Raylan and boyd meet

raylan and boyd meet

What happened to Boyd, Raylan and Ava in the series finale? Avery dispatches Boon and a corrupt cop to meet “Uncle Zachariah” there, get. [The series ended with] Raylan and Ava, and then Raylan and Boyd, .. a warm shot of whatever Raylan and Art toasted in their last meeting. The sixth and final season of the American television drama series Justified premiered on When Raylan busts drug dealer Cyrus who had recently met with Boyd, Boyd employs Dewey to drive a truck (apparently using Hot Rod Dunham's old.

Do you think there was a great love story on Justified that might have drawn them in? Strangely enough I think there was but it was unrequited.

raylan and boyd meet

So I guess it was really more of a triangle that does not resolve in a happily ever after for any of them. Although Raylan and Ava do seem to find some peace.

I think she cared very much about both Raylan and Boyd, but her number one priority was Ava.

Justified - If I Were Gay (Raylan/Boyd)

And when Ava kills Delroy, and then plans to kill—or have Boyd kill—Ellen May, I think it sort of seals the deal of her as both stronger and less romantic than Boyd. I think it would be just as easy to see Boyd as the hero, albeit a violent one.

He uses his friends, his co workers, and pretty much anyone to accomplish his goals. None of his actions are heroic.

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So, for me, Raylan is more of an outlaw who finds himself on the right side of the law. Similar to Lucas Hood in Banshee.

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What do you think? Am I being to hard on Raylan? I am laughing so hard right now. Art talks the state troopers into remanding Raylan to his custody, and is convinced to help Raylan find Ava.

A Guest Pandora’s Box: Thoughts on Justified

Having heard that police dogs tracked Ava's scent to Dewey's necklace, they realize she was picked up and force one of Avery's crooked cops to give up his location.

Art must return to the manhunt so Raylan goes alone.

raylan and boyd meet

Boyd gets there first using one of the crooked cops as a shield; Avery starts shooting and Boyd comes out on top, shooting Avery through the eye and killing all the crooked cops, then pulling the trigger on Ava though his gun is by then empty. Raylan arrives and kicks a loaded gun over to Boyd that they might finish their business, though Boyd refuses.

raylan and boyd meet

Soon the Marshals arrive in force and Boyd is walked out in cuffs. Raylan is driving Ava in to Lexington, told that there are no deals to be made, ominous music playing as they drive through the hills. They are hit by Boon who forces a quick draw gunfight. Both men draw and shoot, Boon taking one in the upper chest while Raylan is shot through his hat, collapsing. Boon struggles to take another shot when Loretta steps on his wrist and watches him die.