants. Robin quickly settled on staring at his nose. Franky came forward, clearly trying to give him a hug, but Chopper stopped him, enlarging his body until he was as tall as the towering Franky.

So that's something you can do. Once you're feeling better I'll introduce you to them. Oh, Zoro wants to talk to you! He doubted there was another Zoro… but there were currently two Robins on the ship, so he could hope. He's just very protective," Usopp defended, shattering Robin's hope of multiple Zoros. Moments later he returned with the green-haired swordsman in tow. Zoro kept his gaze down, but Robin could tell he was looking at him out of the corner of his eye.

He stood in front of the tactician, who had risen from his sitting position with some unneeded help from Chopper, who had insisted on assisting. He watched as the swordsman gripped his hand tightly and looked away. Angst, fluff, adventure, humour. Now into Arc 5! Star Wars - Rated: Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world's most influential Mafia Family Dorea is as much a Black as a Potter and she is not about to let anybody walk over her!

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For all their absolute resolve, they're hiding something. M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Years earlier, his life is rewritten when the overpowered, bizarre, and possibly alien Eleanor Lily Potter arrives at Konoha's orphanage and quickly becomes his best friend. After all, what wasn't insane about Death popping up every few minutes, muttering nonsense about "his master," or getting sucked into a lamp, and bound to a year-old Ninja Wannabe who thought she was a magical Genie? A Veela bonding fic based on love.

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