Rhett and link meet up

Is it possible to meet up with Rhett and Link? - RhettandLinKommunity

rhett and link meet up

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Meetup ETA: Tomorrow (Wed)11am MT (Mountain Time) I- 40 Westbound Rest Area Exit Rhett and Link's wives Jessie McLaughlin & Christy Neal. They are like the exact opposite of Rhett and Link! Link's Christy is tall, and Rhett's Jessie is shorter-. When it was confirmed that Rhett and link would be at Sundance I was convinced I wouldn't be able to go up because of work and other.

It was 9 a. And it had been me, who had decided the evening prior to meet in the hotel corridor at 9 a. I was definitely not ready and in the hotel corridor. I was certain that some higher power had something against the idea of me meeting Rhett and Link. Despite the very rough, and rushed start to my day, I managed to arrive at the convention center at around 11 a.

rhett and link meet up

I met up with my friend Laura and walked with her over to the Meet and Greet area. Even though our Meet and Greet was scheduled at 12 p. The Meet and Greet area was the space inside the black barriers.

rhett and link meet up

The yellow squares on the ground indicated the different lines. Every creator had a separate line, because the Meet and Greets featured creators at the same time. The next thing that happened was the reason why my Meet and Greet experience was absolutely amazing. I saw that the volunteers were trying to figure out how many more people would fit into the second line.

Each yellow square contained different lines of people. So the first line stood right next to the yellow line on the ground. The second line stood next to the first line and so on. Once every person from the first line got their Meet and Greet moment, the complete lines moved to the left and the next line starts with their Meet and Greets.

Is it possible to meet up with Rhett and Link?

So as I listened, I decided to take luck into my own hands, and stood parallel to the second line, rather than standing behind the last person from the second line. And that payed off, because soon after explaining to Laura what the volunteers were doing, they said: This was my view. I was sitting, when I took this picture, but I could not believe how close I would be to Rhett and Link. And for how long!

Because like I explained earlier, there were 2 lines of people, who had to meet them before it was my turn. So more than enough time to enjoy the moment and to take some pictures.

I saw that Tine, Tanya, Hannah and Conny sat near us as well. It was so weird to think that we would all be meeting Rhett and Link soon.

rhett and link meet up

I chatted with Laura for a while, and even pulled out my phone to watch some Buddy System, just to calm my nerves. When my phone read And I have to say The first glance we got of the Youtubers, who walked to their Meet and Greets.

It was very easy to spot Rhett between all of the other Youtubers, since he was obviously the tallest. So we watched them walking towards the stairs and Link was even recording a video with his phone.

When they came down the stairs, I was very thankful for my luck, because I had a great spot to watch them talking to some volunteers, while they prepared for the Meet and Greet.

Rhett and Link

When they both seemed to be ready, Rhett pulled out his phone and filmed us for the rhettandlink instagram story. He then put his phone away and Rhett and Link placed themselves in front of the Meet and Greet wall to take a test? After that, Link clapped his hands in excitement and greeted the first person. The Meet and Greets were amazing to watch!

Some people greeted them rather shyly, other stormed ahead and got a precious hug from them. Some brought gifts, which Rhett and Link seemed to really appreciate. They were even okay with fans asking them to pose differently for each photo.

rhett and link meet up

It was great to see that Rhett and Link really tried to take their time with each fan. Even when the volunteers had to speed up a few of the Meet and Greets to accommodate all the fans, Rhett and Link were warm and gracious.

Good Mythical Morning On January 3,[21] the duo launched a morning talk show, "Good Morning Chia Lincoln" in their studio, located in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolinawith an Abraham Lincoln Chia Pet as a centerpiece, where they picked a topic, usually a personal experience or news story, and stated their opinions on it. The series ended on February 28, as a result of half of the Chia Pet dying. Good Mythical Morning ran its first three seasons ending on April 5, as the duo took a break from the daily videos to start a new show with a weekly format, The Mythical Show.

The Season 5 of GMM brought in "Will It" series, where the hosts try and invent different varieties of a famous type of food with unusual and often increasing levels of disgusting ingredients. The first episode was aired on May 5, on Cinco De Mayo titled "Will it Taco" where they tried pine needles, baby shampoo and pork blood tacos.

The 'Good Mythical More' episodes held on to their 'improvised on the spot' nature from earlier season of GMM while the main episodes became more and more structured. The th episode of Good Mythical Morning was uploaded on the morning of October 13, 4 years, 9 months, and 4 days after the first episode aired on January 9, The video was titled "th Episode Celebration Special" and has received 2. The duo also published individual segments of The Mythical Show as standalone videos on their main channel.

rhett and link meet up

The first season of The Mythical Show ended July 11, after 12 episodes. It contains several series such as: Their first viral video was "Wolfpack or Tarheels? YouTube wanted to feature this video on the home page but the duo asked to have one of their songs featured instead as they wanted to be known by their comedic work and not a viral video.

Mythical | Home

After being featured on YouTube's homepage and the subsequent release of "The Facebook Song" their most viewed video for several yearsRhett and Link established a presence on the web. They recorded over 11 hours of footage starting at 7: What Does Say?

Turn Down for and YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me Rewind had them dancing in ridiculous manners. On February 16,the duo was featured in a Season 2 episode of the series, playing the Wright brothersbattling the Mario Brothers. Their latest appearance was on May 25,opening Season 4.

Rhett and Link have also appeared in several videos by the Fine Brothers for the YouTubers React series, as well as being the subject of one episode of the Kids React series. Commercial Kings on IFC. Every episode, Link's Epic Fail is featured, where Link trips over a cement pyramid and scrapes up his hip and arm. The contest awarded them a trip to Los Angeles and a cameo in a Weezer music video. The commercial was also uploaded on YouTube, and this video, entitled "T-shirt War 2", reached 1 million views in two weeks.

After the episode featuring the commercial aired, Chuck Testa uploaded the commercial to his company's YouTube channel. The ad went viral, topping 13 million views as of January and spawning the "Nope! Chuck Testa" Internet meme. Geek" which was sponsored by TigerDirect. They have made other Rap Battles, featured on their second channel, along with all their other music videos.

As of Augustthere are 10 released episodes. Episodes have featured the duo trying the jobs of beekeeping, real estate sales, commercial cereal production, glassblowing, commercial flavor manufacturing, becoming potential "Marstronauts" at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, aquatic animal keeping, ice sculpting, livestock auctioneering, and baking pies.

The segment subsequently ended within the season. The podcast debuted in the US on the iTunes charts at No.